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“Lilac Frost” Poppy Parker

The WClub announced a new 2012 exclusive to their members last week.  Her name is Lilac Frost and Integrity and David Buttry have given us another treat for the year.  You have to be a WClub member to buy.

Here is the writeup from Integrity on her…

Presenting: "Lilac Frost" Poppy Parker!  

There is a brisk chill this early morning in New York City.  Miss Poppy Parker is on Fifth Avenue on her way to not just any Go-See.  She will be seen by a room full of casting agents, ad executives, art directors and event coordinators who will decide if she will be selected from the hundreds of other models.  She hopes those extra acting classes she has been taking on the weekends pay off and put her on top.  If chosen, she’ll be a spokes-model of International proportion! 

Miss Parker spent a week shopping for just the right look for this day.  Poppy’s lovely green eyes and painted lashes are accentuated by lovely lilac and beige eye shadow.  Her lips are a soft coral.  She styled her lovely golden blond hair into a side parted flip.  It is a chic, yet young look.  The same could be said for her ensemble.  Her suit is in pale lilac brocade with a warm white fur trim collar.  It is topped off with a frosted raspberry flocked hat.  She accessorized her look with white gloves, white heels and her favorite "leather" handbag.  A lavender diamond bracelet and earrings complete this look of success.  "Lilac Frost" Poppy Parker uses the "Japan" skin tone.  Wish her luck

Lilac Frost

Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

Summer 2012 W Club Exclusive

Limited Edition: TBA

Approximate Ship Date: Late Fall/Early Winter 2012

** all photos are property of Integrity Toys. Please note that the photos are of a prototype doll and subject to changes and modifications.**


                             web_2012_LilacPoppy_full2 web_2012_LilacPoppy_access


There are many of us who will be humming the Mary Tyler Moore theme while we wait for this lovely lady .  SmileShe doesn’t have to think about it though…I think she has already made it.  Thank You Mr. Buttry!!


Victoire Roux–A New WClub Lottery

Integrity introduced a new character as part of their IT Direct Exclusive line at convention last year.  Her name is Victoire Roux and everything about her is what I like to collect.  In particular the clothing is all about the classic lines of the 1940’s and 50’s.   This lovely Ms. Victoire will be offered up via lottery and based on the feedback from the boards, many are entering for the chance to buy.  I don’t even think I had to think about this one….my hands were on the keys to enter this lottery before I even finished reading the email from the WClub.   Ohhhh how I hope I win the chance to purchase this lovely lady.  If not, I will be begging….oh yes….I will be begging.

Item #76003
Avenue George V
Victoire Roux™ Dressed Doll
IT Direct Exclusive
Suggested Retail Price: $125.00 US
Limited Edition of 285 Dolls Worldwide

**Pictures are property of Integrity Toys, Inc.**





Rocking Ever After Lilith

For those of you who ordered her, you are in for a treat.  For those of you who passed on this one, you may want to rethink.  This lady is drop dead gorgeous and came right out of the box ready to be photographed.  While Romain needed significant hair care before being ready for his close-up, Lilith was picture perfect within minutes of deboxing.





First WClub Exclusive Doll for 2012 is announced….There is a Nu.Face in Town!

The Integrity Toys WClub announced their first club doll for 2012 last week.  Her name is “High End Envy” Erin and she is a stunner.   There is plenty to envy here folks.  What can I say….always a sucker for redheads.  She is a character from Integrity’s Nu.Face line and they have “refreshed” the Erin face mold for this one.  So far the feedback on the boards is  positive.  Two big thumbs up from Inside The Fashion Doll Studio.  She has two brunette hair streaks on the sides of her head…not sure how I am liking that but will keep an open mind until I see her in real life.  Loving the edgy look for this 2012 collection and love the pouty red mouth on this lady.  I completely adore the chunky square black ring in the accessories.  Delivery is slated for this summer.

Winking smile** following three photos are property of Integrity Toys**




And …it would appear that the Nu.Face line for 2012 is getting it’s inspiration from the Gucci Spring 2012 RTW collection

Gucci Spring RTW 2012 Erin inspiration

** Photo above is from**

Here Comes The Bride….Poppy Parker–Part 1

About this time of year I seem to always have a letch to do a wedding photo shoot.  Last year it was Dark Swan Elise who became my muse.


This year Sweet Confection Poppy Parker continues to be my inspiration.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Gown and Veil:  Grace Kelly Silkstone Bride Barbie

Bouquet:  Marie Therese Silkstone Bride Barbie

Set:  Cake Candelabra repainted in silver.  Both have been set upon candlesticks of varying heights.  Greenery found at local craft store with miniature paper roses added.





Ayumi Arrives

This lovely lady was an Integrity Toys IDEX and WClub lottery exclusive and thanks to one of the best doll buddies a girl can have, I was able to purchase one.  Her face is porcelain delicate and the hairdo is unbelievably intricate.  There are a number of peach ribbons running through the braided chignon.  Beautiful!  Her gown is pure Jason Wu.  Yummy!

Ayumi™ FR2 Dressed Doll
IT Direct Exclusive
Limited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide

WEB_57014_ayumi_full WEB_57014_ayumi_CU

Here are some natural light shots




W Club Giselle Exclusive!

Wow!  Integrity Toys is really pulling out all the stops this year.  I have been a W Club member for the last four years and have never seen so many amazing things coming from Integrity this early in the year.  We received a plethora of information on new dolls from IDEX a few short weeks ago and now the W Club members have the chance to win the opportunity to buy a limited exclusive raven haired Giselle.  She has a hat…so that means I want her LOL!  To be honest…I know there are a few devoted Giselle face mold collectors out there and I really hope you guys get her first…that is only fair.  If this lady were a Poppy, FR2 or a Monogram…I know you all would wish the same for me.

This is  being called a “European Exclusive” and is going through LaureBelle Couture(…. but don’t try to contact them to get this exclusive…it’s lottery only…through the W Club.   Not quite sure why it is being touted as a “European Exclusive” .  To me this looks just like a W Club lottery .  The doll is beautiful and she comes with a variety of shoes and accessories.  This gets her labeled as a  “Giftset”.

*** Photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc. ***

Item # 82038

Glam Addict
Giselle D. Dressed Doll
Laurebelle Couture Exclusive
Suggest Retail Price: $150.00 US
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls Worldwide





WEB_82038_LaureBelle_full WEB_82038_LaureBelle_Access WEB_82038_LaureBelle_full2

If you are a W Club member, you have until February 14th 10:00AM CST to enter the lottery.

Happy 2012!

Sweet Confection Poppy is ringing in the new year with a glass of bubbly and wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2012.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Gown: Monaeglow (

bracelet:  Mattel Trace of Lace Silkstone







Ehhh hmmmm!!  Well Miss Poppy…what’s with the honkin’ rock you are wearing on that all important digit??!!  Word is that Poppy’s boyfriend Chip will be making his debut in 2012.  Perhaps it’s a bit more than “boyfriend”???  Will have to see about that.

The 2012 WClub Registration is Now Open

Integrity toys announced yesterday morning that the 2012 WClub was open for business.  Registration will be open from now until January 18th, 2012 at 10:00AM CST ( Central Standard Time)  Yipeee!  Purchasing a membership is only offered for this small window of time.  Once it closes, you have to wait until next year to join.  If you love Integrity Toys, I would recommend checking into this.  I have been a member for the past three years and have never regretted it.  Not only are there club exclusive dolls and lotteries for even more exclusive dolls but there is a very active collecting forum and perks and discounts given by various doll dealers…but you have to be a member.  This year there will be two Fashion Royalty club exclusive dolls, one Poppy Parker doll and one FR16 doll offered to WClub members.  Integrity Toys released information and photos on two of the club exclusive dolls.  **  photos are property of Integrity Toys **

Item # 91258

Ready to Dare

Natalia Fatalé™ Dressed Doll

2012 W Club Exclusive Upgrade


web_2012_upgradenatalia_cu web_2012_upgradenatalia_access

Item # PP030

Dream Teen

Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

2012 W Club Exclusive Upgrade


web_2012_upgradepoppy_CU web_2012_upgradepoppy_access

For more information on WClub Membership and how to sign up go to WClub registration

Sweet Confection has arrived!

After waiting approximately 4 months, the much anticipated WClub exclusive “Sweet Confection” Poppy Parker has arrived.  ** promo photo is property of Integrity Toys, Inc.**


Her skin tone is a bit darker than the promo pictures would indicate but the face is beautiful.  The mod clothing is not something I really collect or a design aesthetic that I prescribe to so the second she arrived…it was time for a redress.  All in all, I would have to say I really like her.  The really tan skin tone is something I think I am going to have to get used to.  Time will tell if she stays or not…but I do love the rooted eyelashes on this lovely lady and the absolutely scrumptious platinum blond tresses set against that very tan skintone.  Very, very pretty.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Dress:  Bogue’s Vogues (

Shoes: Mattel

Jewelry:  Mattel



IMG_761912212011editedwmsized IMG_762312212011editedwmsized

W Club has a new Poppy Parker exclusive!!

Integrity Toys W Club announced a Poppy Parker exclusive to it’s club members a couple of days ago and most Poppy Parker fans are in agreement….WE WANT IT LIKE YESTERDAY!  I have been a member of the W Club for the past couple of years and I have to say…each year gets better and better.  I think I broke my own personal speed record ordering this beauty.  They had me at…POPPY…and a tan skinned one at that!

Sweet Confection

Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

2011 Exclusive W Club Doll

Limited Edition: TBA

Estimated Arrival: Fourth Quarter of 2011

**All photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc.**





And alas….the waiting begins.

Monaco Royale !

Integrity Toy’s Fashion Royalty W Club has announced their first official club doll for 2011 and she is divine.  She appears to be a reinterpretation of the “Midnight in Monoco” doll from the 2003 IFDC.  She is sporting the new Vanessa face sculpt and is available only to W Club members.  LOVE the little martini in her hand!  I do however want to say to her    “Honey, be careful not to spill that on your gown….cranberry and peach just don’t mix well.”  This lovely lady is definitely coming home to my collection.  I can’t wait to get her in front of the camera.  I already have the background scene in my head. Winking smile

Monaco Royale

Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll

2011 Exclusive W Club Doll

Limited Edition: TBA

Estimated Arrival: Fall 2011

Suggested Retail: $135.00 US

W Club doll 1 2011  1

W Club doll 1 2011 4

W Club doll 1 2011 3 W Club doll 1 2011 5W Club doll 1 2011 2

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

If anyone wants to peruse photos of current and past Fashion Royalty dolls, please visit Jason Wu’s Doll Reference List at  It is an excellent source!

Renegade Dasha is in the House!

I did not win the right to purchase this lovely lady in the lottery but thanks to a fellow collector and a fabulous trade, Renegade Dasha is in the house!  I really love the styling of this particular FR Squared Dasha.  She is very sophisticated and sleek.  Yes, the half bun half ponytail hairstyle is a bit of a mystery but it is fairly easy to work around.  I really like the blond hair, pale skin and red, red lips.  She seemed to me like she needed a sleek and sophisticated backdrop so I imagined her at a swanky wine bar with a lovely merlot.  We live in wine country  so I will use wine many times for my props.




ILHYLM Poppy will be on her way here soon!

I was not one of the lucky ones to win her in the W Club lottery and was one of the ones who tried and failed to purchase one of the 50 or so sets available through  Dolls Magazine.  Yes….I survived that day which has become known as “Poppygate”.  For those of you who don’t know the story, let it suffice to say that there was a huge demand and very little supply…never makes for a good ending.  With great anticipation, the offering started…with great dissappointment and massive system failure due to overwhelming demand…the offering ended.  Those who were quick enough to email Dolls Magazine were rewarded with the highly sought after sets.  I am thrilled to see that Poppy Parker has such a fan base.  That means that she will be around a while and David Butry, the Integrity designer responsible for her, will  hopefully be afforded the opportunity to continue designing this adorable character.  I have loved this girl since her first iteration and I continue to love the designs coming out.

All that being said, I had given up hope that I would be able to find this very sought after set for an affordable price.   Through the help of another collector, I was able to find one today and am so excited to photograph her!  She should be arriving in a couple of weeks.

All photos are property of Integrity Toys