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The 2012 WClub Registration is Now Open

Integrity toys announced yesterday morning that the 2012 WClub was open for business.  Registration will be open from now until January 18th, 2012 at 10:00AM CST ( Central Standard Time)  Yipeee!  Purchasing a membership is only offered for this small window of time.  Once it closes, you have to wait until next year to join.  If you love Integrity Toys, I would recommend checking into this.  I have been a member for the past three years and have never regretted it.  Not only are there club exclusive dolls and lotteries for even more exclusive dolls but there is a very active collecting forum and perks and discounts given by various doll dealers…but you have to be a member.  This year there will be two Fashion Royalty club exclusive dolls, one Poppy Parker doll and one FR16 doll offered to WClub members.  Integrity Toys released information and photos on two of the club exclusive dolls.  **  photos are property of Integrity Toys **

Item # 91258

Ready to Dare

Natalia Fatalé™ Dressed Doll

2012 W Club Exclusive Upgrade


web_2012_upgradenatalia_cu web_2012_upgradenatalia_access

Item # PP030

Dream Teen

Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

2012 W Club Exclusive Upgrade


web_2012_upgradepoppy_CU web_2012_upgradepoppy_access

For more information on WClub Membership and how to sign up go to WClub registration