Barbie for big girls.

NiniMomo, Matt Trujillo and Matthew Sutton

At the moment Rebecca and Hilda are having their Inside the Fashion Doll & Bellisima Couture party. But later more about this event.

Here a little update of some designer sneaks released on Facebook.

the last weeks NiniMomo was posting sneaks from dolls they created for this convention on Facebook. And there are so many amazing dolls in this collection.

And just a few minutes ago they posted some pictures from their room. To give us a little sneak what to expect in a few hours when they open the doors for the collectors.

I love this Arabian duo with the camel.


And how cool are these aliens !!!


They look to be inspired by the work of the Spanish Designer Manuel Albarrán.

And my absolute favorite is this Queen.


The detail on this dress is amazing !!! inspired by the famous moon caped gown from the 2016 Fall Winter Alexander McQueen dress that Nicole Kidman wore at the 2016 Met Gala.

Ooak designers Matt Trujillo and Matthew Sutton are not attending this year convention. But they did donated 2 gorgeous dolls to the Silence Auction.

Galactic Grove Silkstone Francie.

And Starcrossed Ken.

for more information: and


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