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2012 ITFDS Favorites

At the end of each year, a flurry of photos floods Flickr and doll boards with groupings of collectors favorite dolls for the year.  I always have these grand ideas of doing a group photo too and never seem to get around to it .  This year, I had a flash of  inspiration and decided I was going to MAKE the time to do it…so.. here it is.  I was inspired by this years Vanity Fair Hollywood Edition.

In no particular order, my favorite dolls for 2012 are

1) Glam Addict Giselle

2) Gala Gown Silkstone Barbie

3) Fame by Frame Imogen

4) Lilac Frost Poppy Parker

5) High Profile Eugenia

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Inspiration photo…..

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2012


W Club Giselle Exclusive!

Wow!  Integrity Toys is really pulling out all the stops this year.  I have been a W Club member for the last four years and have never seen so many amazing things coming from Integrity this early in the year.  We received a plethora of information on new dolls from IDEX a few short weeks ago and now the W Club members have the chance to win the opportunity to buy a limited exclusive raven haired Giselle.  She has a hat…so that means I want her LOL!  To be honest…I know there are a few devoted Giselle face mold collectors out there and I really hope you guys get her first…that is only fair.  If this lady were a Poppy, FR2 or a Monogram…I know you all would wish the same for me.

This is  being called a “European Exclusive” and is going through LaureBelle Couture(…. but don’t try to contact them to get this exclusive…it’s lottery only…through the W Club.   Not quite sure why it is being touted as a “European Exclusive” .  To me this looks just like a W Club lottery .  The doll is beautiful and she comes with a variety of shoes and accessories.  This gets her labeled as a  “Giftset”.

*** Photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc. ***

Item # 82038

Glam Addict
Giselle D. Dressed Doll
Laurebelle Couture Exclusive
Suggest Retail Price: $150.00 US
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls Worldwide





WEB_82038_LaureBelle_full WEB_82038_LaureBelle_Access WEB_82038_LaureBelle_full2

If you are a W Club member, you have until February 14th 10:00AM CST to enter the lottery.