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Poppy Parker: Gallery Girl

I am in no way advocating the show “Gallery Girls” here.  I saw a little bit of it and was…well…not impressed.  The name rather comes from my idea when I redressed  the newly released “The Happening” Poppy Parker in Mattel’s Tim Gun separates.  I dressed her in the crisp white shirt and black skirt with glasses and thought she looked like some hip art gallery dealer.  The diorama just kind of filled in after that.  Hope you enjoy!

Model:  “The Happening” Poppy Parker

Clothing, glasses and shoes:  Barbie by Tim Gunn

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Barbie Gets a Tim Gunn Makeover…. Part Two

Ahhhhh!  I absolutely adore these ladies and their accessory sets.  We sure didn’t have to wait long for these to hit the market.  They are all available at 

Tim Gunn Barbie Number 1 is available for $29.95 here




Tim Gunn Barbie Number 2 is available for $29.95 here


Accessory packs are both $24.99 and available here  and here

W3464 W3484

Let the restyling begin!!

Barbie gets a Tim Gunn Makeover

Word on the street today is that Mattel and Tim Gunn have partnered on a set of dolls.  The Project runway guru has designed two dolls and of course clothing.  It sounds like the dolls and clothing packets will be available at Target and in August.  All I can say is cute, cute, cute!!


** Photos courtesy of Mattel and**





Barbie’s Casual look


Barbie’s  work look


Barbie’s stylish trench look



And Barbie’s evening look


Completely diggin’ this offering!!!  Will be on the lookout for these come August.  Two big thumbs up from Inside The Fashion Doll Studio. Smile  Get the full scoop here