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OOAK Doll Festival–A Sneak Peek at Live Auction

Just a note of explanation to start of the rest of the blog posts from this amazing festival.  Rogier and I work well together as a team.  For the past year I have reported for him while he was at European conventions and he has reported for me while I was attending the events in the US.  It is a brilliant system.  We learned quickly that when we are both attending the same event….not so brilliant of a system.  We apologize for the lateness of these reports as the festival ended less than a week ago but it was simply too busy to edit the images and report on events in a timely manner.  Added to that….I had to go and catch the plague. 

Now that I can breath again without hacking up a lung, We can finally report on events.  Thank you all for being patient and understanding.

Now, at the opening gala of this festival, attendees were also able to view all of the amazing live auction items that would be available to bid on at Friday nights dinner. 

Entry from Julia Lapshova of Julia’s Originals©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

From Judy O’Connel of Aponi Designs

©2017 Dutch Fashion Doll World

From Matt Sutton

©2017 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2017 Matt Sutton

©2017 Matt Sutton

From Ninimomo

©2017 Dutch Fashion Doll World

From Carlyle Neura of Mattel

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

From Magia 2000

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

And from the team of friends Rogier Corbeau of Dutch Fashion Doll World, Hilda Westervelt of Bellissima Couture and Rebecca Berry of Inside The Fashion Doll Studio… a diorama of one of our favorite places!

©2017 Dutch Fashion Doll World

©2017 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

–More coming of the sales room sneak peek….


Welcome Carlyle Nuera

There is a new Barbie Collector designer in town… and his name is Carlyle Nuera.  He knows how to make an entrance!   His debut design for BC just had photos released yesterday and she is a beautiful homage to the rich culture of the Philippines. 

Mutya™ Barbie® Doll

Gold Label®

Designed by: Carlyle Nuera

Release Date: 2/2/2015

Doll Details

Body Type: ModelMuse™
Skin Tone: Tropic Tan
Facial Sculpt: Kira
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Eyelashes: Painted

Mutya Barbie Doll 1


Mutya Barbie Doll 2


Mutya Barbie Doll 4


This is not Carlyle’s first offering in the collector community.  He has offered up some amazing OOAK dolls for charity in the past couple of years.

Noëlie Barbie for the 2014 National Barbie Collectors Convention

Carlyle Nuera OOAK 3



Who could forget his Adam Lambert OOAK for Project Angel Food!

Carlyle Nuera OOAK Adam Lambert 1


Also in the Charity Buzz auction benefiting Project Angel Food was his design of  “Haute Hiver”.

Carlyle Nuera OOAK Haute Hiver Barbie


Carlyle Nuera OOAK Haute Hiver Barbie 2


Italian Doll Convention Auction!

The Italian Doll Convention is a little over a week away and they are auctioning off some stunning OOAK’s to help support a local charity.  100% of the profits from these auctions will go to Casa Oz, a non profit organization that helps provide care to seriously ill children and their families.  Here are just a few of the amazing items up for auction. 

** photos are courtesy of the Italian Doll Convention**





















For the whole list of auction items available, go to Italian Doll Convention Ebay auctions.  Also, for a much more comprehensive write-up on these auction items, head on over to Rogier’s blog at

Holy Cow!! 

Holy Barbie Charity Auction Batman!!

Mattel is partnering with Charitybuzz again to bring us some amazing OOAK auction dolls just in time for the holidays.  The proceeds will go to benefit Project Angel Food.  Bidding ends December 18th so if you are looking to splurge on yourself for Christmas and support a worthy cause at the same time, check out these auctions.   I have put a link to each auction in the name of  every item so you can go and find out more information if you are interested in something. 

Dear Santa,

Please find enclosed my Christmas wish list.



** Photo credits: Mattel and Charitybuzz**

Barbie™ Dance Again Tour JLo

Designed by Director of Design for Barbie Collector, Robert Best

Barbie™ Dance Again Tour JLo  1

Barbie™ Dance Again Tour JLo 2

Barbie® Adores Adam Lambert

Designed by Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera


Barbie® Adores Adam Lambert 1

Barbie® Adores Adam Lambert 2

Best of the Best by Robert Best

Designed by Mattel designer Robert Best.

Sighhhhhh!  So gorgeous.

Best of the Best by Robert Best 1

Best of the Best by Robert Best 2

Best of the Best by Robert Best 3

Haute Hiver Barbie®

Designed by Mattel designer Carlyl Nuera

The writeup on this one explains that this was one of the finalists for this years holiday doll.

Haute Hiver Barbie® 1

Haute Hiver Barbie® 3

Platinum Perfection….Barbie®

Donated by: Mattel designer Zlatan Zukanovic

{Thud}  Someone help Rebecca up….she just fainted.

Platinum Perfection….Barbie® 1

Platinum Perfection….Barbie® 2

Barbie® Holiday Sparkle

Designed by Mattel designer Yoori Park

Barbie® Holiday Sparkle 1

Barbie® Holiday Sparkle 2Barbie® Holiday Sparkle 3

Magia2000 was asked to get in on the fun too and here is their design contribution to the auction

Barbie™ Couture Huntress by Magia2000

Wow!!  Stunning.

Magia2000 OOAK Holiday Auction 4

Magia2000 OOAK Holiday Auction 2Magia2000 OOAK Holiday Auction 3

But wait there’s more!!  There are some OOAK sets being auctioned as well…hold on to your wallets folks..these are gonna cost ya.  How cute is this?!!!

Dashing Through the Snow Sisters Sleigh Set

Sleigh Set features the combined talent of the following Mattel creatives: Esther Levin, Kislap Ongchangco, Odette Vandenberg, Dawn Dellamano, Argentina Olmos, Juan Rodriguez, Maria Cristina Ramirez, Thu Phan, Iliana Palma, Sheila Kyaw, Brandon Ozaki, Enrique Lopez, Rosie Bicciche, Craig Pagenkopp, James Molina, Tim Correa and Rex Hidalgo.

Dashing Through the Snow Sisters Sleigh Set 1

Dashing Through the Snow Sisters Sleigh Set 2Dashing Through the Snow Sisters Sleigh Set 3

Barbie™ Very Merry Cabin

Designed by Mattel designer Sally Eagle

Barbie™ Very Merry Cabin 1

Barbie™ Very Merry Cabin 2Barbie™ Very Merry Cabin 3

Barbie™ Very Merry Cabin 4

P.S…I Love You, Barbie® and Ken® OOAK Auction

Charitybuzz  and Mattel are teaming up again for a OOAK auction.  This time, it will benefit the LGBT Community Center of the Desert.   Here is the write-up taken directly from the Charitybuzz website.

“Mattel Principal Designer, Jim Holmes, collaborated with Photographer Steven Henke, to create this stunning one-of-a-kind duo Barbie® and Ken® dolls for the Barbie Does Palm Springs Charity Event.
The ultimate Palm Springs girl, PS… I Love You, Barbie® is in a 60’s inspired strapless patio-pant lounger with a citron animal-print caftan. The neck of the caftan and hem of the patio pants are encrusted with gems and jewels.

Ken®, the ultimate poolboy, is dressed in matching hipster stovepipe pants, cropped white knit top, citron flip flips, pork pie hat and sunglasses. And, to show his devotion, Ken sports a tattoo of "Barbie" on his arm.

And no Palm Springs pool party would be complete without a few festive drinks. Pool lounge furniture, a mid-century screen, and pool towels with Barbie and Ken embroidered on them, complete the flagstone set.”

** Photos are property of Charitybuzz **

Charity Buzz and Mattel OOAK sets 1

Oh if only I had a money tree!!  Auction ends October 31st.

There are also three photographs by Steven Henke (  up for auction.  They are gorgeous!!

Charity Buzz and Mattel OOAK sets 2Charity Buzz and Mattel OOAK sets 3

If you want to check out the all of the Barbie related auctions, here is the link

Here are a few photos of other collaborations between Mattel and Charitybuzz.

Warning!! Severe Eye Candy below!!

Pink Diamond™ Barbie® doll

proceeds went to benefit MAC Aids Fund organization

Pink Blond's blond

Winter Bliss Barbie®

proceeds went to benefit 2011 Project Angel Food

CharityBuzz OOAK Barbie 6

Oh my!!!  Gorgeous dolls and supporting our local communities!!  That’s a solid win in my book. Smile