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Gala Dior

I almost always love a redhead in a green dress.  Most people do and there are aesthetic  and photography reasons for this…see upcoming blog post this next week.  I recently took receipt of the most exquisite green dress  from my dear friend Hilda of Bellissima Couture.  She patterned it off of a Dior gown from the 1950’s as seen here in this iconic 1957 Life magazine photo

The models of Christian Dior 2

(Photo credit: Loomis Dean – 1957 LIFE)

I had to find the perfect model for it and who better than my muse o’ the moment…Gala Gown.

Model:  Gala Gown Barbie® Doll

Gown and hat:  Bellissima Couture

Necklace and gloves: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s







Barbie News from 2013 Toy Fair!!

The American International Toy fair kicked off in New York on Sunday and we have some pictures.  It looks like Mattel will be giving us…drum roll please….Audrey Hepburn!    None of these have been confirmed by Mattel as of yet but if they are showing up at Toy Fair ( even as paper dolls LOL!), they are being produced.

** Photo by Michael Williams/  These photos are protected under copyright and being used on ITFDS with permission from Michael Williams.  Any unauthorized reproduction of these photos is a violation of copyright**  –That means don’t copy these photos people

You can find additional photos from Toy Fair and more of Michael’s amazing work at

First up is Barbie as Sabrina

Toy Fair 2013 2

Wow!!!  I can’t wait to see the face in real life!  The picture of her looks good though.  She doesn’t look like she is Silkstone but I could be wrong.  I have no idea what the price point is or when she is coming out.  Some dealer sites have descriptions up and are saying summer.  Will know more when Mattel actually announces these.

Audrey in Roman Holiday

Toy Fair 2013 1

How adorable!!!  All she needs is the Vespa ( and articulation to sit on it LOL!).  I am dying to see the shoes on this one.  No doubt here folks…she is vinyl.  That means the price point should be reasonable. 

New Barbie Look dolls for 2013

Toy Fair 2013 4

And it looks like Barbie is going skiing next year too with “Winter Weekend”

Toy Fair 2013 3

How cute is this??!!  It even has a ski pass attached to the zipper.  Bill Greening…you rock!!!