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Resurrecting the Blog

Resurrection…defined, it means




  1. the action or fact of resurrecting or being resurrected.

    "the story of the resurrection of Osiris"


    raising from the dead · restoration to life · rising from the dead · return from the dead

    • (the Resurrection)

      (in Christian belief) Christ’s rising from the dead.

    • (the Resurrection)

      (in Christian belief) the rising of the dead at the Last Judgment.

    • the revitalization or revival of something.

      "the resurrection of the country under a charismatic leader" ·

It’s an appropriate word for many people at this time of year as Easter is the remembrance of resurrection. I feel like this is more of a revival so I will go with the revitalization of something.  I am going to be completely honest here.  This will be an insanely personal blog post for me and one of the most difficult things I have ever written.  For those of you who follow me on FB, you have a small idea of what late 2017 and 2018 were like for me and my family.  For those of you just now tuning in…lets just say life tilted off its axis for me and my family in November of 2017 and the blog took a back seat.  I needed a year to kind of readjust, reevaluate and frankly…do the the whole freak out and then sit back and deal with it all.  That meant walking away from the blog for a time.  It also meant….walking away from collecting and photography for a time.  I just needed to get re-centered.

Why did I need to re-center?  In a word…Cancer. 

Before the questions come, not me.  It was never me and I wish to God it had been me,but it wasn’t…it was infinitely worse.   It was one of my children.  You might as well have taken my heart and ripped it from my body.  When you have no heart, it’s hard to create.  It’s hard to look at anything and find the beauty and wonder of it.  All you see and feel is relentless uncertainty and  pain.  I was wounded and scared and I needed to heal.  Thankfully, through the strength, love and wisdom of amazing doctors, friends, family and the power, love and grace of God, our story continues, our daughter’s story continues and for that I offer unending thankfulness.

I am going to go into specifics now because I feel like this is a chance to give a testimonial and a public service announcement.  I would be happy if the last year and a half of our experience could possibly help and guide another family facing similar circumstances.  If I can offer anything to anyone…specifically parents or caregivers….its this.  If you think something is odd, go check it out.  Don’t wait.   If your child complains of  something odd, go have it checked.  Don’t wait.


In mid 2017 our daughter Megan came to me and complained of a “stitch’ in her side that persisted for more than a few days.  She was 17 at the time and was dancing every day of the week so we wrote it off as some minor dance strain.   It went away and we thought all was well.  A few months later, she complained again of a “stitch” in her side and we ( by the guidance and grace of God) decided to have it checked out with her pediatrician.  We had an ultrasound performed the day after Thanksgiving 2017.  Three days later, we were told our daughter had a large abnormal mass in her liver and she needed an MRI.  The MRI confirmed that the mass in her liver was a very rare liver cancer -  Fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma (FHC)

Doctor #1 told us that the tumor was inoperable and that there was nothing that could be done.  Second opinions are always a good idea and in our case, it saved our daughters life.    Doctor #2 told us that he believed the tumor could be removed and that it would be difficult.  Doctor #3 told us he believed the tumor could be removed and that it would be difficult. On December 14, 2017 doctors 2 and 3 ended up performing the 9 hour surgery necessary to save Megan’s life.  Over 30% of her liver was removed.  Our thanks for the skill and knowledge of the Doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital and University of Washington Medical Center are without limits.  They were and continue to be the best team of doctors we could ever wish to have for Megan’s care.

Right after Christmas of 2017 our prayers were answered again when the pathology of all 7 lymph nodes removed during Megan’s surgery showed no signs of cancer.  It had not spread and her chances of surviving  were greatly improved.  There is no treatment or cure for this cancer.  The only chance of surviving it is 1) if the cancer has not spread outside of the liver  2) if the tumor can be successfully resected (removed) and 3) if the cancer doesn’t come back.  This type of cancer typically has no symptoms until the tumor has grown so large that it is inoperable and/or has metastasized to other parts of the body.  It affects mainly children and young adults.  We had caught it early.  Praise The Lord!

2018 was a year of quarterly rituals we affectionately  called “scanxiety”.  Each quarter brought the requisite MRI and sometimes CT scans and I am happy to report all have been clear and clean.  No sign of regrowth of the tumor.  I am also very happy to report that Megan bounced back as only a young and healthy teenager who has danced for most of her life does.  By May of 2018 she performed all of her dances AND her senior solo at her dance school and in June she graduated with honors from High School and was accepted into University of Washington as a pre law student.  She continues to grow and thrive in college while maintaining close contact with the team of doctors that monitor and are studying this rare form of liver cancer. 

We don’t know what the future will hold but for now all is well and that is good enough for me.  We ( the entire Berry Clan) want to say a huge “Thank You!” to the collector community who absolutely enveloped us with love and care.  It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in my life.  It was the essence of “community” made manifest and we could not begin to thank everyone enough.


(Photo is courtesy of Stan and Peter from 2018 Barbie Convention in Arizona.  Thank you so much for this!)

Now, I am finally starting to  feel like I can and want to pick up the camera again and create.  Look for more blog posts soon and “Thank You” for sticking with me during the hiatus.


Golden Galaxy

Yesterday night it was time for the finale Gala Diner at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention in Houston. All tables were decorated with a gorgeous centerpiece doll made by Magia2000



At the end of the evening it was time for the convention doll designed by Bill Greening.


Her name is Golden Galaxy:

From a golden galaxy far away, Barbie appears, a futuristic vision in head-to-toe gold. A sleek metallic bodysuit wraps around her, reflecting light,while an edgy armored bodice and golden cape add drama. Glittered ankle boots and faux leather gauntlets heighten her cosmic look, as fierce spiked earrings and a glistening ponytail add even more shimmer. She is simply out of this world.

There is an AA ans CC version both are platinum editions and the edition size from the AA is no more then 330.

Next year convention will be held in Phoenix en the theme is On The Avenue With Barbie.


for more information and the registration from:

Galactic Designer Fashion Show

So today they held the Galactic Designer Fashion Show at Convention. Rebecca was preparing her presentation about blogging that started right after the show. So my dear friend Jim took some pictures for us to share.


I always love the fashion shows at convention. And also this one looks like a lot of fun.




The Launch Party Welcome Reception

So on Wednesday the Convention officially started with the Launch Party Welcome Reception.


I Love how some off the conventioneers dressed up in the theme of the convention.

During the reception they had a Silence auction. With some amazing Ooaks.

This official Mattel Ooak is designed by Zlatan Kusnoor and her name is Queen of the Cosmos.


The Doll by Magia2000 was inspired bij the movie Space 1999


And there were many more Gorgeous donations.

The dolls that were made for the Silence Auction were also on Display.

Carlyle Nuera


Magia 2000


Matthew Sutton


Hilda Westervelt & Maryann Roy




Artist Creations


Judy Rennick O’Connell



Mattel salesroom sneaks

Today at the salesroom from the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention the new Barbie Fan Club “Barbie Signature” had a table with some Barbie sneaks.

One of the items they showed is the gift you get when you join the new club and become a Platinum member.

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-21 om 01.20.26.png

It’s an accessories pack with 10 pair off Barbie shoes.

And 3 new dolls by Mattel Designer Carlyle Nuera were on display.

The first doll is Blush Pink Fringe Gown Barbie. She is a platinum edition and a Fan Club exclusive.


She is inspired by Givenchy Couture.


Another new doll on display was the third doll in the Harlem Theater Collection called Selma DuPar James.


And since today she is also available on new website.

The bold Harlem Theatre™ Collection represents the courageous women of an era who paved the way for future generations to freely and creatively express themselves. During the Harlem Renaissance era, patrons of the arts like Madam Lavinia™ would often commission artists to showcase their latest work. Up-and-coming artist Selma DuPar James™, was selected to hold her first solo exhibition in the Harlem Theatre salon. Her piece is a beautiful portrait of jazz singer Claudette. The third doll in the Harlem Theatre™ Collection, Selma DuPar James™ Barbie® doll is powerfully creative and powerfully stylish.

Body Type: Articulated
Facial sculpt: NEW, Selma sculpt
Fashion: Dress
Fashion Sewn On: No
Accessories: Pearl necklace with pendant, gloves, shoes, painting with frame
Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 14“ x 3.5“x 7.5“

And the third new Barbie doll on display is the Sorcha Barbie. She is the 5th doll in the Global Gllamour Series. An Irish inspired beauty.


Collective Couture Event.

Another event at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention on Tuesday was the Collective Couture Event. At this event you could see and shop for amazing ooak dolls and fashions byRob Thompson of Robsdolls, Judy Rennick O’Connell of Aponi Designs, Patita Taylor of Taylor Made, and Pam Seeman of Paintbox Designs.

Galaxia Barbie

Mattel Designer Carlyle Nuera released pictures from the oak doll he made for the Life Auction in Houston. Her name is galaxy Barbie and wow she is quite spectacular.


She wears a gown with a galaxy print and the stars light up !!! And I lover her silver glow.



I am sure she will raise a lot off money for charity.



Artist Creations

Artist Creation brought some real beauties from Italy to Houston. And the fans were lining up to get a good first look and chance to buy one off their creation.

A lot of creations in fine lace and soft pastels.

for more information:


O wow it felt like Christmas morning when Rebecca send me her pictures from yesterdays Magia2000 Ooak party. What an amazing gift to see so much beauty and details in this collection.

The space theme from this years convention would not be my theme. But wow, now I see how Fashionable Barbie can be in Space. What I always love about Magia2000 is that  their collection has a theme. And especially this year the inspiration is so diverse inside the theme. But it all comes beautiful together in one collection. From modern Couture inspiration by Ralph & Russo and Chanel, vintage Balenciaga, Lady gaga, and vintage Star Wars and Star Trek Icons.


So sit back am enjoy this amazing collection.

for more information:

Thomas Soderberg and Matthew Sutton

Later today I will come back with some amazing pictures Rebecca took at last night Designers Parties. But for now I have some amazing online sneaks.

First the Ooak dolls that the designer Thomas Soderberg brought with him to Houston.


I always love his work. The quality off his tailoring is amazing. And I love how he repaint his ladies.


I think the lady in the purple dress with the striped bow is my favorite.

And this morning (European time) Matthew Sutton posted his donation for the life auction.

Her name is The Moon’s Pale Kiss. And I am in love with her.


And if you know me I don’t think I have to explain why 😉

for more information: &