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Have a Very Poppy Christmas!!

For those of you who follow my instagram account, I shared a little teaser photo back in August of these holiday photos.

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio Have a Very Poppy Christmas

I decided to do a shoot of a few of my favorite things.  1) Poppy Parker 2) That gorgeous Tiffany Blue color 3) 1/6 French furniture and 4) All things Christmas.  And here is the result of that shoot.


Model:  Out of this World Poppy Parker

Dress:  Sanglian on Etsy

Dog: Anna Ryasnova on Etsy

Set is comprised of furniture I ordered from China, lamp and boxes were handmade and white feather tree was purchased at Target.

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio Have a Very Poppy Christmas


Happy Holidays from ITFDS

Sorry for the obscenely long break between posts.  I realized I have not posted since IT convention in October and my only excuse is that life hit hyper drive since then.  I had WAY too many projects come up at once.  I need to do a big shout out to Rogier Corbeau of The Dutch Fashion Doll World who graciously and beautifully handled the blog during the Integrity Toys convention.  You rock!!  I could not have left ITFDS in better hands during convention. 

Back in July, I began some holiday shoots that I had planned to make into holiday cards.  Great idea but not enough time to turn it into reality.  Oh well, there is always next year right?   Since I don’t have time to send these, I thought I would just put it on the blog as one big digital holiday card to everyone.  I am so very grateful to all my readers for your support.  It means the world to me.  I hope to continue my photography series in the year ahead and I am looking forward to bringing more consistent content to the blog.  I hope this post finds you all happy, healthy and in anticipation of some really great dolls under your tree or in your stocking. 

Model:  OOAK Silkstone by Jon Copeland-Childers SeloJSpa

Gown: 2010Chizhik on Ebay

Fur Cape:  Integrity Toys “Flight of Fancy” outfit


©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio Happy Holidays from ITFDS


©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio Happy Holidays from ITFDS

Holiday photo #2 up tomorrow.

Inspired By

So this will be my last post about the Integrity Dolls convention. From tomorrow Rebecca will be back and I will handle over her bog again😉

Next year convention will be in Orlando 19-22 October. The theme is Fashion Fairytale.


So in this last post I will put all “Inspired by” pictures together that were found until now. We saw a lot of recreations of some amazing fashion pieces. This convention collection was a true hommage to the iconic 90’s

Tulabelle You Better Werk / Moschino 2012 & resort 2016

Eugenia Perrin-Frost / Verace 1993

Véronique Perrin Cover Girl / Chanel 1990

Adèle Makéda Glamazon / Mugler 1992

Vanessa Perrin / Chanel 1990

Dasha, Vanessa, Eugenia, Veronique, Adele / Versace 90’s

Lilith Editorial Edge  / Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013

Ace McFly Too Sexy / Versace 90’s

Declan Wake Strike it Up / Jean Paul Gaultier spring summer 2013

Blue Burkhart Give it Up / Jean Paul Gaultier for Madonna 1990

Lake O’Rion Poison / Versace 1991

Dree Hill Crazy Sexy Cool / Aaliyah 90’s

Monroe Jilian Pure Love / Versace 1992

Poppy Parker Big Eyes / Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2012

Kyori Sato / 2008 September Vanity Fair

Natalia Fatale Legendary / Versace 1992

Colette D. Checking In / Azzedine Alaïa 1991.

Erin S. Full Speed / fashion shoots by Peter Lindbergh in the 90’s dressed in Chanel

Sania Zarr Tweed Couture / Dior Couture Fall Winter 1997

Dasha Diva / Christian Lacroix 1995

Elyse Jolie La Vie en Blue / Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2016

The Final Dolls of the weekend

So here are the final dolls that were part of the Saturday Night Diner.

The centerpiece doll was Dania Zarr.

Item # 91410
Tweed Couture
Dania Zarr™ Dressed Doll
Saturday Night Dinner Table Centerpiece
The 2016 Integrity Toys SUPERMODEL Convention
Limited Edition of 350 Centerpieces Only

Inspired by this John Galliano Couture Gown for Dior Fall/Winter 1997.

And Here is the official convention doll.

Item # 91407
Dasha™ Dressed Doll
Official Convention Doll
The 2016 Integrity Toys SUPERMODEL Convention
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls Only


Inspired by this Christian Lacroix Gown from 1995.

But there was an extra doll. A doll that the conventioneers could pre-order. She is the first in a new colection called Designed by Jason Wu Collection. This collection is to celebrate his 10 years as a designer. It will be a retrospective of his designs. The edition size wil be very limited and they will be sold in exclusive fashion boutiques all around the world. She is also the first doll with the new Velvet Touch skin.

Item # 91411
La Vie en Bleu
Elyse Jolie™ Dressed Doll
Designed By Jason Wu Collection
Limited Edition: TBD

Additional 2016 Supermodel Convention Attendee Exclusive



She looks to be inspired by this Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2016 gown.


What an exciting way to end this convention.

Salesroom Dolls IRL pictures

We already showed you these dolls with the official pictures by Integrity Toys but I always prefer the IRL pictures. And Rebecca took some gorgeous shots. Its especially helpful for us non conventioneers to see all the details and help us decide who to get on Ebay 😉

Véronique Perrin Cover Girl, Adèle Makéda Glamazon, Vanessa Perrin Chamelon and Eugenia Perrin-Frost Fashionista.


Mademoiselle Jolie Kiss You in Paris.


Lilith Editorial Edge and Imogen Fashion Force.


Poppy Parker Model Living & Just My Style.


And some girls and boys from the museum who will be sipped/released later this year.

Competition dolls at the 2016 Integrity Toys Convention

This year they also had a design competition where the conventioneers could show their talents. And wow we have some very talented people in our community. During the diner last night 3 designers won an award for their creations.

The Judge’s Choice award in the Intermediate Category went to Jason Kramer.



The People’s Choice award in the Intermediate Category went to Ginny Liezert.



And the People’s & Judge’s Choice award in the Advanced Category went to Salvador Lopez Arriaga. His design will be taken into production next year.



Here an overview from al the dolls that were made for this competition.

Ooak’s at the 2016 Integrity Toys Convention

At integrity Toys Convention there is a big raffle event where you can win some amazing ooak dolls made by the IT designers. And this year there were 9 dolls.

They were al amazing but my personal favorite (and I know that Rebecca will agree with me) is this amazing Victoire Roux called Midnight Lace by Chris Stoeckel.



50’s Haute Couture, a redhead, pink with black lace. It can’t get any better then this.  I am so happy with the news that we will see this character soon in the production line again.

There was also a color variation from this year Poppy Parker doll Miss Amour.


Her name is L’amour Toujours and she is designed by David Buttry.


This was not the only Poppy Parker Doll. Here is Stole the Show Poppy Parker. of course also a design by David Buttry.

And how cool is this fashionable duo.


Subculture Kumi & Subzero Yumi

Designed by Jessy Ayala and inspired by Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen.

This is Plum Fierce Tulabelle designed by David Buttry.

Rapacious Agnes von Weiss by Vaughn Sawyers.

Prim & Plaid Misaki by Mark Tinkey.

Desire Tatyana Alexandrova by Vaughn Sawyers.

and Obsession Adèle Makéda by Vaughn Sawyers.

W Club Members-Only Luncheon

So today it was time for the W Club Members-Only Luncheon. And wow that was an exciting event.

There was an amazing doll on the tables as a centerpiece.


Item # 82079
Full Speed
Erin S.™ / NU. Face Dressed Doll
W Club Luncheon Exclusive Table Centerpiece
The 2016 Integrity Toys SUPERMODEL Convention
Limited Edition of 400 Centerpieces



She is inspired by one of my favorite Supermodel fashion shoots by Peter Lindbergh in the 90’s.

Were the models are all dress in Chanel.


The centerpiece had Motorbike. A perfect 1/6 scale Honda Valkyrie. 50 lucky attendees were allowed to buy this piece.


If you missed out on this piece and you would love to have one then you can find them online. They are from the miniature brans Motor Max and different stores sell these bikes for $39.95

During the Luncheon questions from W Club were answered by the design team. And they had some exciting news.

They will stop with the decal eyes.

The Coven doll will go for sale in 10 days.


Next years NuFace inspiration is the classic movie Clueless.


And my favorite news was that we will see Vict0ire Roux back this year !!!! According to the Designer Chris Stoeckel he has something big up his sleeves.


There was also a Giveaway doll.

Item # 82080
Checking In
Colette D.™ / NU. Face Dressed Doll
W Club Luncheon Exclusive Giveaway Doll
The 2016 Integrity Toys SUPERMODEL Convention
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls Only


Inspired by Azzedine Alaïa 1991.


The Collectors Fashion Bazaar

So yesterday evening there was the Collectors Fashion Bazaar. Here the conventioneers could sell and shop. And wow there were some amazing dolls and goodies for sale. Here some pictures from this event.





Re-root Workshop

One of the workshops yesterday was a Re-root workshop by She’s So Poppy. Her work is amazing.


And she shared the workshop on Facebook and Instagram with some great pictures and video’s

When you click on the video’s it will take you to the video on her Facebook page.

Remove hair video

Schermafbeelding 2016-10-15 om 08.25.09.png

Draw hairlines video


The different hairstyle lines

Make holes video

Schermafbeelding 2016-10-15 om 08.30.43.png

Reroot part 1 video

Schermafbeelding 2016-10-15 om 08.32.05.png

Reroot part 2 video

Schermafbeelding 2016-10-15 om 08.33.03.png

And she learned the conventioneers hoe to make a cute bow.

The illustrations that were used at this workshop were made by te talented Ryan Liang.