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More Grace from Mattel!

Mattel has just announced a new addition to the vinyl Grace Kelly Barbie line.  Robert Best has designed her wearing the incredibly beautiful black and white Rear Window “fresh from the Paris plane” gown designed by Edith Head.  I am jumping up and down excited….squeeeeeeeel!  Many costume historians put this gown down as one of the most copied and iconic gowns ever worn by Grace Kelly.    She is listed as a “pink label” doll and is scheduled for release in December.   She is listed for $34.95 currently on

Dear Santa….please put one of these under the Christmas tree for me Winking smile


**Note**  Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.

rear window Grace_Kelly_1955_2 grace-kelly-rear-window

Mattel also released photos of a new Barbie designed by Robert Best called Hope Diamond Barbie.  Here name may change down the road but here are the first photos of her.  She will retail for $74.95 and is due out in Spring of 2012.  Steep price but it is the Hope Diamond after all. LOVE the gown and the gorgeous red hair.  I hope the production doll looks very similar to this!


**Note**  Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.

Grace Kelly Silkstone–Studio Shots Part II I wanted to use my trifold mirror in the worst way so I used that for the first set of photos.  Then I used my favorite graduated black to white background because I thought It would look good with the white gown.   Hope you guys think so too.  I really love how these shots turned out!  No major photoshopping folks…she really is this beautiful.





Mattel is finally going to do a Grace Kelly Barbie!!!

Grace Kelly has always been a favorite of mine.  To me, her beauty was always the epitome of chic and style.  The V&A in London had an exhibit about her last year and since we have friends there, I wanted desperately to travel to London so I could see the exhibit in person.  Alas….the friends ended up moving back to the U.S.  and that idea was dropped.  This lovely friend however had one of the exhibit books from the V&A sent to me as a gift and I LOVE it.  So, it can be no surprise that when I found out Mattel was doing a Grace Kelly Barbie I squealed with delight.   The word was out a little while ago but no pictures were available so speculation ran rampant as to what she would be wearing.  My hope was that she would be in one of the gowns she wore in To Catch A Thief.  When the pictures were finally released, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  She is in the beautiful blue chiffon gown designed by Edith Head from To Catch A Thief.  Gorgeous!

She should be available in July at Barbie dealers and is priced at $39.99  She was designed by Robert Best.  This one is a definite must for me.



Photos are property of Mattel, Inc.