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Showgirl Enjoys the Holidays

I warned you that more photos would come with Christmas trees.  I love these little bottle brush Christmas trees and the colors of this particular one fit in so well with the wall panel.

Model:  The Showgirl Silkstone ( glitter removed from eyelids )

Dress:  Bellissima Couture (

Shoes:  Mattel

Console: Ebay find

Chair:  Pullip Petite Luxury that has been repainted in gold

Cup/Saucer:  Rement

Tiffany package: gift from a friend Winking smile




I was just pointed to another cool photo effects site called befunky (

A big “Thank You!” to Mod-Girl on Flickr for sharing this site.

It allowed me to make this really cool charcoal drawing


And this stencil drawing…..


Photo effects to start

I was just kind of playing around today with photo effects.  There are a number of internet sites that are free and have some really cool effects you can add to your photos.  Today I used a website called Photofunia and BigHugeLabs ( websites posted below).  These sites are very easy to use.  There are some tricks however.  Make sure you have your photos sized correctly.  If you have photoshop, this is really easy in that you just open a file and select Image, then resize.  Photofunia for example has a 3200 pixel max so the largest side cannot exceed 3200 pixels.  When you resize, make sure the largest side is not bigger than 3200 pixels.  With Photofunia also remember that portrait, face or face and torso only make the best shots for this software.  Here are some of the fun photos I ended up with.

Pretty cool huh?  Just remember that you will most likely need to resize your photos to use this software.  After you have created the image on these free websites, you will be asked if you want to send it to a friend or save it to disk or file.  I usually save it to file then copy it onto my photo sharing service.  Hope this helps give people ideas on some additional things they can be doing with their photos.

Photofunia –

BigHugeLabs –

And there are more…just search under “photo effects” and look for free sites.