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A Starry Night at Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

I love Steven Frasier’s work.  I have been an admirer of and happy customer for his Dressmaker Details fashions for many years.  Not to mention the fact that he is just a really, really nice guy with an absolutely adorable family.  It was a no brainer for me to enter the WClub Integrity lottery for the opportunity to purchase a new Dressmaker Details couture outfit.  Thankfully, I won and am now a very happy owner of yet another stunning fashion designed by Steven.  I have released some other photos using this same background but really, the background came about for this outfit.  The name of the outfit is “ A Starry Night”  and I wanted a scene that would reflect the name…so we have a nighttime garden patio with a fountain.

Model: Palm Beach Coral Silkstone

Outfit: A Starry Night by Dressmaker Details




Dressmaker Details fashions can be found at many fashion doll retailer sites or from Dressmaker Details directly.  Here is their shop

I typically purchase mine either from Masterstrokes directly or from the Pink Ponytail