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Rayna–Jet Set Diva

Yes…I know…her bump gives her a lightly cone head appearance.  I like it though.  Normally I don’t go for the “Snooky” bump in hairstyles but sometimes it works.  I can’t say that “the bump” will stay because I have seen some stellar hair restyles of this lady ( take a look a Shuga Shug’s blog in my blogroll for pics ) and I may have to “de-bump” in the future.  For now, it stays and I think she has such a haughty high fashion look as is.  I love that aloof look.  It’s as if she is saying “I will allow you to take my picture now”.   I must say, I did not care for the original clothing she came in.  I go for more of the classic clothing but I have to say the original outfit’s colors were fun and it was well made.  I like her original boots…just not on her LOL!  Anywhoo…it was commented recently that it would be nice to see the before pictures and then the restyle…excellent notion.  Here is Ms. Rayna as she came originally.

**Picture is property of Integrity Toys**


And here is how I see her………….

Model:  Fashion Royalty Rayna from Jet Set Convention Collection

Dress and coat: Bellissima Couture (

Shoes:  have no earthy idea honestly…think they are Randall Craig.

Earrings and pin: Mattel BFMC





Simply Simpatico Poppy and Darla

It took me a bit of time to warm up to this Fashion Royalty Convention collection gift set.  My tastes in collecting do not run towards the mod era so the clothing for many of the convention collection offerings were not what I prefer.  I decided to play around with this gift set and see what I could do as far as redressing and restyling.  I just love it when I find a diamond in the rough with a doll.  That is what this Poppy and Darla are for me.  I restyled the bangs and dressed Ms. Poppy in a  favorite Bogue’s Vogues and now I LOVE her.   Ms. Darla took a trip to Boutique de Bogue as well and I am really appreciating the new face sculpt on her.

Model:  Simply Simpatico Poppy

Dress:  Bogue’s Vogues (

Shoes:  Mattel




Love, love, love the facial screening on her!!!

Model:  Simply Simpatico Darla

Dress:  Bogue’s Vogues ( )

Shoes:  Mattel




Vivid Impact Agnes

Many collectors panned this Agnes at convention.  I suppose her hair was not what everyone was expecting.  On one of the doll boards the hair was compared to Endora of Bewitched….ouch!  When I first removed her from the box, I could see what some were saying.  The curls did sit a bit too high on her head.  I decided to try and tame it down some and I like the end result.  I love me a high updo and you add red hair and curls to this and I’m a happy camper.  I LOVE her.  Oh and added bonus…the gown is purple…my daughters favorite color.  Winking smile



The gown is simple and elegant and the jewelry is fabulous.  A little tiara comes with the jewelry and while it was cute, I just didn’t think she needed it.  I like the option of having it though.