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This is the final set for now.  After this, let the redressing begin.  I love this Rock Wedding set for a variety of reasons but perhaps one of the biggest reasons was the options of redressing that you were given for Lilith.  She came dressed in her funky sculpted top bridal gown.  Underneath is a skirt that coordinates with a satin and lace bustier that gives her a whole other look.  I know that many brides these days are favoring the idea of one dress for the ceremony and one dress for the reception.  In Lilith’s world, this one would be the reception look.  Romain has decided to go more casual as well and lose the jacket.








Romain and Lilith…The Rock Wedding

After the stress of Romain’s coiffure, I was ready to have some fun so I went all soft and dreamy with the set.  I was thinking it would be fun to have all this softness in the background and all the edginess in the dolls out front.  I have had a number of friends comment that they were surprised I ordered this set…they are not what I typically collect.  I was surprised myself how much these dolls appealed to me.  I have to say my camera and I are IN LOVE with this trio of dolls.  I adore the versatility of Lilith’s gift set.  She has so many different looks and I can’t wait to start redressing.  Romain aka lettuce boy , hair not withstanding, is just way cool.  Love the square jaw and angles on this guy.  From a photography standpoint, there are lots of angles to work with on his face…he will have a different look depending on how you light him and from what angle…lots of options.   I would imagine that Romain and Lilith would not have the traditional wedding even though that is what the set and these photos would suggest. 



And my favorite shot from the set


Erin’s turn is next…always the bridesmaid and never the bride…will have to see what we can do about that Smile

Rock Steady Romain

I keep looking at his name and hoping I am spelling it correctly.  My husband has taken to calling him affectionately “lettuce boy”.  He has a reason to gripe as I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to style and photograph this guy and my husband has had to listen to it LOL.  Let’s face the facts folks..he came out of the box with clumpy and uninspired hair.  Certainly not what the promo’s promised but I prefer to look at it as a challenge…so like a dog with a bone…I set to work.  I know I didn’t hit the mark of the look of the promo shots but I am happy with the doll and photos.  I think he is handsome and love the face sculpt.  Just wish I had a smidge more bang length and I am too much of a wimp to reroot.

If you want a little taste of what I was listening to during this photo shoot and post processing, check out the playlist on the right hand side of the blog .

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It’s a Rocker Wedding!!!

I know, I know….you thought I had been hit by a bus or something since it has been so long since my last post.  No bus…just holiday decorating.  The Ladies Holiday Tea is this weekend so I hope to have some more time and a chance to take some photos next week.  I hope to get on a more regular blog posting schedule.  Hope being the operative word LOL!  To tide us all over, Integrity Toys just released information on the last W Club exclusive doll for 2011 and what a packet of info that was!  We are getting the opportunity to purchase not one, not two, but three different dolls and it’s a wedding theme.  Yipeeeee!!!  Now, normally my taste in collecting goes for the more classic lines but I have to admit, my hands could not hit the “BUY” button fast enough when I saw the snaps for this mini collection.  The W Club board has been buzzing for the past few days about this amazing set and here is a little taste why.

** All photos are property of Integrity Toys**

The Rock Fashion Wedding Collection

Coming Spring 2012

“You Look So Fine”  Erin S.

“Rocking Ever After” Lilith

“Rock Steady” Romain Perrin


This new version of Romain is so cute!!!!


Many W Club members are hoping beyond hope that the actual production dolls hair will come out looking like this( Jim Morrison hair and all).  Please, please, please with a big red cherry on top.  I did not like the look of the first Romain very much as his face reminded me immediately of a bull terrier….don’t know why….just did.  Now this guy….. HOT!  No terrier vibe coming through at all.  Also, the versatility of this set is amazing.  Lilith’s dress can be worn so many different ways…so inventive and fabulous.


And because I love to play around with my slideshow software…I did a slideshow set to music of the entire set of photos that Integrity Toys shared with us.  Hope you enjoy!

The Rock Fashion Wedding Collection

In order to purchase these dolls, you needed to have signed up for the 2011 W Club.  That group is now closed.   The 2012 W Club should opening up for subscribers in December.  For more information about the W Club go to