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P.S…I Love You, Barbie® and Ken® OOAK Auction

Charitybuzz  and Mattel are teaming up again for a OOAK auction.  This time, it will benefit the LGBT Community Center of the Desert.   Here is the write-up taken directly from the Charitybuzz website.

“Mattel Principal Designer, Jim Holmes, collaborated with Photographer Steven Henke, to create this stunning one-of-a-kind duo Barbie® and Ken® dolls for the Barbie Does Palm Springs Charity Event.
The ultimate Palm Springs girl, PS… I Love You, Barbie® is in a 60’s inspired strapless patio-pant lounger with a citron animal-print caftan. The neck of the caftan and hem of the patio pants are encrusted with gems and jewels.

Ken®, the ultimate poolboy, is dressed in matching hipster stovepipe pants, cropped white knit top, citron flip flips, pork pie hat and sunglasses. And, to show his devotion, Ken sports a tattoo of "Barbie" on his arm.

And no Palm Springs pool party would be complete without a few festive drinks. Pool lounge furniture, a mid-century screen, and pool towels with Barbie and Ken embroidered on them, complete the flagstone set.”

** Photos are property of Charitybuzz **

Charity Buzz and Mattel OOAK sets 1

Oh if only I had a money tree!!  Auction ends October 31st.

There are also three photographs by Steven Henke (  up for auction.  They are gorgeous!!

Charity Buzz and Mattel OOAK sets 2Charity Buzz and Mattel OOAK sets 3

If you want to check out the all of the Barbie related auctions, here is the link

Here are a few photos of other collaborations between Mattel and Charitybuzz.

Warning!! Severe Eye Candy below!!

Pink Diamond™ Barbie® doll

proceeds went to benefit MAC Aids Fund organization

Pink Blond's blond

Winter Bliss Barbie®

proceeds went to benefit 2011 Project Angel Food

CharityBuzz OOAK Barbie 6

Oh my!!!  Gorgeous dolls and supporting our local communities!!  That’s a solid win in my book. Smile


Haunted Beauty Ghost™ Barbie® Doll

I may not be in the market for this one but it does not stop me from admiring her.  Many, many collectors have been greatly anticipating this beauty and the pictures will show you why.  Here is the write up from Mattel on this ghost….

“An ancient mansion sits beneath ink black skies. Midnight winds whisper through deserted rooms. Softly, the sound of clanging chains and supernatural murmurs rises and grows. From the darkness, an apparition appears, sheer and barely visible. Frightfully beautiful, she lives between this earthly life and an unknown world beyond. You are indeed fortunate that this sublime spirit has revealed herself to you!

Haunted Beauty Ghost™ Barbie® wears an ethereal, off-white gown featuring fitted bodice, bell sleeves, and full skirt with tattered hem. A silvery earthly chain wraps around her body. Her long, pale platinum hair and dramatic face paint take her far beyond the paranormal to extraordinary!”  From

Oh my!  She was designed by Mr. Bill Greening and is available only from….just in time for Halloween too.  Cool!  Just click on her picture if you want to go to to take a look at her.

** Photos are property of Mattel Inc**

Haunted beauty 1

Haunted beauty 2Haunted beauty 3

Haunted beauty 4

If interest on the doll boards is a good gauge ( and I believe it is Smile), then this is another one that may sell out sooner rather than later.  Just an FYI.

Gala Gown…The Studio Shots

Gala Gown Silkstone Barbie:  No more than 6500 worldwide.  She retails for  a whopping $150.00….and I paid it with gladness in my heart because I LOVE THIS DOLL.

The detail on the gown ( as you will see in the detail shots) are fabulous.  The gown is a soft butter yellow and is so frothy every ‘girly’ tendency you have in your body will stand up and cheer.  Her hair is a deep red like the platinum ‘Joyeux’ or ‘The Siren’.  Her skin tone is pale like CC Debut.  The outfit is completed with a pair of silver star rhinestone studded drop earrings , grey chiffon ruched gloves and soft grey strappy slingbacks.  There is a hint of grey tulle under the butter yellow gown so it is full and flowing.  The fabric on the gown is incredibly soft…LOVE! 

Mr Best …….         




The hair is set but not crusty clumped and caked. This is good because the hair is soft…the bad part is the hair can be messed up easily so take care with it.






And….Rebecca having fun with her macro lens AGAIN.


And some fun with photoshop and Mattel’s promo shot.  I think she is even better than Mattel’s promo shot and that just doesn’t happen that often.  Please don’t reproduce this photo as It’s Mattel’s image on another background. 

Gala gown at the palace

First Look at Barbie for 2013

Photos are starting to show up on retail sites so I believe it’s okay to share them here.  Mattel shared some preview photos of dolls coming up in 2013.  If you like Dolls of the World, you will perhaps be happy with the offerings.  I don’t know about you guys but….I am getting a little tired of France and Spain coming out again and again. I can’t deny they are cute but it shows up so often it’s making me feel like Mattel is brokering some kind of trade deal with these countries. I mean no disrespect to the lovely countries of Spain and France….just want to see some different ones from Mattel and their Dolls of the World series.  Based on early pricing from dealers sites, the Dolls of the World will cost around $25.00 and are due out in December of 2012.

** Photos are property of Mattel, Inc.**

Miss France

2013 dolls of the world France

Miss Spain2013 dolls of the world Spain

Miss Philippines

2013 dolls of the world Phillipines

Bill greening debuted the successor to his highly successful Barbie Basics line with The Barbie Look series:

The Barbie Look 1:

Oh my word!!!  Is she wearing Missoni??!!  She is a Steffie faced beauty with rooted eyelashes.  Toooo cute!  Priced around $30.00 and due out first quarter of 2013.


The Barbie Look 2:

Very Chic!  Uses the Mbili face mold I believe.  Priced around $30.00 and due out first quarter of 2013.

Barbielook 1

Since this new series is all based around “ The Look”, there had to be fashion packs as well….

The Tea Party Accessory Pack


The The Poolside Accessory PackBarbielook4

The Golf Accessory PackBarbielook5

The Red Carpet Accessory PackBarbielook6

Each pack should retail for around $25.00.  There is not date as to when these are expected but I suspect it will be the same time as the dolls.  Girl has to have her clothes when she arrives right?

Poppy Parker: Gallery Girl

I am in no way advocating the show “Gallery Girls” here.  I saw a little bit of it and was…well…not impressed.  The name rather comes from my idea when I redressed  the newly released “The Happening” Poppy Parker in Mattel’s Tim Gun separates.  I dressed her in the crisp white shirt and black skirt with glasses and thought she looked like some hip art gallery dealer.  The diorama just kind of filled in after that.  Hope you enjoy!

Model:  “The Happening” Poppy Parker

Clothing, glasses and shoes:  Barbie by Tim Gunn

20120826-IMG_9724-Editwmsizedframedwords copy




The BFMC 2013 Atelier Collection: A peek into next year?

Okay…so you all know I am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to Silkstone Barbies right?  I was so excited when I learned that Robert Best was continuing the design aesthetics of the 1950’s and early 60’s for his 2013 BFMC collection.  This was the “heyday” of the haute couture design houses and for many epitomized glamour.    I absolutely adore that time in fashion so it stands to reason I am anxious to hear about and see sneaks with what we can expect next year.  As I stated in my previous post, I believe we received a very solid sneak of one doll.  It would appear that she will be blond, possibly platinum blond, with a back ponytail hairstyle.  I can’t tell if she has bangs or not.  To me, it kind of looks like “Movie Mixer” with black bows but I could be completely off on that one so don’t hold me to it.  It would also appear that she has a cream boat necked cocktail gown with black tulle overlay and accent lace at the bottom. There is black bow detail at the bust and waist.  It also looks like she is wearing white gloves.There was a most deliberate shot in the video of him working on this sketch and dipping his brush in water and releasing a light blue paint.  There has to be some blue in this lady somewhere I am thinking ( blue bows?? blue accent somewhere).  It looks like she will have bows on her black shoes as well…how cute!.  Now….before I get going full force on my speculation train here folks…please realize these are all guesses.  I have no information from Mattel save the video that we all can see so …take everything I say with a grain of salt.  Disclaimer ended.  We do know however, that Mr. Best’s designs for next year with have a flavor of Spring.  He shared that at convention.  So I am thinking lighter colors and softer fabrics.

** pictures are from video from Mattel therefore owned by Mattel.  Please don’t copy or reproduce**

2013 Atelier Sneak Peak 1

The other shot from the video that was intriguing me yesterday is this one…yes, I know it’s blurry but it was the best I could do.

2013 Atelier Sneak Peak 2


There was another scene right before this one that showed him removing a piece of fabric from a sketch of a doll in a dark colored ( blue maybe?) suit with hat.  The sketch said specifically Atelier part II so I am thinking we may see another day suit with a hat.  Yippee!!  I will never be upset about more suits with hats.  It also looks like there is a sketch with a redhead in a soft palette suit with pink/peachy turban style hat.  Oh My Word!!  My hat fetish just started doing the rhumba.  There is also a sketch to the left there of what appears to be an evening gown with feathered type headpiece…kind of Gloria Swansonish.  Again, I have no idea if any of these sketches will be produced but they are far enough along to have detail sketches and fabric swatches.  I smell….production. 

Behind the Scenes of the BFMC Atelier Collection…

And a possible Sneak Peak at one of the dolls for next year!

When I attended a pullout session at Barbiecon in July, Mattel shared a video with Robert Best explaining his thought process behind the current Atelier Collection for the BFMC.  It was absolutely delightful and I was hopeful they would share it on the Barbie Collector website.  They did that today and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Pay particular attention to the sketch of a platinum blond doll in black cocktail dress in the beginning of the video and again towards the end.  I am guessing this is one of the new offerings for next years continuation of the BFMC Atelier Collection.  Can’t wait to see if I am right but in the mean time…here is the video…Enjoy!

It’s time for another Barbie Brouhaha

\ˈbrü-ˌhä-ˌhä, ˌbrü-ˌhä-ˈhä, brü-ˈhä-ˌhä\

Definition of BROUHAHA

: hubbub, uproar


Yes, I know my Midwestern roots are showing. When I was growing up, this was a term used whenever someone was causing an unnecessary fuss and it would appear a “fuss” is being kicked up over the new  Blond’s Blond Diamond Barbie I blogged about a few weeks ago ( see  Apparently the Daily Mail in the UK is taking exception to the new Barbie and labeling her “Drag Queen Barbie” ( see  The article seems to be aiming its ire at the doll’s designers one of which dresses in woman’s clothing from time to time ( and looks stunning by the way).  I find it interesting that a UK tabloid would take exception to this.  I mean come on…here is the country that has given us some of the biggest Queens of this century….Elton John, Boy George and George Michael.  I also found it funny that they seem to make the assumption that applied eyelashes means “Drag Queen”.   Hate to tell you Daily Mail but most of the women in L.A. and half of NYC would heartily disagree with you.  Who is writing this crap?  Normally I am not bothered by this.  I mean it makes the rounds on blogs as link bait and that’s about it but ABC picked it up and called her “Drag Queen Barbie” so I had to make a comment.  For crying out loud ABC people! Is the Daily Mail really your trusted source for content now?  Unfortunately some people give absolute credence to a news outlet and its content.  Now it is becoming a Barbie Brouhaha with a possible Barbie Backlash.  Some are concerned that this will cause Mattel to pull the doll.  Personally, I think it will turn this doll into yet another “Barbie commodity” and this one will fly off the shelves just like Toki Doki Barbie.  They say any publicity is good publicity.  I guess we will see on this one but Mattel may end up thanking the Daily Mail for their backhanded product endorsement.

**Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.**


Am I buying this lovely lady?  H*ll yes..every eyelash-flaunting, stiletto-wearing blond and bedazzled inch of her.  Put that in your offensive little tabloid pipe and smoke it Daily Mail.

Rebecca rant over.

The Blonds Blond Diamond™ Barbie®

Don’t you just hate it when you refocus your collection and start to feel really good about it then BAM…something comes along that blows your entire refocus plan right out of the water.  I had thought I was done with the expensive vinyl dolls.  I absolutely love the fantasy creations of Linda Kyaw from Mattel but I decided that they just don’t fit in with the focus of my collection.  I felt really good about the decision until some new photos started circulating.  In 2010 The Blonds collaborated with Mattel to design three one of a kind Barbie dolls.

barbie-the-blonds__oPt larger

the_blonds_barbie_dolls_spring_2011 the_blonds_barbie_dolls_spring_2011_2

In a 2012 BFC designer chat, it was mentioned that a new designer doll would be available in 2012.   The following photos were given as a sneak peak about a month ago for BFC members and today Mattel is offering her on their website ( it is a BC exclusive!).  She will be available in December of 2012 and will retail for $125.00 ( ouch!).  She is a gold label and was designed by Bill Greening in a partnership with The Blonds.  For those of us not familiar with The Blonds, here is a bit of background

And now for the photos!

The Blonds Blond Diamond™ Barbie®

**  All photos are property of Mattel **




      W3499_c_12_CU2_v2  W3499_c_12_CU3_v2

Is she worth the hefty price tag?  Time will have to tell on that one.  I absolutely adore the glamour with a capitol “G” here.  I am really hoping the production doll is what the promo photos promise.  ***One important note to mention here folks***  It has been reported that the dress is NOT removable.  For us redressers, that is definitely a downside.  Word on the street is this baby may in fact sell out so factor that one in if you want her.  I could be way off on that but the positive buzz on the boards about this one would indicate a big interest.  Here is the link for purchasing on

Barbie Gets a Tim Gunn Makeover…. Part Two

Ahhhhh!  I absolutely adore these ladies and their accessory sets.  We sure didn’t have to wait long for these to hit the market.  They are all available at 

Tim Gunn Barbie Number 1 is available for $29.95 here




Tim Gunn Barbie Number 2 is available for $29.95 here


Accessory packs are both $24.99 and available here  and here

W3464 W3484

Let the restyling begin!!

NBDCC 2012 ….The BFMC Team

If you collect Barbie, you are no stranger to The BFMC.  It stands for Barbie Fashion Model Collection.  It basically means “Silkstone Barbie” .  Robert Best is the designer for this line of dolls for Mattel and he has a talented crew of colleagues that are responsible for the photography, styling, set design and construction and video production of the glamourous photos and videos that promote and advertise these beautiful dolls.  If you are a collector of Silkstone Barbies, you have seen and drooled ( yes drooled people…I have done it and am not afraid to admit it) over the photos of these lovely ladies.  This year at convention, Mattel hosted a pullout session where Paul Jordan ( Photographer), Mary Jordan ( Stylist), Lars Auvinen ( Set Designer and Builder), and Zlatan Zukanovic ( Video Editor ) came to share their experiences working with this team.  The session was very informative and what impressed me as an observer was the truly cohesive and respectful support and encouragement that they projected.  We, as consumers, enjoy the product that they work on.  I knew that.  As a team, it would appear that they genuinely enjoy working with one another and each has an important and respected part to play in this world we call the BFMC.  They were very free with their experiences and advice and even took the time to speak with a few of us who stayed after the session to ask questions.


from left to right Lars Auvinen, Zlaten Zukanovic, Paul Jordan, Mary Jordan, Robert Best

While most people wanted photos with the celebrated designer of the BFMC Barbie line…{cough, cough Deanna and and Jim  cough, cough},

7571633446_bd0b9902a6_z   7571635390_176f7fd6b8_z

I wanted my photo with the photographer and  stylist Smile


They were nice enough to share some tips and I look forward to using them Inside The Fashion Doll Studio.

I think one of the people who I most wanted to hear from in this session was Mr. Auvinen.  Much of his work is what is showcased in the fabulous behind the scenes videos( Thank you Mr. Zukanovic!!!!) that Mattel has given us over the past couple of years.  Many of us marveled over the 1/6 scale  carriage that was displayed in the William and Catherine photos and video.  Mr. Auvinen shared his thought process and the research he goes in to when coming up with a sets for the BFMC photos.  The historian in me rejoiced at the research and thought he puts in to each and every set.  The photographer in me wanted to give him a big hug for his attention to detail and scale.  He really researches and enjoys what he does people.  It was a pleasure to get a look inside his world for just a moment as he explained the thought process behind the Atelier set.

Time to put on your Party Dress…..

I had a slight hiccup with this lady.  She came to me with some blue marks on her legs and I thought she would be going back to Mattel for an exchange.  Turns out the marks rubbed right off with water so no problem.  Once the marks were dealt with, I decided to shoot her in front of one of the fantastic acrylic display screens my friend Sheree makes.  I use these in my doll displays and they work nicely in photos as well.  Info on where to purchase is below.  I love the hair on this lady and the cute little lace dress with aqua shrug is adorable.  So refined and girly with the gold lace.  Here face makeup is quite dramatic as you will see with the close-up but I like it.  I am still going over redress possibilities but those photos will be for another day.  Just a side note, I did have to mess with her hair just a bit to get the curls to lie just right.  I ended up putting a pin in one of them to get it to lie properly.  On with current photos….

Model:  Party Dress Silkstone Barbie

Set: Acrylic backdrop by Sheree  Chandelier is a locker chandelier by Locker Lookz.  You can find them on Amazon.






Next Celebrity Silkstone is….Elizabeth Taylor

The news coming from the 2012 Italian Doll Convention is that the next Celebrity Silkstone will be Elizabeth Taylor.  Mattel has not confirmed this but I am assuming it was a Mattel Representative who shared this information in Italy last week.  This is not suprising as they already have the face mold.  The speculation has already begun on which outfit she will be sporting.  My vote goes for the white gown in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and I would DIE if it came as a gift set with the slip dress as well…..ohhhhh pretty please.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof



Although…I have to pay tribute to some of these looks as well.  Liz, you were one gorgeous lady.


elizabeth-taylor-almost-17-sits-for-photographer-phillippe-halsman-in-a-decollete-evening-dress-of-gold-silk-387x500 etaylor_1952_v_23mar11_rex__320x480 elizabeth-taylor

                032311-elizabeth-taylor-style8-300x580032311-elizabeth-taylor-style9-350x580 032311-elizabeth-taylor-style12-350x580


Mattel releases photos of Empress of the Aliens Barbie

I don’t collect Fantasy Dolls but it does not stop me from appreciating their artistry.  I know Bill Greening is a very talented guy not to mention one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet from Mattel.  I can totally see him and his love for vintage Barbie collecting when I see all of his Barbie reproduction designs.  When he comes out with things like this, I see the true artist in him and it continues to amaze me.  He has such a range in his designs.  Mr. Greening….I tip my hat.

Empress of the Aliens Barbie

release date:  06/21/12

Available at Barbie dealers or Barbie Collector

Price: TBD

**Photos property of Mattel Inc.**





























W3514_c_12_CU1  W3514_c_12_CU2

          W3514_c_12_CU3 W3514_c_12_CU4

The shoes!!  Oh my word the shoes!!  Smile

Here She Is! Mattel Releases Photos of New Silkstone Barbie

Mattel has finally released promotional photos for the final Silkstone offering of 2012.  She is indeed the yellow gowned lady whose sketch was floated around the doll boards about a month ago.  She doesn’t have a name or price yet….hold on to your pocketbooks folks….I suspect she will be pricey.  They are saying she will be available in the fall of 2012.  This one is a complete no brainer for me.  A redhead in yellow?!  I die.  Fall can’t get here soon enough!

**edit**  Just heard from my dealer that her name is “Gala Gown” and price is $150.00.  To preorder, feel free to visit Windy City Dolls 

**note** photo is property of Mattel Inc.



If you are a Barbie Fan Club Member, you can see more photos under their “sneak peak” folder in the forums.

Afternoon Suit Silkstone–Dior’s “New Look” reimagined in 1/6 scale

The year was 1947 and a new designer Christian Dior seemed to be thumbing his nose at the still lingering austerity measures of post WWII and put yards and yards of fabric into the silhouettes of his “New Look”.  If you look it up in the dictionary, the “New Look” was defined by a narrow waist and full pleated skirt.  If you are a fan of fashion at all, you have seen this iconic photo.

the new look 1947

Or have seen it on display at a museum…..


43-dior-haute-couture-fall-winter-2009-15Christian Dior Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture da0d5xHekoJl

John Galliano paid homage to the house that employed him and reimagined this famous look for Dior in his Fall/Winter 2009 Haute Couture Collection.

It is a completely timeless look and it would not surprise me if  Robert Best was inspired by it for his Atelier Silkstone collection.


***Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.***

Model:  Afternoon Suit Silkstone Barbie

Edition size: No more than 4300 Worldwide

Gold label and BFC exclusive…you must be a member to get this lovely lady.

Mannequin: BFC gift with 2012 membership

Backdrop:  Made by the lovely Sheree (

20120317-IMG_8446-EditwmsizedYou can even backlight the backdrop…cool effect!

                               20120317-IMG_8440-Editwmsized  20120317-IMG_8441-Editwmsized



            20120317-IMG_8497-Editwmsized 20120317-IMG_8485-Editwmsized

                                20120317-IMG_8491-Editwmsized 20120317-IMG_8488-Editwmsized

Twilight …The Wedding dolls

Okay…so you knew it was coming right?  With the success of the previous Twilight dolls you knew that Mattel was not going to let this cash cow go without coming out with the wedding set right?  Well, if you have been anticipating this set, your  waiting is almost over.  Rumor on the street is that Bella and Edward in their wedding finery are indeed being produced and someone has sneaked some photos.  Keep in mind that Mattel has not officially given it’s blessing on these dolls but here is what is RUMORED to be going on.

When:  One source lists February as release date but again….RUMOR

Price:  Rumored to be $29.95 for each…not a set people….each.

There are some indications that another Jacob is coming out too….time will tell.





Will definitely be getting these guys for the clothing alone.  Love Edwards tux but the doll…MEH.  Bella is beautiful if she comes out looking like the prototype here.   The Carolina Herrera designed gown for the movie was so simple and successfully crossed into the uber chic and elegant category..IMO.  I hope the actual gown looks as good as the promo shots.  Already thinking of plans for a photoshoot……..

** picture is of Alfred Angelo knockoff**  pretty good representation if you ask me Winking smile

More Grace from Mattel!

Mattel has just announced a new addition to the vinyl Grace Kelly Barbie line.  Robert Best has designed her wearing the incredibly beautiful black and white Rear Window “fresh from the Paris plane” gown designed by Edith Head.  I am jumping up and down excited….squeeeeeeeel!  Many costume historians put this gown down as one of the most copied and iconic gowns ever worn by Grace Kelly.    She is listed as a “pink label” doll and is scheduled for release in December.   She is listed for $34.95 currently on

Dear Santa….please put one of these under the Christmas tree for me Winking smile


**Note**  Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.

rear window Grace_Kelly_1955_2 grace-kelly-rear-window

Mattel also released photos of a new Barbie designed by Robert Best called Hope Diamond Barbie.  Here name may change down the road but here are the first photos of her.  She will retail for $74.95 and is due out in Spring of 2012.  Steep price but it is the Hope Diamond after all. LOVE the gown and the gorgeous red hair.  I hope the production doll looks very similar to this!


**Note**  Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.