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NBDCC 2012 Day 4 …..Viva La Roma!

The last day of convention is always a little bittersweet.  Exhaustion has usually taken up permanent residence in most convention attendees by this time but no one seems to care.  I am posting this after the event has long ended ( family vacation got in the way of posting) but I decided to go ahead and continue.  The last event of the convention was a dinner in Rome.  The convention doll was unveiled to great applause.  I had the extreme pleasure of sitting with some of the best people at convention this year.  My table host Jim was fantastic and each and every person at the table made it a pleasure to go to an event.  Thank you Jim and table #73!

The centerpiece was fabulous as always with a roman temple and two OOAK dolls ( nope…didn’t win either of em….I am 0 for 4 years of convention attending on centerpieces..I don’t sound bitter do I? LOL!). 


I have to put in a note here to say that the food for the entire convention was THE BEST.  I have never had food this wonderful at a large organized event ever…and I have been to a few.  Here is our menu card for the final dinner



It was so good I had to drop my fork to take a picture…and folks that just doesn’t happen every day LOL!  Yes, the food was phenomenal but the real expectation of the evening was the unveiling of the convention doll.  Our table host Jim was waiting along with the rest of us for the big reveal….


And here she is…Rome Eternal by the talented duo Magia2000




The doll itself is gorgeous…the dress needs to be cinched a bit more in the back so as to avoid the problem with all empire waisted gowns….looking a bit pregnant.  I am looking forward to photographing her in the studio. 

One other exciting item to mention, our table mate Kathy won a big award for he Barbie quilt in the competition room.  Congratulations Kathy!!!  This is one talented woman folks.  She had numerous entries in the competition room and all of them were fantastic.  The quilt really was out of this world brilliant though and the convention attendees agreed.

The quilt


Kathy with her ribbon and in her amazing pink steam punk ensemble


It was a glorious convention beautifully put on by the host doll club and steering committee.  Loved it!  The National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention for 2013 will be in New Orleans.  For more info on that and how to register, please go to


NBDCC 2011–The Official Convention Doll

Typically, the last evening of convention there is a final dinner and you receive the official convention doll.  At this years convention, as it was Ken’s 50th anniversary, we received a doll set.  A beautifully designed and crafted Barbie and Ken set designed by the very talented Matt Sutton and Matt Trujillo.  I just can’t say enough about this pair of gentleman….LOVE YOU GUYS!

Here is a quote from Matt Sutton about the inspiration and ideas behind the dolls….

“They weren’t designed as “formal”– the thought expressed to us was that they were a young couple in 1961 in Ft Lauderdale, went to a lovely dinner, and found themselves taking a long romantic walk on the beach at night. It’s dinner jacket and party dress, not tux and ballgown. Matching ties and/or a cummerbund seemed too “formal” and “prom”, which wasn’t the esthetic we were going for. Plus we loved the idea that she was dressing in “his” color (the aqua) as a tribute to him, vs the matchy matchy…

We actually did a TON of research for the era, and made sure things were as accurate as possible, and still within our design sense.   Ken’s jacket– did you notice his little gold cufflinks? (another subtle homage to the 50th) Her dress is very much of the era, and the sash is sort of a signature of mine– again, the aqua is Barbie paying tribute to her main squeeze. ^_^”

Still in the box…..



And…..out of the box and in the studio………..




NBDCC 2011– The Raffle Room

Many people may not be aware that the NBDCC raises tens of thousands of dollars for designated charities each year.  The money is raised through three functions.  1) The silent auction event where amazing items are generously donated( see blog post Beach Party and Silent Auction) 2) The live auction where doll artist like Magia2000, Matt Sutton, Artist Creations and Steven Frasier of Dressmaker Details donate some exquisite pieces of work that are auctioned off. 3) The raffle room where fantastic donations from Barbie lovers from every corner of the world are displayed and you put a ticket in the box in front of any item you hope to win.  You can buy your raffle tickets in advance or they can be purchased at convention.  Many conventioneers buy hundreds of tickets and help support the designated non profit charities of the convention.  This years charities were The Children’s Home Society of Florida and The Poverello Center.  Here are just a few of some of the amazing things you could dream of winning in the Raffle Room.




And the room was full with these amazing gift baskets!



To all those generous collectors who donated to the raffle room a big round of applause.  To the lucky individuals who won something, “Congratulations”.  A big personal “Thank You” to everyone who was in the raffle room when I shot these photos.  I was constantly in the way with my big camera and monopod but everyone was so nice and patient letting me get the shot before depositing their tickets.

NBDCC 2011–The Competition Room

There is so much to do at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention.  We had 6 main events over 4 days that people attend plus a multitude of workshops and “talks”.  One of the most popular “extra” events is the Competition Room.  Every year the convention has a theme and that theme typically drives the competition ideas.  This year the theme were Ken and  Spring Break 1961.  Here are a few examples of what you could see in the competition room.

The Dioramas…………………………




The detail these competitors go into is absolutely amazing!


The Dolls…………




To all the people who participated in competition this year, You are simply amazing!  There was so much talent in that competition room it was ridiculous.  Let’s also not forget that to put this competition room together and keep it properly supervised during viewing, you need many volunteers.  A big thank you to the many, many volunteers who gave up some of their precious convention shopping and visiting time to volunteer.  Winking smile

NBDCC 2011 Day Three–Ninimomo

The second stop on my OOAK photo trip was the Ninimomo party.  They had amazing displays of the most jaw dropping creations.




View albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView album


They did a trio of dolls for their live auction entry and they are simply stunning.




NBDCC Day Three–The Magia2000 party

For many collectors, the Magia2000 party is a must see.  They are truly artists and it is a pure pleasure to photograph these beauties.

The crowd gathered and waited with great anticipation!



There was even a press release!



Then the doors opened and mad buying ensued


It was an amazing event!


IMG_480407262011editedsized  IMG_480507262011editedsized

NBDCC Day two continued…..

Barb ( Barbaddicted ), Jenny ( JennyM) and Cheryl(proopschick)


Magia2000 – Mario and Gianni with friends


The venue is just beautiful.  Here are a few snaps of the Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa




The buy a Matt Sutton then go get a cocktail club meeting

Last year a group of us who purchased Matt Sutton’s work started the “ Buy a Matt Sutton then go get a cocktail” club.  We had our second annual meeting!


The club members all had fun doing show and tell with their new Matt purchases.

Oh, and I managed to walk away with some goodies too….



These beauties are “ Le Cirque” and “Black Diamond”


The official convention has not even begun yet but the room shopping is in full swing.  We were given a bonus today in that there was an extra early registration announced and we could receive our registration packets between 5 and 7 PM this evening.  The big event today, besides the amazing room shopping, was Matt Sutton’s and Matt Trujillo’s room  opening for sales.  The line started around 4:00 PM and by 5:00PM the hall was rowdy and ready to see the amazing works of art by Matt and Matt.

Waiting for Matt and Matt’s room to open




Sheree and Peter ( PeterVermont) waiting for Matt Sutton’s room to open



The line grew and grew throughout the 1 hour wait from 4pm – 5pm



Matt and Matt had the most amazing group of dolls for sale!  Yes I walked away with a Matt Sutton and photos of her will be up soon.

NBDCC Day one

Hello everyone from the NBDCC in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  It is midnight and I have just finished my first round of room shopping.  There are quite a few rooms open for shopping and many people arrived today.  I met Sheree for dinner and we had fun shopping in Randall Craig’s room as well as Steven Frasier’s Dressmaker Details room.  Here are a few photos to share.  I will share more tomorrow but it is late and have to go to bed.


Sales board on one of the room floors


Dressmaker Details room



The adorable Steven Frasier of Dressmaker Details


Wonderful new Dressmaker Details fashions available at convention


Rob and Steven’s live auction collaboration



Randall Craig’s convention collection….I believe I left with a few items….LOL!


My dessert after dinner – a key lime dessert martini and the reason I need to go to bed!  More to come tomorrow……