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The Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention–Day 3 The Salesroom

The last day of convention is full of lovely sales room goodies Smile  But before we get into those, I wanted to show the promotional images from two of the auction items displayed last night.  These items will be auctioned off on Ebay in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned to Rogier’s blog for information on when those items are up and available for bidding.

Carlyle Nuera released these images on his Instagram and FB page of the glorious design he did.

©2016 Mattel, Inc

©2016 Mattel, Inc

©2016 Mattel, Inc

©2016 Mattel, Inc

And here is one for the Magia2000 auction item.

©2016 Magia2000

Now on to the Madrid Fashion Doll convention sales room!

Artist Creations brought some beautiful dolls.


And Magia2000 brought some stunners as well.

I believe this beautiful lady went home with someone we know.


And many, many more talented people exhibited their wares


Brani Mladanov


Amazing hats and outfits by  Cisca Durieux


Creations Cotho


Marcelo Jacob

And so many more….


And with these final images, I pass the baton back to Rogier for Dutch Fashion Doll World.  Rogier will be blogging for me in about a month as I travel to Chicago for the Integrity Toy Convention.   Wishing you safe and easy travel back to your home my friend.  It has been a pleasure and honor to sit in the editor chair these past few days.



The Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention-Jaipur Palace Party

What do you do after a fabulous fashion show?  You go to a party of course.  The organizers in Madrid had a fun evening of Indian food and drinks as well as henna hand painting available for the conventioneers. Beautiful henna tattoo work by Ibrahim!! 

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

There was also this fantastic fashion ( limited edition of 30) by Marcelo Jacob, raffled off to 30 lucky winners!

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

Rogier will have more to report tomorrow with all kinds of presentations going on as well as the gala dinner and convention doll reveal!!  Stay tuned….


The Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention -Registration


©2016 Madrid Fashion doll Show Convention

©2016 Madrid Fashion doll Show Convention

Hello fashion doll collectors!  Rogier of Dutch Fashion Doll World ( yes name has changed but still same quality blog with same quality material) is reporting from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention this weekend and I am helping him out by guest blogging for him.  Always a pleasure to guest on your fantastic blog my friend.

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

Registration began this morning and already collectors are walking away with some really special things.

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

Carlyle Nuera, designer extraordinaire from Mattel, is in Madrid to help celebrate Barbie. 

©2016 Madrid Fashion doll Show Convention

And conventioneers are getting some of his amazing sketches in their registration bags!!  Lucky dogs!!!

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2016 Dutch Fashion Doll World

We should have more from Rogier a little bit later….

Matt Sutton

An other artist that opened his door yesterday was Matt Sutton. Rebecca send me so many gorgeous pictures from his creations. I just don’t know were to start.

Here a few of my favorites (when I’m typing this I know I probably post them all because they are all favorites)


I love this girl. She remind me of Evie from the BBC serie The House of Eliots.


And this pink with black lace gown is just to die for.


And what do you think of her. A raven in a black and white polkadot gown, can it get any better then this.

2016 is an amazing year for the Matt Sutton fans.

And after the show its tradition that the Matt Sutton fans come together in hotel bar to enjoy each other dolls while drinking cocktails to celebrate.

What a perfect way to end the day.

for more information about Matt Sutton’s creations:

National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention 2016

Hi guys, here is Rogier from DutchBarbieWorld. As some of you already know during convention my dear friend Rebecca and I take over each other fashion doll blogs. And this time it’s my turn because Rebecca is at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention !!!

This year the convention is held in Jacksonville Florida and the theme is Pop Art.


The convention starts officially next Wednesday. But many collectors arrived last Saturday /Sunday because in the days before convention there is room shopping and designer shows.

Here some pictures Rebecca took during roomshopping.

I love these artworks by Thomas Soderberg.


And here some of the gorgeous Ooak dolls he brought to Jacksonville.

This morning early registration started.


And I love it that there are Barbie dolls everywhere on display in the Hotel.

Later today I will blog about a few of the Ooak artist doll shows.

IDC 2016 – A Magia 2000 Dinner

I am guest blogging for my friend and fellow blogger Rogier of Dutch Barbie World again.  On Friday, Rogier flew to Milan for the 2016 Italian Doll Convention.

©2016 Italian Doll Convention

The Convention does not officially begin until Saturday morning but a few collectors were able to enjoy a special dinner with the co-creators of Magia2000 and the hosts of the Italian Doll Convention,  Mario and Gianni.  Rogier has supplied some stellar photos and pieces of info from that dinner.

There was a lovely collection of OOAK Magia 2000 dolls done especially for the IDC and they were unveiled at the dinner.  Mario and Gianni also debuted their new fragrance!©2016 Dutch Barbie World

©2016 Dutch Barbie World

©2016 Dutch Barbie World

©2016 Dutch Barbie World

A beautiful table awaited approximately 30 guests.

©2016 Dutch Barbie World

©2016 Dutch Barbie World

©2016 Dutch Barbie World

©2016 Dutch Barbie World

And a special collection of beautiful dolls with the theme of “nude” awaited excited collectors.

©2016 Dutch Barbie World

©2016 Dutch Barbie World


More information coming tomorrow from IDC 2016.  Stay tuned….


Love in Praga

This past year at The National Barbie Doll Collector Convention, the talented Magia2000 team of Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi presented a collection that was very close to their hearts.  They showcased a OOAK collection centered on the theme of love.  A fitting theme as they announced at this event that they would be tying the knot themselves later that year.   How special is that?!!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after that announcement.  With all of the love going on in that room, many collectors walked away with the right to purchase some of this stunningly beautiful collection.  They used a new system of drawing numbers and when your number was drawn you could choose from what was left or decline to purchase.  The people who had their numbers chosen early walked away with their first choice of the options.  I was lucky enough to have my number chosen while one of my favorites was still up for purchase.  Her name is “Love in Praga” which I understand to mean Love in Prague.  I am honored and so very pleased to have this one of a kind creation in my collection and was so happy to participate in this celebration of love at the NBDCC in 2015. 

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio 'Love in Praga'

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio 'Love in Praga'

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio 'Love in Praga'

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio 'Love in Praga'

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio 'Love in Praga'

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio 'Love in Praga'

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio 'Love in Praga'

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio 'Love in Praga'

To see more of the beauties Mario and Gianni designed for this past convention, feel free to visit the gallery at their site Magia2000.


NEWS FLASH: 2015 National Barbie Doll Collector Convention Doll

Last year at convention, we were told that Mattel would be taking over the design as well as manufacturing the convention dolls for all official conventions.  While I was sad that we would most likely not see the collaboration with OOAK artist that I so loved, I understood the business decision behind it.  Conventions are becoming a big deal now ,I believe, and the convention doll is one of the main perks of the entire convention.  There were rumors after the last U.S. Barbie convention that the dolls for all conventions (U.S., Japanese and European) would be the same but with perhaps some small variations.  The Japanese Barbie convention is this weekend.  I was excited to see the doll they were given as it might be an indicator of what we would be receiving this year at NBDCC.  This morning, the NBDCC committee released a photo of this years convention doll on FB.

To say I am surprised is an understatement.  I had not realized how much I enjoyed the anticipation and the final “reveal” as part of the convention experience.  While I understand the reasoning behind releasing the photo…these photos were going to be out there anyway as of the end of this weekend…I am not sure how to feel about having this information early.  It’s weird. 


source: NBDCC

How do I feel about the doll?  She is a fabulous representation of theme I think.  I love the whole Marlene Dietrich vibe.

Marlene Dietrich, 'Morocco', 1930


How do others feel about the release of this information so far in advance of the U.S. convention??

Sound off….

NBDCC 2012….A Day of OOAK Extravaganza

Tuesday was a packed day of OOAK parties.  First up was Artist Creations




This is their auction doll


Next up was Ninimomo  These are quick shots with my point and shoot.  I was given the extreme pleasure of photographing the show before it opened to the public and will have those shots up later this week.  Thank you Nick and Marie!!!






Ninimomo’s auction dolls


And their raffle dolls


The last show of the day was Magia2000.  They staged an honest to God fashion show for the dolls.  While very long, the show was fun.  They also handled purchasing differently this year.  You put your name in a lottery if you were interested in a doll and if your name was selected, you had the chance to purchase the doll.  I was not lucky enough to win the chance to purchase but many others were!



Ones I would have given a kidney to purchase….okay not really but still LOL!




Magia2000 raffle doll


Magia2000 Auction doll


More photos available on my flickr.  Today is the official start to the convention.  Things will be super hectic from here on out so blogging will be more difficult.  If I don’t post in the morning….it means I was up too late the night before and I won’t even go into why that would be LOL!  The blog post will come I promise…just perhaps not so reliably.

NBDCC 2012–Room Shopping Day Two

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about Barbie convention for me and many others is the room shopping experience.  Many sellers will set up wares in their room days before the official convention starts and many many collectors will come early just to shop the room sales.  You might think that people come for the deals to be found and the shopping.  I believe that many come for the social aspect of room shopping as well.  This is a time where you meet new fellow enthusiast friends and reconnect with the ones you have made in the past.  Generally, we Barbie collectors are a sociable and happy crowd and we LOVE to talk all things Barbie.  It is amazing to me that I have friends from all over the world and I came to know them through this fabulous hobby and these conventions.  Barbie and the love of this hobby has done that.  How cool is that?!!

So….day two of room shopping was highlighted by a OOAK ( One of A Kind ) party by Matt Sutton and Matt Trujillo.  We lined up early for this one folks…about two hours before.  I think just waiting for the show and talking with my fellow collectors was one of the best parts of my day.


7538835992_7cb46a30ee_z      7539233902_f35a495716_z


And a rare thing for me….someone took my picture!  Thanks Deb!


Now….time for the show.  Matt certainly did not disappoint!  He never fails to blow our socks off.  This year, you took a number according to where you were in line and they let a few in at a time.  No mad rush to get to the dolls.  This made for a very enjoyable and wonderful selection and  buying experience.


Yes….the pink one in the center went home with me Smile







After the fun of picking out a doll and purchasing ( some managed to snag two…yes Barb and Mary…I’m talking to you), we had our annual “ buy a Matt Sutton and go get a cocktail” meeting.

I am posting an album with these photos. ****A special note to all you pinners on Pinterest.  Please, please, please don’t grab the photos from the album and pin them.  They will link back to my skydrive and not the blog.  If you want to pin them, grab them off this page or go to flickr.***

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