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Lilith the Muse

Many collectors have face mold favorites.  Many photographers have favorite models.  For me as a collector and photographer, I can honestly say there are some dolls that seem to draw the lens and some that don’t.  Great Pretender Lilith was  and continues to be one of my favorite models.  As collectors we also have those dolls that we go back and forth on as to whether we should purchase.  I knew I loved the face on this doll.  Her outfit was not my cup of tea though.  I decided to go ahead and get her because I loved the soft makeup palette.  I am so glad I made that purchase. I decided to put her hair up in a simple updo.  She has such a regal high fashion look with the hair change.  I adore it.

Lillith No Jacket 2010


Lillith No Jacket 2010


© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

And…lest you think I only dress this doll in hot pink…here are some non pink shots.

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

But those were the only ones…then found some more hot pink shots.  Too funny.

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

But that was the only one…then found some more hot pink shots.  Too funny.

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio




Dressmaker Details Has a New Couture Offering

The very talented Steven Frasier of Dressmaker Details has a new fashion to tempt our diminutive divas.  It is a limited edition of 300 and is called…

Suited To Party

Available at Windy City Dolls   

** Photo is property of Dressmaker Details **

Dressmaker Details Suited Party

Evening Gown and a Matisse….Take Two

Nobody expects to win the lottery twice but amazingly enough some people have.  I was lucky enough to be able to add another pink Matisse to my collection a few weeks back and  it is fabulous!  I knew that Ms. Evening Gown was going to look stellar in it so had to wait for her to arrive to photograph.  On a side note, if you ever want to spend some time looking at the most exquisite Barbie fashions, take a moment to look at the collection of sold items on Brenda’s ( Matisse) Etsy site.

DROOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL drooling emoticon


Model:  Evening Gown Silkstone Barbie

Dress, wrap and hat: Matisse ( )

Gloves: Dressmaker Details

Jewelry, shoes and clutch purse:  Mattel

Diorama:  See previous blog post





NBDCC 2012 Day Three …White Russian

No, not the drink.  The convention theme is “World Tour” and Friday’s evening event was in St. Petersburg, Russia.  It was requested that everyone wear white.  We entered the grand ballroom and saw a beautiful centerpiece ( and no…didn’t win that one either Sad smile)  Each person at the table received a stunning table doll from our host with the most Jim.  Thank you Jim!!



  The fabulous faces of table 73


           7567756670_8e10771996_z   7567757848_0d0d126e2f_z  7567758998_4a3d67aa4b_z


Some amazing OOAK dolls were auctioned off for charity and we all received a fabulous Dressmaker Details outfit as a gift from the convention.



NBDCC 2012 Day Three….A Couture Paris Experience

Friday dawned and we all attended a breakfast in Paris.  The tables had the most adorable centerpieces


I was so excited when  my friend Deanna had her number chosen to take this lovely piece home.   It will be so appreciated and perfect in her collection. 

We were also greeted with another amazing table setting my our table host Jim .  We had another Christmas in July experience.  We even had champagne for our orange juice…mimosa anyone?  Jim you are the host with the most!


The table dolls were by our host Jim.  When we arrived at breakfast we also noticed that two new dioramas had been added to the Grand Ballroom.  The city of Paris….






And….The Atelier shop!!!!!










Ahhhhhhh!  I DIE.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to the convention committee and Mattel for bringing us this opportunity to see these amazing dioramas and having the opportunity to photograph them.  Unreal!

Aside from all the amazing table gifts from my table mates, we also received a Dressmaker Details exclusive convention fashion.


After breakfast, we sat back and enjoyed the convention fashion show.  I will share photos of that later when I get home and process the photos from my other camera.  I needed the serious camera, flash and monopod for that one.

Poppy Photo Shoot–2011/2012 Resort Wear 1

As many of my fellow collector enthusiasts and photographers know, building  miniature sets for photo shoots is not the easiest thing to do.  It can be incredibly frustrating if the picture in your head does not match the diorama that is unfolding in front of you( not to mention everything falls over with the  slightest movement…I wish I could tell you how many times I had to reset the Re-ment pieces on the table….lost count after 5).  There have been countless times where I had to scrap an idea and come up with something completely different because it just would not come together.  Then…other times it just comes together so easily…a piece here, a piece there..oh I think I have this and it would look great there…kind of thing.  I love it when everything just kind of comes together.   Also, and I don’t know if anyone else does this but, when I set up a diorama for a photo shoot there is a story in my head as I build the scene.  The more elaborate the diorama, the more elaborate the story in my head.

Typically, as day after day runs the seemingly unending gauntlet of rain, rain and more rain during January in the Pacific Northwest, my mind will stray towards sunnier places and luxurious vacation spots.  That was definitely the thought process behind this set and the next couple of sets of photos.  The story in my head had Poppy vacationing in the beautiful south of France.  She is on a patio of some palatial villa overlooking the stunning unique blue of the Mediterranean Sea.  There is a pool just off camera and Poppy is relaxing in the sun just before breakfast.  Oh the life!  And that is one of the beauties behind the photos for me and one of the reasons I enjoy photographing these miniature diva’s so much.  I will most likely never vacation in a palatial villa in the south of France….but Miss Poppy can….and that is better than nothing. Winking smile

Okay guys….no more musings from “How Rebecca beats the winter time blah’s”  On to the photos……….

Model :  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker and her amazing tan!

Swimsuit:  Dressmaker Details “ Aloha Kalakoa”  ( available here )

Sunglasses:  Mattel Barbie Basics 3.0 swimsuit accessory set

Earings:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Set:  Table is stone urn found at local shop with acrylic circle on top.  Chase lounge is gift given at 2011 GAW..found this one at Barbiecon 2011.  Little table next to chase is white Ikea vase with small acrylic disk on top.  Pink orchid is a magnet ( back is flat but you can never see it from photos).  Food and serving pieces on the table are all Re-ment.  White chairs are from a Barbie set from years ago…forget name.  Railing is Buyer’s Choice.  Umbrella is battenburg lace doll umbrella..found at a doll show.  Stone urn umbrella is in found at flea market. Greenery is from all over really.  Patio flooring is miniature paper flooring.  Towels and water bottle on table are from Silkstone Spa set.  Bracelet on table is Ms. Poppy’s original one.  Magazines on table came with new Barbie Basics swimsuit accessory set.  Pink pillows on chairs were made by the talented Maryann Roy (








2011/2012 Resort Wear continued tomorrow……

Beautiful Beaux–Part Deux

I felt the need to photograph the new Fashion Royalty convention exclusive by Dressmaker Details on a Silkstone.  I also wanted to photograph the adorable dress beneath the shrug….my previous photos really didn’t show off that.  Also, the gloves are leather-like and fit really, really well on a silkie.  LOVE them!  I am  starting to pull out the holiday stuff for photos so be prepared….Christmas trees will show up randomly from now through January LOL!  I am also looking forward to photographing the Fashion Royalty Convention collection when it arrives ( taps foot impatiently while waiting Winking smile).  Oh and not to mention…but I will definitely mention…I have a couple of new hats by the talented Allyrenee to showcase in some upcoming photos.

Model:  Restyled Silkstone Verushka

Ensemble:  Dressmaker Details “Beautiful Beaux” ( available at )




IMG_660110162011editedsized IMG_662410162011editedsized

Beautiful Beaux–Dressmaker Details Convention Exclusive

I am a huge fan of Steven Fraser’s work so it can be no surprise that I purchased his Fashion Royalty Convention exclusive this year.  He named it Beautiful Beaux and it is indeed beautiful.  I adore the faux mink shrug with this.

The fashion is available at Windy City Dolls (

**note** the necklace on the mannequin is NOT a part of this fashion. The gloves and the purse are.



IMG_655110132011editedsized IMG_656010132011editedsized

Summer Magic

I think Steven Frasier is amazing.  I believe I have almost every couture outfit Dressmaker Details has ever produced.  I love his aesthetic and the fact that he fits his clothing to fit both the more voluptuous Fashion Royalty and the slimmer Barbie Silkstone form.   I also appreciate the details he puts into his product.  If you are buying a couture outfit, you will  get the jewelry, purse,gloves, nylons and shoes to go with it.  He typically designs a special couture outfit for the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention each year.  It is something I look forward to every convention.  This year, his design was called “Summer Magic” and indeed it is.  I absolutely adore this creation…so frothy and feminine.  It also fits in with my collection perfectly.  It was very hard to find a model to wear this lovely creation.  There were simply too many choices.  I wanted a model who would showcase the femininity of this gown and really enhance the beautiful soft blue of it’s fabric.  I finally settled on High Tea and Savories because I just love the haughty high fashion look of this lady.  Her soft makeup palette makes her a favorite of mine when I have an uber feminine gown.  I also felt the beautiful blue of her eyes would be complimented by the gorgeous color of this gown.

The details of this gown are worth the purchase alone.  The dress has little sequins and beads sewn into the soft tulle.  The bracelet is phenomenal.  I had trouble closing it around my models wrist so I added a small round silver link and it works perfectly now.   If you don’t already use these, a pair of bullnose curved pliers are a must when it comes to putting jewelry on these diminutive divas.

Model:  High Tea and Savories Silkstone Barbie

Outfit:  Dressmaker Details “Summer Magic” (





NBDCC Day one

Hello everyone from the NBDCC in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  It is midnight and I have just finished my first round of room shopping.  There are quite a few rooms open for shopping and many people arrived today.  I met Sheree for dinner and we had fun shopping in Randall Craig’s room as well as Steven Frasier’s Dressmaker Details room.  Here are a few photos to share.  I will share more tomorrow but it is late and have to go to bed.


Sales board on one of the room floors


Dressmaker Details room



The adorable Steven Frasier of Dressmaker Details


Wonderful new Dressmaker Details fashions available at convention


Rob and Steven’s live auction collaboration



Randall Craig’s convention collection….I believe I left with a few items….LOL!


My dessert after dinner – a key lime dessert martini and the reason I need to go to bed!  More to come tomorrow……


Dressmaker Details introduces “Summer Magic” at NBDCC!

Steven Frasier will introduce an exclusive NBDCC outfit this year and it’s a beauty!!  A teaser photo was released a couple of weeks ago and today he released the full photo.  Oh my word!!!  I just love this powder blue little beauty.  I will be looking for his room as soon as he is open for business on Monday for room sales.  Sooooo excited about this one.


“Summer Magic is a limited edition of 300 pieces.  The boxed fashion features a strapless party dress of pleated tulle with beading and ribbon details.  Also included are matching shoes and purse, golden floral jewelry and a faux fur capelet for chilly summer nights.  Its the perfect outfit to wear to Ken doll’s 50th birthday party.”

A Starry Night at Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

I love Steven Frasier’s work.  I have been an admirer of and happy customer for his Dressmaker Details fashions for many years.  Not to mention the fact that he is just a really, really nice guy with an absolutely adorable family.  It was a no brainer for me to enter the WClub Integrity lottery for the opportunity to purchase a new Dressmaker Details couture outfit.  Thankfully, I won and am now a very happy owner of yet another stunning fashion designed by Steven.  I have released some other photos using this same background but really, the background came about for this outfit.  The name of the outfit is “ A Starry Night”  and I wanted a scene that would reflect the name…so we have a nighttime garden patio with a fountain.

Model: Palm Beach Coral Silkstone

Outfit: A Starry Night by Dressmaker Details




Dressmaker Details fashions can be found at many fashion doll retailer sites or from Dressmaker Details directly.  Here is their shop

I typically purchase mine either from Masterstrokes directly or from the Pink Ponytail