Barbie for big girls.

First WClub Exclusive Doll for 2012 is announced….There is a Nu.Face in Town!

The Integrity Toys WClub announced their first club doll for 2012 last week.  Her name is “High End Envy” Erin and she is a stunner.   There is plenty to envy here folks.  What can I say….always a sucker for redheads.  She is a character from Integrity’s Nu.Face line and they have “refreshed” the Erin face mold for this one.  So far the feedback on the boards is  positive.  Two big thumbs up from Inside The Fashion Doll Studio.  She has two brunette hair streaks on the sides of her head…not sure how I am liking that but will keep an open mind until I see her in real life.  Loving the edgy look for this 2012 collection and love the pouty red mouth on this lady.  I completely adore the chunky square black ring in the accessories.  Delivery is slated for this summer.

Winking smile** following three photos are property of Integrity Toys**




And …it would appear that the Nu.Face line for 2012 is getting it’s inspiration from the Gucci Spring 2012 RTW collection

Gucci Spring RTW 2012 Erin inspiration

** Photo above is from**


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