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NBDCC Convention News–Sitting this one out.

First and Foremost let me wish Barbie a very Happy 61st Birthday today!!!  In honor of her birthday I thought it would be a good day to announce some news and give some information on a fun sale that Miss Hilda ( Bellissima Couture) and I have cooked up for Miss Barbie.

©2020 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

Some of you may have heard already but I wanted to put this out there for everyone. Hilda and I will not be attending the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention this year in Las Vegas.  The reasons for us not going are varied.  I want to assure everyone that it is not due to any health related issues.  My family and I are doing very well and I am happy to report that all of my daughter’s scans have been blissfully clear and without any evidence of cancer since 2018.  Sooooo grateful!!!  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  They are working!!

We are very sad to not be seeing everyone.  This community of collectors is what drives Hilda and I to do what we do.   Because we love and value this collector community so much we have been coming up with some fun ways to offer the same products we normally offer at Barbiecon but via our online shops.  This way everyone can participate and not just those attending the convention.  For those attending NBDCC, please know we are very sorry to miss seeing and visiting with you at the convention.  I am most sorry to miss that one on one connection.  It was and is always the highlight of going to the convention for me.

Now that we are announcing, both Hilda and I wanted to offer up a special sales event on Barbie’s birthday to begin our series of online events leading up to the NBDCC.   The plan is to offer a couple different capsule collections from now until June.  These capsule collections will include fashions by Hilda (Bellissima Couture).  Some will have unique OOAK fabrics we have developed together.  Offerings will include luxury accessories that I have done to compliment the fashions.  Also, this means {cue drumroll please!}….my Etsy shop is opening!!!!

My Etsy shop is ITFashionDollStudio and should be open by Friday if not before.  I will send the link via blog post on Friday or before once it is open.

©2020 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio©2020 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2020 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2020 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2020 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

If you are interested in the fashions, head on over to Hilda’s blog (Bellissima Couture). She is selling the dresses and the dresses with bag as a set.  If you are interested in the accessories ( bag sets, individual bags, hat boxes and pillows) please visit my Etsy shop when it opens this Friday.



OOAK Doll Festival–A Sneak Peek at Live Auction

Just a note of explanation to start of the rest of the blog posts from this amazing festival.  Rogier and I work well together as a team.  For the past year I have reported for him while he was at European conventions and he has reported for me while I was attending the events in the US.  It is a brilliant system.  We learned quickly that when we are both attending the same event….not so brilliant of a system.  We apologize for the lateness of these reports as the festival ended less than a week ago but it was simply too busy to edit the images and report on events in a timely manner.  Added to that….I had to go and catch the plague. 

Now that I can breath again without hacking up a lung, We can finally report on events.  Thank you all for being patient and understanding.

Now, at the opening gala of this festival, attendees were also able to view all of the amazing live auction items that would be available to bid on at Friday nights dinner. 

Entry from Julia Lapshova of Julia’s Originals©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

From Judy O’Connel of Aponi Designs

©2017 Dutch Fashion Doll World

From Matt Sutton

©2017 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2017 Matt Sutton

©2017 Matt Sutton

From Ninimomo

©2017 Dutch Fashion Doll World

From Carlyle Neura of Mattel

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

From Magia 2000

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

And from the team of friends Rogier Corbeau of Dutch Fashion Doll World, Hilda Westervelt of Bellissima Couture and Rebecca Berry of Inside The Fashion Doll Studio… a diorama of one of our favorite places!

©2017 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

–More coming of the sales room sneak peek….

A Sweet Sneak

Sooo…as many of you know Rogier of Dutch Fashion Doll WorldDutch Fashion Doll World and I are attending a special convention this week.  We are in the vibrant metropolis of New York City this week to attend the OOAK Festival. 

One of the first places we visited upon arrival in this beautiful city was Ladurée.

© 2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

Rogier, Hilda of Bellissima Couture and I all love this Pâtisserie .  It can come as no surprise that this was an inspiration for us as we collaborated on an auction item for this festival.  

This festival has an amazing lineup of artists contributing auction items up for bid at the Friday night auction. 

© 2017 OOAK  Festival

We have been given permission to share a sneak of our auction item for the blog readers!    You are getting to see this image even before the convention attendees!! 

© 2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

-Rebecca and Rogier

Evening Gown and a Matisse

For those of us in the 1/6 OOAK clothing arena, scoring a Matisse can be a bit like winning the Lotto.  She sells on her Etsy site( info below) and if you happen to be at the right place at the right time ( i.e. online when one of her notices hits your inbox that she has something new on her Etsy site), you may be lucky enough to get one.  Her work is truly beautiful.  The attention to detail is superb and the accessories never disappoint.  I only have a few of her pieces and I treasure each and every one.  I even managed to snag not one but two pink little works of art by her and I was waiting for Ms. Evening Gown to make her way here to model them.  Now that I have shown you Evening Gown in her original Robert Best couture, I hope you will enjoy her in one of Matisse’s pink confections.

Model:  Evening Gown Silkstone Barbie

Dress and veil:  Mattise Fashions (

Wall Panel and gold urn with flowers:  Made by me

Pink and White 1/6 Kissing Chair:





Evening Gown Silkstone Barbie®

I have been busy the past few days populating my Pinterest “Inside The Fashion Doll Studio” board with photos from the archives and I realized…I don’t usually photograph my dolls in what they came dressed in originally.  I guess I always figured Mattel and Integrity photographers do such a beautiful job  with their promo photos that I didn’t need to redo it.  That whole philosophy changed this year with Robert Best’s Atelier Silkstone collection.  I believe I have photographed each one this year in the outfit she came in…then went on to redress.  I guess you could say I am just thrilled with the Silkie offerings this year.  Evening Gown is the next one to land in front of my camera.   Designed by Robert Best, she became available to collectors on 06/14/12.  You can find her at your local dealer or at







It’s time for another Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi!

I feel like I have been neglecting my Silkstones for the past few months so it was time to bring em back and do it right.  I joke with James Bogue all the time about the fact that I am such a “pinkophile” when it comes to his creations.  If it’s in pink…I’m liking it.  It came as a  complete shock that I was drawn to a powder blue dress he had on his Etsy site and once I received it…I was in LOVE.  I had the perfect lady to model it too. I had finally worked up the courage to cut and restyle a Preferably Pink Silkstone Barbie into the hairstyle I feel she should have originally came with…a shorter bob cut.  I love it on her and I hope you do to.

Model:  Restyled Preferably Pink Silkstone Barbie

Dress and Hat:  Bogue’s Vogues (

Shoes:  Mattel



                                  20120531-IMG_9206-Editwmsized 20120531-IMG_9223-Editwmsized




And because I am headed into dance recital season and things are about to get wayyyy stressful, I threw this in for fun.  This needs to be my mantra for the next 4 weeks…should I take up yoga????20120531-IMG_9205-Editwmsizedclipart

The Gang’s All Here

The Russian Silkstone gang that is.  Well…not all of them.  Darya will be here sometime in late summer but I just couldn’t wait to do a group shot.  I received Verushka today and I was so enthused I just had to get the gang into the studio.  First of all, let me just say it took a little while to warm up to Verushka.  That hat!  I guess I am just not the floppy sides down Elmer Fudd hat kind of girl.  I was going to just take the thing off except I had heard stories that she is sparsely rooted under the hat.  I decided to just tie the floppy sides up ( like any good hunting hat and much more like the Elmer Fudd we know and love) and I have to say I like it WAY better.  I love the platinum blond with the black on this lady.  Very dramatic and that is just what I was looking for with this line.




After seeing many amazing photos that people have taken of Ekaterina with her hat off, I decided to remove her hat and reposition it.  LOVE it now.  I had thought I might replace the hat with a fur Dimitha hat but for now…she will keep her original hat.  Finally, I am so excited to be using these amazing Russian stacking dolls I found at a doll show recently.  I was encouraged to purchase this particular set by a dear Barbie friend ( cough, cough Silkyfever, cough, cough) and I am so glad I listened to her.


Nicolai is adorable!


And last but not least….little Mila.