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More Rock Wedding Spam.

This is the final set for now.  After this, let the redressing begin.  I love this Rock Wedding set for a variety of reasons but perhaps one of the biggest reasons was the options of redressing that you were given for Lilith.  She came dressed in her funky sculpted top bridal gown.  Underneath is a skirt that coordinates with a satin and lace bustier that gives her a whole other look.  I know that many brides these days are favoring the idea of one dress for the ceremony and one dress for the reception.  In Lilith’s world, this one would be the reception look.  Romain has decided to go more casual as well and lose the jacket.








You Look So Fine Erin

Oh M…er..Erin you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey M…er Erin, Hey Erin.  I have to admit this song was kind of going through my mind as I typed out the name of this doll.  Guess that shows my age, yes, I was and still am to some degree a teenager of the 80’s.  This lovely Erin is no child of the 80’s.  She if a full on fashion diva of the present.  Her dress is TO DIE FOR folks..worth the doll alone in my opinion but I digress.  This is the last Erin produced with this original face mold.  She has been given a facelift and we will see her new visage IRL when the first W Club doll ships sometime this summer.  Many people are not fans of the “open mouth show us those pearly whites”  face mold.  I don’t have a problem with it.  It kind of makes her look sweet and innocent.  Her fashion is anything but.  I have to admit, I was trepidatious about photographing this lady in THIS gown sitting down but I went there. 

**Photography note for those wanting to photograph this lady in her original outfit or any doll in this dress for that matter**.  Try to lean this baby up against a wall if you can.  What I learned during this photo shoot:

1.  Armature wire isn’t going to work because most of her leg shows with this gown but hey..if  you want to spend countless hours Photoshopping the wire out..have at it.

2. Thought about leaning her back against a block or something sturdy but short…Nope. The skirt of the dress is pretty sheer so you will see whatever you put back there

3.  Thought I was smart using strings to suspend her…WRONG!!  I failed to realize the folds in the fabric and the impact they would have on Photoshopping out the strings.  BAD ME!  Yep…had to spend the thankless hour and a half Photoshopping out the strings then cloning back in the folds on the background for the roughly 20 full standing shots of this set…AAAACCCCKKKK.  Note to Rebecca:  When using complicated backdrop DO NOT USE STRINGS!!

4.  The above mentioned reasons should explain why I then had to sit this lady down.  Yes, I realize that she is getting dangerously close to performing a Sharon Stone Basic Instinct but it was either that or learn to embrace Photoshop as a way of life. 

Okay, enough of me whining about my inability to think ahead LOL…on to the photos.


20120526-IMG_9105-Editwmsized 20120526-IMG_9114-Editwmsized 20120526-IMG_9110-Editwmsized


20120526-IMG_9125-Editwmsized 20120526-IMG_9135-Editwmsized 20120526-IMG_9128-Editwmsized


20120526-IMG_9134-Editwmsized 20120526-IMG_9107-Editwmsized 20120526-IMG_9133-Editwmsized

And…just because this was a rocker wedding and I don’t think Erin would have attended alone.


**A Note to all you pinners out there on Pinterest.  If you are pinning photos from a slideshow embedded in someone’s blog….PLEASE DON’T!  I am suspending showing all the shots of a set via slideshow because people are pinning photos from the slideshow and it will send people to my skydrive instead of the blog when they click on the photo.  I really, really don’t want people surfing around my skydrive so until I can figure out a way to prevent people from pinning off of the slideshows/skydrive….no more slideshows.  Other than that…Pin to your hearts content.  I love that you enjoy the photos enough to pin and share them.  Smile**

Romain and Lilith…The Rock Wedding

After the stress of Romain’s coiffure, I was ready to have some fun so I went all soft and dreamy with the set.  I was thinking it would be fun to have all this softness in the background and all the edginess in the dolls out front.  I have had a number of friends comment that they were surprised I ordered this set…they are not what I typically collect.  I was surprised myself how much these dolls appealed to me.  I have to say my camera and I are IN LOVE with this trio of dolls.  I adore the versatility of Lilith’s gift set.  She has so many different looks and I can’t wait to start redressing.  Romain aka lettuce boy , hair not withstanding, is just way cool.  Love the square jaw and angles on this guy.  From a photography standpoint, there are lots of angles to work with on his face…he will have a different look depending on how you light him and from what angle…lots of options.   I would imagine that Romain and Lilith would not have the traditional wedding even though that is what the set and these photos would suggest. 



And my favorite shot from the set


Erin’s turn is next…always the bridesmaid and never the bride…will have to see what we can do about that Smile

Rocking Ever After Lilith

For those of you who ordered her, you are in for a treat.  For those of you who passed on this one, you may want to rethink.  This lady is drop dead gorgeous and came right out of the box ready to be photographed.  While Romain needed significant hair care before being ready for his close-up, Lilith was picture perfect within minutes of deboxing.