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Poppy at the Flower Market

When I started making 1/6 flowers, it was with this diorama in mind.  I wanted to do a French style flower market.  I started with 1/6 roses and then just kind of took off into other types and varieties.  I have not stopped.  I work predominately in paper.  All kinds of paper from tissue through crepe paper and into thicker cardstock.  Each flower type has it’s different personality that requires a different structure.  That is part of the beauty of discovery when crafting I suppose.  For me, there is a photo shoot concept at the end that drives me.  I have had some really epic fails and also..I am happy to report…some extraordinary successes. 

Part of the project for this flower market was the construction of the flower shop window.  That was accomplished with foam core board, stucco spray paint , plastic and dollhouse molding.  I figured out how to make the little French flower pails out of paper.   This glorious Dior inspired suit by Chris Stoeckel for Integrity Toys fits Poppy beautifully.  It just needed a French flower shop backdrop. 

Model:   Looks a Plenty Poppy Parker GS 2018

Suit, accessories and hat: East 59th Mid Day Venture Aurelia Grey


Bistro table and chairs: miniChair on Etsy

Styling and Photography: Rebecca Berry for ITFDS


©2021 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio-Poppy at the Flower Market

©2021 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio-Poppy at the Flower Market

©2021 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio-Poppy at the Flower Market

Behind the scenes look at the set up for the shoot.  I used mostly natural light for this shot with one lume cube with soft box for added light from the left.  I also used reflector to bounce the light from the left.  I don’t know how anybody else goes about this but I have to say…I stuff the scene, look through the camera lens, then end up removing about 1/3 of the stuff.  I tend to over style it at first then remove a bunch of things because it’s just too cluttered.  Anybody else relate?  Sometimes more is not better .Winking smile©2021 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio-Poppy at the Flower Market

-RebeccaITFDS logo idea 2021