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Beautiful Beaux–Dressmaker Details Convention Exclusive

I am a huge fan of Steven Fraser’s work so it can be no surprise that I purchased his Fashion Royalty Convention exclusive this year.  He named it Beautiful Beaux and it is indeed beautiful.  I adore the faux mink shrug with this.

The fashion is available at Windy City Dolls (

**note** the necklace on the mannequin is NOT a part of this fashion. The gloves and the purse are.



IMG_655110132011editedsized IMG_656010132011editedsized


Monaco Royale Vanessa has arrived!

I knew when I first saw photos of this lady that she was something that would fit right in with my collection.  I have eagerly anticipated this first club doll offering from the W Club for 2011.  She arrived this past week and I have to say….the promo photos did not even come close to doing this lovely lady justice.  This lady harkens back to the high glamour days of Fashion Royalty’s earlier collections.  She just drips style and elegance.  I hope my photos are able to convey this.  Her jewelry is gorgeous and extremely well made.  I love the chunky necklace.  There is an additional bracelet that came with the set but I didn’t feel she needed it ( It is sure nice to have extra though ).  I love the fact that she came with her own cocktail..I keep wanting to remind her though “ don’t spill that on your gorgeous gown…I mean that’s cranberry juice in there and that is peach silk you are wearing…Danger!”.

The ornate gold table in the photo was a find on ebay.  The picture behind Vanessa was a flea market find and the little red foo dogs were found at a Chinese import store.




Monaco Royale !

Integrity Toy’s Fashion Royalty W Club has announced their first official club doll for 2011 and she is divine.  She appears to be a reinterpretation of the “Midnight in Monoco” doll from the 2003 IFDC.  She is sporting the new Vanessa face sculpt and is available only to W Club members.  LOVE the little martini in her hand!  I do however want to say to her    “Honey, be careful not to spill that on your gown….cranberry and peach just don’t mix well.”  This lovely lady is definitely coming home to my collection.  I can’t wait to get her in front of the camera.  I already have the background scene in my head. Winking smile

Monaco Royale

Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll

2011 Exclusive W Club Doll

Limited Edition: TBA

Estimated Arrival: Fall 2011

Suggested Retail: $135.00 US

W Club doll 1 2011  1

W Club doll 1 2011 4

W Club doll 1 2011 3 W Club doll 1 2011 5W Club doll 1 2011 2

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

If anyone wants to peruse photos of current and past Fashion Royalty dolls, please visit Jason Wu’s Doll Reference List at  It is an excellent source!