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Barbie is off to see the Wizard…AGAIN.

It is Toy Fair time and Mattel is starting to release the remaining photos of its 2013 lineup.  I love the Wizard of OZ.  It is a favorite movie of my youth…even though the tornado scene scared the crap out of me and the flying monkeys gave me nightmares for months.  I still remember that LOL!  Anywhoo…I like the movie.  I liked the first set of WOZ dolls Mattel did…and the second…and maybe even the third….but come on.  This is like the bizilliionth edition of WOZ dolls.  At this rate Mattel is putting out a yearly edition. 

Even though I feel this theme has been way overdone, I can still appreciate the new face sculpts on this yearly edition.  They are markedly better than any previous offering in my opinion.   Linda Kyaw is heading up this effort and she has really done a fantastic job.

**pictures are courtesy of Mattel, Inc.**

The Wizard of Oz™ Dorothy

Retail:  $34.95

Available: 5/24/13

Dorothy WOZ 2013 1


Dorothy WOZ 2013 2

            Dorothy WOZ 2013 3 Dorothy WOZ 2013 4

The Wizard of Oz™ Glinda The Good Witch

Retail: $34.95

Available: 5/24/13

Glinda WOZ 2013 1

Glinda WOZ 2013 2

           Glinda WOZ 2013 3 Glinda WOZ 2013 4

The Wizard of Oz™ Wicked Witch of the West

Retail:  $34.95

Available: 5/24/13

Wicked Witch WOZ 2013 1

Wicked Witch WOZ 2013 2

           Wicked Witch WOZ 2013 3 Wicked Witch WOZ 2013 4

Now…if this witch came with a flying monkey…I might consider it Smile