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Haunted Beauty

Last year Mattel and Bill Greening helped collectors celebrate Halloween with the direct exclusive Haunted Beauty Ghost™ Barbie® Doll.

Haunted Beauty Ghost

Photo credit: Mattel, Inc

This year, Mattel and Mr. Greening serve up another helping of gorgeous gothic splendor with Haunted Beauty Vampire™ Barbie® Doll.  She looks to be all decked out in a very close representation of an Alexander McQueen cloak over a deliciously gothic gown.  If I were into vampire or gothic design dolls, I would be all over this one.  While I may not be in the market to purchase this one, I can certainly admire the artistry of her design.  Another win for you Mr. Greening.

Haunted Beauty Vampire™ Barbie® Doll

Retail:  $100.00 ( this is a BC direct exclusive.  Only available at

Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie 4

Photo credit:  Mattel, Inc.

Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie 1

Photo credit:  Mattel, Inc.Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie 2

Photo credit:  Mattel, Inc.

Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie 3

Photo credit:  Mattel, Inc.

And the inspiration and much photographed cloak by the late Alexander McQueen…

lexander mcquuen cape worn by daphne guiness in vanity fair

Photo credit:  Vanity Fair



Photo credit:  Harpers Bazaar

Even Integrity Toys has done this one.



Bill Greening is In The Spotlight!

And boy oh boy does he have some fun sneak peaks!  This video popped up on my youtube subscriptions this morning so I had to share.  If you are a vintage collector and love Barbie’s friends, you will want to watch this video!  There is a fabulous sneak peek at the end.  Also, it will give all you collectors who are not a member of the BFC, a chance to see the next holiday hostess doll.  She is a stunner!

One other fun note, my good friend and fellow blogger Rogier with Dutch Barbie World had one of his questions answered in the video.  How cool is that?!!  Well done Rogier!

Hope you enjoy Smile

Bill Greening interview

Hervé Léger Barbie® Update!!

Okay…so here we are an hour later than my last post and Mattel decides to give us some information.  She will be available TOMORROW.  They don’t specify a time but I am thinking around 9AM pacific time because that is when historically make things available.  There is no guarantee of that though.  She retails for $150 and will be available here

Photo credit:

Herve Leger 11

If you have a second, go to the link above and check out all the cool new photos of her which show the back of the dress and a 360 degree view of the doll.   If you are at all interested in getting this doll, I would think about purchasing sooner rather than later.  The buzz on this lady indicates a possible quick sell out.

It’s a Go!!

Finally we have more information on the Hervé Léger by Max Azria Barbie® doll.  According to Dutch Barbie World ( Thanks for the information Rogier!!),  this giftset will be available October 15 at BarbieCollector and at select Hervé Léger and Neiman Marcus stores.   The price I am hearing most often is $150 smackers.  Don’t quote me on that because this amount has not been confirmed by Mattel yet but I think the price will be around that.  She was designed by Linda Kyaw in collaboration with Hervé Léger by Max Azria . 

I know where I will be come October 15th. Smile

Photo source: Vogue Nederland


Herve Leger 9

Herve Leger Barbie 1


Well done Linda!! She is a beauty. Smile

IDC Mattel Presentation Gives a Sneak Peak.

My dear friend and fellow blogger Rogier ( attended the Italian Doll Convention this past weekend in Milan.  He has some fabulous write-ups on the festivities so please visit his most wonderful blog for the full scoop. 

As is custom at the IDC, Mattel gave a presentation and included some sneaks.  What did we learn?

1.  J.Lo Barbie is in the works and sporting a replica of this Zuhair Murad gown.


2.  There is a Herve Leger giftset doll in the works this year.

3.  Audrey Hepburn Sabrina and Roman Holiday dolls are coming this year ( but then we knew that already Smile)


4.  Promo photos of a Coach Barbie were shared.  She kind of reminded me Burberry Barbie from a couple years ago.

5.  And…..they shared promo photos of the upcoming AA Silkstone!!  This one, in my opinion, is a STUNNER!  Okay, so I can’t share photos here but if you are a BFC member head over to the BFC forums and take a look at Rogier’s posts.  He put photos there.  For those of you who are not BFC members, we can see a sliver of the doll in the promotional shot of Mermaid Gown ( those sneaky, sneaky Mattel people!)

X8254_c_13_CU3_new edited


6.  Lastly, Robert Best shared that next years Silkstone theme would be Italian Haute Couture also explained as The Grand Alta Moda .  Rogier has a nice description of what that means here  I can’t wait to see what Mr. Best has in store for us next year.  Count me in!

Get Your Valium Ready….

…There is a platinum release Barbie available for purchase to BFC members next week.

** Photo credit: Mattel Inc. **


Her name is Beaded Gown Barbie® Doll and she is the first in a new series of black and white themed Barbies®.  Linda Kyaw is taking over the drivers seat for the platinum editions and I would say she did a beautiful job with her first in a series design.  This elegant lady was designed exclusively for the BFC and at $85 she will go on sale online Wednesday, May 22nd, at 9:00am Pacific Time.  BFC exclusive means you have to be a member of the BFC to purchase her and platinum edition means there will only be 999 available for purchase.  Typically these are extremely hot sellers and they have been known to sell out within minutes.

I swore that Pinch of Platinum was my last platinum purchase because I needed a bucket o’ valium after fighting to purchase her online.  I am hoping that for those who are going to try for this beauty the phrase o’ the day won’t be “SERVER ERROR”. 

Beaded Gown closeup 2


Beaded Gown closeup

Have the tums and the valium ready for this one folks…it’s going to be crazy at 9AM on May 22nd.

Hope everyone’s experience is this…


rather than this….


Barbie is off to see the Wizard…AGAIN.

It is Toy Fair time and Mattel is starting to release the remaining photos of its 2013 lineup.  I love the Wizard of OZ.  It is a favorite movie of my youth…even though the tornado scene scared the crap out of me and the flying monkeys gave me nightmares for months.  I still remember that LOL!  Anywhoo…I like the movie.  I liked the first set of WOZ dolls Mattel did…and the second…and maybe even the third….but come on.  This is like the bizilliionth edition of WOZ dolls.  At this rate Mattel is putting out a yearly edition. 

Even though I feel this theme has been way overdone, I can still appreciate the new face sculpts on this yearly edition.  They are markedly better than any previous offering in my opinion.   Linda Kyaw is heading up this effort and she has really done a fantastic job.

**pictures are courtesy of Mattel, Inc.**

The Wizard of Oz™ Dorothy

Retail:  $34.95

Available: 5/24/13

Dorothy WOZ 2013 1


Dorothy WOZ 2013 2

            Dorothy WOZ 2013 3 Dorothy WOZ 2013 4

The Wizard of Oz™ Glinda The Good Witch

Retail: $34.95

Available: 5/24/13

Glinda WOZ 2013 1

Glinda WOZ 2013 2

           Glinda WOZ 2013 3 Glinda WOZ 2013 4

The Wizard of Oz™ Wicked Witch of the West

Retail:  $34.95

Available: 5/24/13

Wicked Witch WOZ 2013 1

Wicked Witch WOZ 2013 2

           Wicked Witch WOZ 2013 3 Wicked Witch WOZ 2013 4

Now…if this witch came with a flying monkey…I might consider it Smile