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It’s time for another Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi!

I feel like I have been neglecting my Silkstones for the past few months so it was time to bring em back and do it right.  I joke with James Bogue all the time about the fact that I am such a “pinkophile” when it comes to his creations.  If it’s in pink…I’m liking it.  It came as a  complete shock that I was drawn to a powder blue dress he had on his Etsy site and once I received it…I was in LOVE.  I had the perfect lady to model it too. I had finally worked up the courage to cut and restyle a Preferably Pink Silkstone Barbie into the hairstyle I feel she should have originally came with…a shorter bob cut.  I love it on her and I hope you do to.

Model:  Restyled Preferably Pink Silkstone Barbie

Dress and Hat:  Bogue’s Vogues (

Shoes:  Mattel



                                  20120531-IMG_9206-Editwmsized 20120531-IMG_9223-Editwmsized




And because I am headed into dance recital season and things are about to get wayyyy stressful, I threw this in for fun.  This needs to be my mantra for the next 4 weeks…should I take up yoga????20120531-IMG_9205-Editwmsizedclipart

Preferably Pink for early Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi

Preferably pink refers to the doll in this photo but it really could be the gown as well.  This was perhaps my favorite Bogue’s Vogues purchase of the year though choosing a favorite Bogue’s Vogue is like choosing my favorite child between my two kids….impossible.  This delicious pink cotton pique number with rolled black velvet collar is paired with a black velvet hat with netting bow.  TO DIE FOR!  Once again Mr Bogue…that hat is off to you.  Ms. Preferably Pink has had her hair restyled at the salon de Berry.

Model:   Preferably Pink Silkstone Barbie

Gown and hat:  Bogue’s Vogues (

Shoes:  Mattel

Wall panel:  made by me ( tutorial is available here…

Bottle Brush Tree: Bethany Lowe Pastel bottle brush tree

** tree is sitting on a miniature stone urn.  The urn does not come with the tree**