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It’s time for another Barbie Brouhaha

\ˈbrü-ˌhä-ˌhä, ˌbrü-ˌhä-ˈhä, brü-ˈhä-ˌhä\

Definition of BROUHAHA

: hubbub, uproar


Yes, I know my Midwestern roots are showing. When I was growing up, this was a term used whenever someone was causing an unnecessary fuss and it would appear a “fuss” is being kicked up over the new  Blond’s Blond Diamond Barbie I blogged about a few weeks ago ( see  Apparently the Daily Mail in the UK is taking exception to the new Barbie and labeling her “Drag Queen Barbie” ( see  The article seems to be aiming its ire at the doll’s designers one of which dresses in woman’s clothing from time to time ( and looks stunning by the way).  I find it interesting that a UK tabloid would take exception to this.  I mean come on…here is the country that has given us some of the biggest Queens of this century….Elton John, Boy George and George Michael.  I also found it funny that they seem to make the assumption that applied eyelashes means “Drag Queen”.   Hate to tell you Daily Mail but most of the women in L.A. and half of NYC would heartily disagree with you.  Who is writing this crap?  Normally I am not bothered by this.  I mean it makes the rounds on blogs as link bait and that’s about it but ABC picked it up and called her “Drag Queen Barbie” so I had to make a comment.  For crying out loud ABC people! Is the Daily Mail really your trusted source for content now?  Unfortunately some people give absolute credence to a news outlet and its content.  Now it is becoming a Barbie Brouhaha with a possible Barbie Backlash.  Some are concerned that this will cause Mattel to pull the doll.  Personally, I think it will turn this doll into yet another “Barbie commodity” and this one will fly off the shelves just like Toki Doki Barbie.  They say any publicity is good publicity.  I guess we will see on this one but Mattel may end up thanking the Daily Mail for their backhanded product endorsement.

**Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.**


Am I buying this lovely lady?  H*ll yes..every eyelash-flaunting, stiletto-wearing blond and bedazzled inch of her.  Put that in your offensive little tabloid pipe and smoke it Daily Mail.

Rebecca rant over.

The Blonds Blond Diamond™ Barbie®

Don’t you just hate it when you refocus your collection and start to feel really good about it then BAM…something comes along that blows your entire refocus plan right out of the water.  I had thought I was done with the expensive vinyl dolls.  I absolutely love the fantasy creations of Linda Kyaw from Mattel but I decided that they just don’t fit in with the focus of my collection.  I felt really good about the decision until some new photos started circulating.  In 2010 The Blonds collaborated with Mattel to design three one of a kind Barbie dolls.

barbie-the-blonds__oPt larger

the_blonds_barbie_dolls_spring_2011 the_blonds_barbie_dolls_spring_2011_2

In a 2012 BFC designer chat, it was mentioned that a new designer doll would be available in 2012.   The following photos were given as a sneak peak about a month ago for BFC members and today Mattel is offering her on their website ( it is a BC exclusive!).  She will be available in December of 2012 and will retail for $125.00 ( ouch!).  She is a gold label and was designed by Bill Greening in a partnership with The Blonds.  For those of us not familiar with The Blonds, here is a bit of background

And now for the photos!

The Blonds Blond Diamond™ Barbie®

**  All photos are property of Mattel **




      W3499_c_12_CU2_v2  W3499_c_12_CU3_v2

Is she worth the hefty price tag?  Time will have to tell on that one.  I absolutely adore the glamour with a capitol “G” here.  I am really hoping the production doll is what the promo photos promise.  ***One important note to mention here folks***  It has been reported that the dress is NOT removable.  For us redressers, that is definitely a downside.  Word on the street is this baby may in fact sell out so factor that one in if you want her.  I could be way off on that but the positive buzz on the boards about this one would indicate a big interest.  Here is the link for purchasing on