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To Sir, With Love

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This song practically screams 1965 to me and apparently many others because it is listed in the top 5 songs of 1965.  Love the movie, love the song and loved playing it while I shot these. 

Model:  Irresistible in India Poppy Parker

Gown and earrings: Palm Beach Coral Silkstone Barbie





This outfit by Robert Best for the Silkstone Barbie line looks to be inspired by vintage 1960’s Valentino.  Beautiful and so appropriate for Ms. 1965 Poppy!  Those nails though…Yipes!!



I hope you have enjoyed this walk through the mid 1960’s with Ms. Irresistible in India Poppy Parker.  This is not a style I photograph that often so it was fun to pop in some oldies but goodies and revisit the 60’s for a bit.


A Starry Night at Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

I love Steven Frasier’s work.  I have been an admirer of and happy customer for his Dressmaker Details fashions for many years.  Not to mention the fact that he is just a really, really nice guy with an absolutely adorable family.  It was a no brainer for me to enter the WClub Integrity lottery for the opportunity to purchase a new Dressmaker Details couture outfit.  Thankfully, I won and am now a very happy owner of yet another stunning fashion designed by Steven.  I have released some other photos using this same background but really, the background came about for this outfit.  The name of the outfit is “ A Starry Night”  and I wanted a scene that would reflect the name…so we have a nighttime garden patio with a fountain.

Model: Palm Beach Coral Silkstone

Outfit: A Starry Night by Dressmaker Details




Dressmaker Details fashions can be found at many fashion doll retailer sites or from Dressmaker Details directly.  Here is their shop

I typically purchase mine either from Masterstrokes directly or from the Pink Ponytail