Barbie for big girls.


Giselle in the Flowers

Wow!!  Do I even know how to do this anymore? {snort}.  I’m not going to lie people…it felt like rusty gears starting to work again setting up for this photo shoot and getting it done.  When all was said and done, I have to honestly say…”Dag it felt good!!” 

I have always been a fan of Vogue style editor Grace Coddington and her work.  When I first had the idea for this image, I thought of her and her styling and went from there.  I had to use this glorious background and then I needed natural light.  For those who follow me on Instagram, I teased a few photos there. 

Here are a couple quick behind the scene shots and a little peak at my new studio space….will be sharing more of that through the holiday season Winking smile.

©2019 InsideTheFashionDollStudio-Giselle in the Flowers

©2019 InsideTheFashionDollStudio-Giselle in the Flowers

And after some post production magic…this is what we have. 

©2019 InsideTheFashionDollStudio-Giselle in the Flowers

©2019 InsideTheFashionDollStudio-Giselle in the Flowers

I think this Giselle was the breakout hit from last years Integrity toys convention.  Many people had difficulty seeing past the the retinal searing yellow outfit she sported.  I have to admit, I almost didn’t get her.  But then I took a second look at her soft makeup palette and decided, “yeah…I can work with that”.  Believe it or not, I had an image in my mind close to this final floral image when I first bought her over a year ago.  Yes…I really do have images sitting in my head that long and longer before I can get it on film.  So often, it never gets rendered.  I was happy to get it and bring it forth today.  Hope you all enjoy.



W-Club Exclusive! Sister Moguls

The WClub announced their second club exclusive for the year yesterday.  It is a giftset sure to satisfy many collectors.  I mean come on…it’s the power team of Giselle and Agnes!  How can you not love that?!

©2016 Integrity Toys, Inc.

Sister Moguls
Agnes Von Weiss™ and Giselle Diefendorf™ Duo-Doll Gift Set
The Fashion Royalty Collection
2016 W Club Exclusive
Limited Edition Size: TBA
Estimated Ship Date: Late 2016
Special W Club Price: $199.00 + Shipping, Handling and Applicable Sales Tax*.

*A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 is due immediately at pre-order; the balance of $174.00 + shipping and handling (and tax for Maryland residents) is due approximately late 2016.
Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpt: Agnes Von Weiss™ and Giselle Diefendorf™
Body Type: FR2013 (Agnes) and NU. Face 2.0 (Giselle)
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Cream (Agnes) and Japan (Giselle)
Hair Color: Pale Blond (Both Dolls)
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

**Pictures of prototypes shown below; final production colors and textures may vary slightly. Any staging props are not included. Case and doll stand pictures are digitally rendered; final production may vary slightly.**

©2016 Integrity Toys, Inc.

©2016 Integrity Toys, Inc.

©2016 Integrity Toys, Inc.

©2016 Integrity Toys, Inc.

©2016 Integrity Toys, Inc.

You have to love these giftsets and check out the dual stand!!  I have not seen that before.    I am completely digging the case with this one too.  Very chic and elegant.  I adore the sleek platinum blond ponytails and red, red lips.  I am also a big fan of the cream skin tone and it looks like Agnes has it for this set.  Hope to see these girls sometime before the end of the year.  Integrity Toys thanked Jason and Vaughn for this offering in their release email .  This collector thanks them too!

And…because we have sisters for the giftset…just had to add this, sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Get ready folks…Poppy Parker “right to buy” lotteries will be right around the corner!


2012 ITFDS Favorites

At the end of each year, a flurry of photos floods Flickr and doll boards with groupings of collectors favorite dolls for the year.  I always have these grand ideas of doing a group photo too and never seem to get around to it .  This year, I had a flash of  inspiration and decided I was going to MAKE the time to do it…so.. here it is.  I was inspired by this years Vanity Fair Hollywood Edition.

In no particular order, my favorite dolls for 2012 are

1) Glam Addict Giselle

2) Gala Gown Silkstone Barbie

3) Fame by Frame Imogen

4) Lilac Frost Poppy Parker

5) High Profile Eugenia

20121229-IMG_0460-Editwmsizedwordsadvertisement copy







Inspiration photo…..

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2012

Integrity Toys, Inc. is ready for their close up…

…as they bring collectors an iconic character from the classic film noir movie Sunset Boulevard. 

Sunset blvd movie poster

Here is the write up from Integrity Toys, Inc.:

“Integrity Toys, Inc., in collaboration with Paramount Pictures Corporation, is proud to introduce an ultra-detailed collectible doll inspired by the iconic character of Norma Desmond in the movie Sunset Boulevard, which will be available in late November 2012 just in time to celebrate the release of this iconic film on Blu-Ray!
Praised by many critics when first released, Sunset Boulevard was nominated for eleven Academy Awards® and won three. It is widely accepted as a classic, often cited as one of the greatest films of American cinema. Deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the U.S. Library of Congress in 1989, Sunset Boulevard was included in the first group of films selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.
With its larger than life and over the top leading character and stark view on stardom, Sunset Boulevard made a lasting impression on both film making and acting.

About the Doll
This fully articulated 12" vinyl doll has applied eyelashes and a fully rooted dramatic hairstyle closely inspired by the character of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Using a Giselle head mold on a Nu.Face body, the Norma Desmond doll comes wearing the dramatic black ensemble that the character wears when she decides to pay a surprise visit to her former movie director on the set of his latest film. The look is composed of a sophisticated long sleeved black dress, topped with a reversible short "fur" caplet with matching "fur" muff, a dramatic black hat with a single white feather perfectly placed on the front, a faux-diamond jewelry set and black pumps. The doll also comes with a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. Ages 14 & up. “

To set the stage a little…here is a promotional shot from the movie and a sketch by the famous costume designer Edith Head.

Norma Desmond

Edith Head sketch Norma Desmond

**The sketch above was found at  an amazing blog I found while researching this piece.  Check out the blog at**

And here is Integrity’s interpretation of Norma Desmond.  I LOVE it!!!

Norma Desmond
Sunset Boulevard Commemorative Collectible Doll
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $119.00 USD
Estimated Date of Arrival: Week of November 19, 2012

Norma Desmond 1

Norma Desmond 2

Norma Desmond 3

Norma Desmond 4

Contact your Integrity Toys dealer ASAP if interested in purchasing this lady.  WClub members received information about her a few days ago and word is, she is a hot seller.  To find an authorized Integrity Toys dealer go here

Giselle is a Glam Addict

I was so excited to win the opportunity to buy this lovely, lovely lady.  She really has exceeded my expectations in every way.  I love the sleek hairstyle, pale skin tone, red lips with the raven black hair and green eyes.  Absolutely gorgeous.  The black and white print sheath fits well and I like it paired with the red accent belt.  The set comes with three pairs of shoes, an extra belt, two purses, fur stole, jewelry set and hat. 

The black shoes are a bit big for her feet but I made them work for the photos.  I have yet to try the red or the pink shoes on but look forward to trying those out.  I love the hammered silver bracelet.  It is exactly like Luminous Kyori’s but in silver tone instead of gold.  The pink/black and cream toned purse is TO DIE FOR. 

LE 300 Fashion Royalty “Glam Addict” Giselle



        20120303-IMG_8344-Editwmsized 20120303-IMG_8351-Editwmsized 20120303-IMG_8340-Editwmsized



20120303-IMG_8379-Editwmsized 20120303-IMG_8376-Editwmsized 20120303-IMG_8382-Editwmsized

Glam Addict Giselle collage

W Club Giselle Exclusive!

Wow!  Integrity Toys is really pulling out all the stops this year.  I have been a W Club member for the last four years and have never seen so many amazing things coming from Integrity this early in the year.  We received a plethora of information on new dolls from IDEX a few short weeks ago and now the W Club members have the chance to win the opportunity to buy a limited exclusive raven haired Giselle.  She has a hat…so that means I want her LOL!  To be honest…I know there are a few devoted Giselle face mold collectors out there and I really hope you guys get her first…that is only fair.  If this lady were a Poppy, FR2 or a Monogram…I know you all would wish the same for me.

This is  being called a “European Exclusive” and is going through LaureBelle Couture(…. but don’t try to contact them to get this exclusive…it’s lottery only…through the W Club.   Not quite sure why it is being touted as a “European Exclusive” .  To me this looks just like a W Club lottery .  The doll is beautiful and she comes with a variety of shoes and accessories.  This gets her labeled as a  “Giftset”.

*** Photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc. ***

Item # 82038

Glam Addict
Giselle D. Dressed Doll
Laurebelle Couture Exclusive
Suggest Retail Price: $150.00 US
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls Worldwide





WEB_82038_LaureBelle_full WEB_82038_LaureBelle_Access WEB_82038_LaureBelle_full2

If you are a W Club member, you have until February 14th 10:00AM CST to enter the lottery.

It’s a Rocker Wedding!!!

I know, I know….you thought I had been hit by a bus or something since it has been so long since my last post.  No bus…just holiday decorating.  The Ladies Holiday Tea is this weekend so I hope to have some more time and a chance to take some photos next week.  I hope to get on a more regular blog posting schedule.  Hope being the operative word LOL!  To tide us all over, Integrity Toys just released information on the last W Club exclusive doll for 2011 and what a packet of info that was!  We are getting the opportunity to purchase not one, not two, but three different dolls and it’s a wedding theme.  Yipeeeee!!!  Now, normally my taste in collecting goes for the more classic lines but I have to admit, my hands could not hit the “BUY” button fast enough when I saw the snaps for this mini collection.  The W Club board has been buzzing for the past few days about this amazing set and here is a little taste why.

** All photos are property of Integrity Toys**

The Rock Fashion Wedding Collection

Coming Spring 2012

“You Look So Fine”  Erin S.

“Rocking Ever After” Lilith

“Rock Steady” Romain Perrin


This new version of Romain is so cute!!!!


Many W Club members are hoping beyond hope that the actual production dolls hair will come out looking like this( Jim Morrison hair and all).  Please, please, please with a big red cherry on top.  I did not like the look of the first Romain very much as his face reminded me immediately of a bull terrier….don’t know why….just did.  Now this guy….. HOT!  No terrier vibe coming through at all.  Also, the versatility of this set is amazing.  Lilith’s dress can be worn so many different ways…so inventive and fabulous.


And because I love to play around with my slideshow software…I did a slideshow set to music of the entire set of photos that Integrity Toys shared with us.  Hope you enjoy!

The Rock Fashion Wedding Collection

In order to purchase these dolls, you needed to have signed up for the 2011 W Club.  That group is now closed.   The 2012 W Club should opening up for subscribers in December.  For more information about the W Club go to