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It’s a Nice Day for a Picnic in Paris

I am still feeling the inspiration from my recent trip to Paris ( hope that sticks around for a while too).  That coupled with the recent sunshine and Spring temperatures had me  feeling like a Picnic….and here it is.

Model:  OOAK Debut Silkstone ( no she isn’t the Paris doll festival Debut but doesn’t she look like one!!)  I rerooted a caucasian Debut and repainted the eyebrows.

Dress:  Bellissima Couture (

Hat:  Bogue’s Vogues (

Shoes, Gloves and Jewelry: Mattel





**The photos above were made possible by the following talented artists who were willing to share their amazing photoshop brushes on deviantart: Blazter(JavierZhx) and deseratedeceit.  **

Miss Debut here represents my one and ONLY attempt at rerooting a Silkstone.  That process is not for a first timer folks.  I was lucky to have fingers when I was done and it took about a month LOL!  I now have a completely new level of respect for anyone who reroots these Silkies. 


The Blogging Blues

We all have them.  Those times when we just can’t seem to summon the energy to get things done.  I find myself in this state of ennui from time to time.tumblr_mks8lg6IkU1s0p3y2o1_500


That is where I feel I have been for the last week. Yesterday, however, the sun came out and I decided to do some redressing and get with the program.  I grabbed my trusty point and shoot and had some fun with the sunshine.  Hope you like Smile

Model:  Victoire Roux Place Vendome

Gloves: Victoire Roux Place Vendome

Suit and hat:  Bellissima Couture (

Shoes and Jewelry:  Mattel



Model ,Gloves and Jewelry:  Think Pink! Imogen

Gown: Victoire Roux Place Vendome





And…behind the scenes.


In Her Easter Bonnet

With all the frills upon it.  Easter is upon us so I thought I would showcase a couple of favorites from the Paris trip. 

Model:  Paris Luncheon Ensemble

Dress:  Spring Bouquet: Grass by Bellissima Couture(

Hat:  Market Day Silkstone ( modified with new hat band and flowers)





She’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.

Gala Dior

I almost always love a redhead in a green dress.  Most people do and there are aesthetic  and photography reasons for this…see upcoming blog post this next week.  I recently took receipt of the most exquisite green dress  from my dear friend Hilda of Bellissima Couture.  She patterned it off of a Dior gown from the 1950’s as seen here in this iconic 1957 Life magazine photo

The models of Christian Dior 2

(Photo credit: Loomis Dean – 1957 LIFE)

I had to find the perfect model for it and who better than my muse o’ the moment…Gala Gown.

Model:  Gala Gown Barbie® Doll

Gown and hat:  Bellissima Couture

Necklace and gloves: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s







Coming Soon to ITFDS!


Tropicalia–Day 1.02

So…after my morning cup of Joe…it was off to the races.  I went in search of registration and the place to pick up my workshop dolls.  I signed up for two classes.

8029897934_de00d4a17f_z med


8029905385_ee97375d0f_z med

Here is what we received in our registration bags.  It looks like we may be getting another giftset this year!!!  The accessories are GORGEOUS!

8029899340_3b2180c761_z med


After Registration, it was time to get in line and wait for the sales room to open.


8029903185_083e29e979_z med

Many choose to view this 4-5 hour wait ( some people were reportedly in line since 4AM!! ) as a time to socialize and visit with friends.  There is a general party like atmosphere and today the time went incredibly fast for me because I was able to spend time with some of my favorite people like…

OOAK artist Matt Sutton and Hilda of Bellissima Couture

8029934777_4ec451ca9d_z med  8029934127_bc737e2a0d_z med


Some people are very productive with their time in line and they work on table gifts and fill out raffle tickets

8029928320_aa0c376447_z med

But not me….I just talked….the entire time LOL!  Oh and took and uploaded photos to my flickr account.  While we were waiting, Integrity Toys put the convention collection on display


Haute Société Véronique Perrin Dressed Doll

Main Event Adèle Makéda Dressed Doll

Peak Season Kyori Sato Dressed Doll

Sweet Victory Natalia Fatale Dressed Doll

Hot Dots Poppy Parker Dressed Doll

Lady in Red Erin S. Dressed Doll

All in White Now Collette D. Dressed Doll

Infallible Dasha FR: Squared Dressed Doll

8029967916_f14e811400_z med


8029968442_4723cabfe6_z med

8029972612_6478febf4a_z med

8030108088_dc2a182a30_z med

More closeups are on my flickr.

In our registration packets, we had a coupon for one “Place Vendome” Victoire Roux.  Hooray!!  When I saw her…my jaw dropped.  I couldn’t buy this lady fast enough!

8030115209_c5e9546fcb_z med

8029972389_8f37d7716b_z med

8030110086_2861dfa97e_z med

8030777882_5d31339912_z med

And the running total so far is….


And we have not even gone to the first dinner event yet.  More later on that.

The Lure of Bellissima Couture

I am headed to Florida in a couple of days for the Fashion Royalty convention and my thoughts have turned to what I am hoping to find at convention.  I am always on the lookout for OOAK clothing for the girls so Hilda of Bellissima Couture’s room will be a definite first stop for me.  It helps that she is one of my dearest doll friends so it’s not just the clothes but her fabulous self that is the draw for me.  I snagged a couple of her creations at Barbie convention and her last online show and wanted to share them here.  Her fashions evoke the feel of 1950’s couture so I was inspired to have my monogram trio Envied, Passionate and Bemused model her work.  Hope you enjoy!

Models:  Fashion Royalty Monogram. (from left to right) Bemused, Passionate and Envied

Clothing:  Bellissima Couture ( )

Jewelry:  Mattel

Flower hat: scrapbooking elements

Fur:  Fashion Royalty Starry Night fashion

Kissing Chair:  Pure Dreams for dolls on ebay (

20120923-IMG_9837-Editwmsizedwordsframe copy




Bellissima Couture is having an Event!

Hilda is calling it “Pretty Things” and my oh my are there many pretty things on her blog.  She has very limited editions of these gorgeous creations so if you are interested RUN don’t walk to her blog….

 **Photos are property of Bellissimacouture **



Grace Kelly Barbie and Bellissima Couture

Model:  Grace Kelly Bride Silkstone

Gown:  Bellissima Couture (

Shoes:  Louboutin shoe pack by Mattel

Poodle:  Randall Craig

Chair: Pure Dream (

Bottle Brush Tree:  Bethany Lowe trees

**note**  tree is sitting on stone urn.  Urn does not come with the tree.  I found that at a little craft shop close to my house.





Showgirl Enjoys the Holidays

I warned you that more photos would come with Christmas trees.  I love these little bottle brush Christmas trees and the colors of this particular one fit in so well with the wall panel.

Model:  The Showgirl Silkstone ( glitter removed from eyelids )

Dress:  Bellissima Couture (

Shoes:  Mattel

Console: Ebay find

Chair:  Pullip Petite Luxury that has been repainted in gold

Cup/Saucer:  Rement

Tiffany package: gift from a friend Winking smile




I was just pointed to another cool photo effects site called befunky (

A big “Thank You!” to Mod-Girl on Flickr for sharing this site.

It allowed me to make this really cool charcoal drawing


And this stencil drawing…..


Rayna–Jet Set Diva

Yes…I know…her bump gives her a lightly cone head appearance.  I like it though.  Normally I don’t go for the “Snooky” bump in hairstyles but sometimes it works.  I can’t say that “the bump” will stay because I have seen some stellar hair restyles of this lady ( take a look a Shuga Shug’s blog in my blogroll for pics ) and I may have to “de-bump” in the future.  For now, it stays and I think she has such a haughty high fashion look as is.  I love that aloof look.  It’s as if she is saying “I will allow you to take my picture now”.   I must say, I did not care for the original clothing she came in.  I go for more of the classic clothing but I have to say the original outfit’s colors were fun and it was well made.  I like her original boots…just not on her LOL!  Anywhoo…it was commented recently that it would be nice to see the before pictures and then the restyle…excellent notion.  Here is Ms. Rayna as she came originally.

**Picture is property of Integrity Toys**


And here is how I see her………….

Model:  Fashion Royalty Rayna from Jet Set Convention Collection

Dress and coat: Bellissima Couture (

Shoes:  have no earthy idea honestly…think they are Randall Craig.

Earrings and pin: Mattel BFMC




Extravagant Bellissima Couture

Model:  Fashion Royalty Monogram Extravagant

Gown:  Bellissima Couture ( )

Shoes:  Mattel Barbie Louboutin shoe pack

It is always a pleasure to showcase the amazing work of Hilda of Bellissima Couture.


IMG_585908312011editedsizedwmwords IMG_586608312011editedsizedwmwords

Poodle:  Randall Craig

Chair:  PureDreamfordolls (

Table:  Jim Coates Collection (