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Mattel releases photos of Empress of the Aliens Barbie

I don’t collect Fantasy Dolls but it does not stop me from appreciating their artistry.  I know Bill Greening is a very talented guy not to mention one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet from Mattel.  I can totally see him and his love for vintage Barbie collecting when I see all of his Barbie reproduction designs.  When he comes out with things like this, I see the true artist in him and it continues to amaze me.  He has such a range in his designs.  Mr. Greening….I tip my hat.

Empress of the Aliens Barbie

release date:  06/21/12

Available at Barbie dealers or Barbie Collector

Price: TBD

**Photos property of Mattel Inc.**





























W3514_c_12_CU1  W3514_c_12_CU2

          W3514_c_12_CU3 W3514_c_12_CU4

The shoes!!  Oh my word the shoes!!  Smile