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Hervé Léger Barbie® Update!!

Okay…so here we are an hour later than my last post and Mattel decides to give us some information.  She will be available TOMORROW.  They don’t specify a time but I am thinking around 9AM pacific time because that is when historically make things available.  There is no guarantee of that though.  She retails for $150 and will be available here

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Herve Leger 11

If you have a second, go to the link above and check out all the cool new photos of her which show the back of the dress and a 360 degree view of the doll.   If you are at all interested in getting this doll, I would think about purchasing sooner rather than later.  The buzz on this lady indicates a possible quick sell out.


It’s a Go!!

Finally we have more information on the Hervé Léger by Max Azria Barbie® doll.  According to Dutch Barbie World ( Thanks for the information Rogier!!),  this giftset will be available October 15 at BarbieCollector and at select Hervé Léger and Neiman Marcus stores.   The price I am hearing most often is $150 smackers.  Don’t quote me on that because this amount has not been confirmed by Mattel yet but I think the price will be around that.  She was designed by Linda Kyaw in collaboration with Hervé Léger by Max Azria . 

I know where I will be come October 15th. Smile

Photo source: Vogue Nederland


Herve Leger 9

Herve Leger Barbie 1


Well done Linda!! She is a beauty. Smile