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Hervé Léger Barbie® Update!!

Okay…so here we are an hour later than my last post and Mattel decides to give us some information.  She will be available TOMORROW.  They don’t specify a time but I am thinking around 9AM pacific time because that is when historically make things available.  There is no guarantee of that though.  She retails for $150 and will be available here

Photo credit:

Herve Leger 11

If you have a second, go to the link above and check out all the cool new photos of her which show the back of the dress and a 360 degree view of the doll.   If you are at all interested in getting this doll, I would think about purchasing sooner rather than later.  The buzz on this lady indicates a possible quick sell out.


It’s a Go!!

Finally we have more information on the Hervé Léger by Max Azria Barbie® doll.  According to Dutch Barbie World ( Thanks for the information Rogier!!),  this giftset will be available October 15 at BarbieCollector and at select Hervé Léger and Neiman Marcus stores.   The price I am hearing most often is $150 smackers.  Don’t quote me on that because this amount has not been confirmed by Mattel yet but I think the price will be around that.  She was designed by Linda Kyaw in collaboration with Hervé Léger by Max Azria . 

I know where I will be come October 15th. Smile

Photo source: Vogue Nederland


Herve Leger 9

Herve Leger Barbie 1


Well done Linda!! She is a beauty. Smile

Another Barbie Brouhaha A-Brewin’

At the Italian Doll Convention in May, it was announced by Mattel that there was an Herve Leger Barbie gift set in the works.  Some prototype pictures started floating around, the interest level was definitely high, and all of the sudden….Mattel sends a notice to its dealers saying “Due to a partnership update the Herve Leger Barbie Doll is no longer available for Mattel Barbie Dealers.”


Today, popping up in grand Technicolor on Spanish and UK Amazon sites, were photos of what appear to be a finished product.

Photo credit:  Amazon.esHerve Leger Barbie 1

Herve Leger Barbie 6

Herve Leger Barbie 8

Herve Leger Barbie 3Herve Leger Barbie 4

Herve Leger Barbie 5

So my question is…”Is this doll legit or what?!!”  It certainly appears to be and these photos look like Mattel promo photos.  Yes, the photos were available on the Amazon sites but you were not actually able to order the thing so this tells me it  very well may be available but is not necessarily currently available.  The other questions of course is where will it be available.  So far it looks like Amazon has the inside track.  I have to be honest here.  I have never known Mattel to be this ”lacking” about releasing data on a much anticipated doll.  What gives?  Is it a secret?  Only those with a secret password get the information on this doll?  Only people incessantly trolling the retail sites will be able to get this doll?  Click your heels together three times and say “There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home” and you might be able to get this doll?  What is the formula here?

If I am asking these questions, I am sure others are too.  Note to Mattel:  “We like the product.  We want to buy the product.  Why won’t you tell us how?!  We want to give you money and yet you stand there silent and stoic blinking in tune with the music.” 

And the answer from Mattel appears to be….


I don’t know about you guys but…this aint relaxing to me right now Sad smile

IDC Mattel Presentation Gives a Sneak Peak.

My dear friend and fellow blogger Rogier ( attended the Italian Doll Convention this past weekend in Milan.  He has some fabulous write-ups on the festivities so please visit his most wonderful blog for the full scoop. 

As is custom at the IDC, Mattel gave a presentation and included some sneaks.  What did we learn?

1.  J.Lo Barbie is in the works and sporting a replica of this Zuhair Murad gown.


2.  There is a Herve Leger giftset doll in the works this year.

3.  Audrey Hepburn Sabrina and Roman Holiday dolls are coming this year ( but then we knew that already Smile)


4.  Promo photos of a Coach Barbie were shared.  She kind of reminded me Burberry Barbie from a couple years ago.

5.  And…..they shared promo photos of the upcoming AA Silkstone!!  This one, in my opinion, is a STUNNER!  Okay, so I can’t share photos here but if you are a BFC member head over to the BFC forums and take a look at Rogier’s posts.  He put photos there.  For those of you who are not BFC members, we can see a sliver of the doll in the promotional shot of Mermaid Gown ( those sneaky, sneaky Mattel people!)

X8254_c_13_CU3_new edited


6.  Lastly, Robert Best shared that next years Silkstone theme would be Italian Haute Couture also explained as The Grand Alta Moda .  Rogier has a nice description of what that means here  I can’t wait to see what Mr. Best has in store for us next year.  Count me in!