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The Silkstone Dream

Ok so maybe this is just my Silkstone Barbie dream but I know a number of other collectors share this one.  Have you ever seen one of Robert Best’s sketches and thought to yourself…ohhhhh, I wish they had produced that one.  I know I have said that on numerous occasions.  For us redressers out here in collector land, many times it’s a “ I wish they had produced that outfit!” 

Well collectors, I have what might be a real treat for some…how about the ability to put some of those longed for outfits on Miss Debut Silkstone?  Would that be something people are interested in?  I know I was!!  A huge thanks to Miss Missy and her delightful blog Miss Missy Paper Dolls for adapting this sketched doll and outfits from Mr. Best’s original works.

Paper doll set by

I made the picture above by combining a number of parts of the paper doll set on Miss Missy’s blog and a Photoshop brush by Elbereth de Lioncour on deviantart.  You can find the entire set of paper dolls here or I have posted another link at the bottom of this blog entry.  I had so much fun playing around with the combinations in this set. There are 18 different outfits in all!  I really liked the outfits that were never produced but that we have enjoyed through Robert Best’s sketches. 

Paper doll set by


Paper doll set by

I am going to post the link but first…read this!  These works are derivatives of Mr. Best’s work but still under his copyright.  This means…YOU CAN NOT COPY AND SELL THESE PEOPLE. These paper dolls and all corresponding images are for personal use only! 

link to paper doll set



It’s a Nice Day for a Picnic in Paris

I am still feeling the inspiration from my recent trip to Paris ( hope that sticks around for a while too).  That coupled with the recent sunshine and Spring temperatures had me  feeling like a Picnic….and here it is.

Model:  OOAK Debut Silkstone ( no she isn’t the Paris doll festival Debut but doesn’t she look like one!!)  I rerooted a caucasian Debut and repainted the eyebrows.

Dress:  Bellissima Couture (

Hat:  Bogue’s Vogues (

Shoes, Gloves and Jewelry: Mattel





**The photos above were made possible by the following talented artists who were willing to share their amazing photoshop brushes on deviantart: Blazter(JavierZhx) and deseratedeceit.  **

Miss Debut here represents my one and ONLY attempt at rerooting a Silkstone.  That process is not for a first timer folks.  I was lucky to have fingers when I was done and it took about a month LOL!  I now have a completely new level of respect for anyone who reroots these Silkies.