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Time for a Spring Fling…

…with Poppy Parker.  As the light gets better in the Pacific Northwest of the US, it is imperative to take advantage of it.  We had a few sun rays the other day so I had to grab my camera and a few models ready to show off some spring colors.

Model:  Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker

Shirt, Skirt, belt and shoes:  Fashion Royalty Spring Forward Eugenia

Hat:  Barbie Basics hat that I refashioned into something completely different.  {You have to imagine John Cleese saying that}.

© 2014 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2014 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2014 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2014 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

Quick behind the scenes look

© 2014 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio


ITFDS is finally back online!!

Hello loyal readers.  First off..I have to say I am sorry.  I had every intention of posting every Friday but did not factor in how unreliable my Wi-Fi would be while traveling.  In retrospect, I should have hung my “Gone Fishing” sign up and left it at that.  Live, Learn.  Happily I was able to post travel photos to my Flickr while we traveled ( it was a slow and painful process though) so for those who followed along on that, I am happy you enjoyed them.  Thank you for all your comments!  They were much appreciated.

We had the most amazing time journeying through Europe and my mind is absolutely bursting with new diorama ideas.  I will be working on those in the coming months along with some new doll related business ventures ( more info to come….).  For now, I will post some of the photos I had lined up to share while I was traveling.

Model:  Spicy in Spain Poppy Parker

Dress, hat:  Bogue’s Vogues

Jewelry: Spicy in Spain Poppy Parker

Shoes:  Silkstone Barbie






Model: Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker

Dress:  Bogue’s Vogues

Hat:  Fashion Royalty



My fascination with Black and White’s continues….

Model:  Fascination Monogram

Dress:  Cocktail Dress Silkstone Barbie


A Sweet and Swiss Grand Entrance

I had yet another  blue gown I had to put Sweet in Switzerland in before I was done. 

Model:  Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker

Gown:  Grand Entrance™ Barbie® Doll




And since I am having fun playing with a new set of filters in Adobe Lightroom Smile


And what one of these shots would look like as a gothic romance novel cover {Snort!}  Yes, I DO need a self help program for those who have become obsessed with their Photoshop brushes.  20130627-IMG_1478-Edit_photoshopped-1

“Begin at the Beginning…”

“..and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” — King of Hearts Alice in Wonderland

Since I mentioned “Alice Blue” and how it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, I had to do a shoot inspired by Mr. Carroll’s classic work of fiction.

Model:  Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker

Dress :  BFMC™ Accessory Pack

Tea set:  Re-ment Princess Tea set

“What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations?”

— Alice  Alice in Wonderland






“We are all mad here.”  –Cheshire Cat  Alice in Wonderland

Sweet,Swiss and Provencale

The title of this post sounds like a new bistro sandwich LOL!  The earlier gowns of the BFMC Barbie line are the favorites of many.  This gown from a Barbie called “Provencale” with it’s delicate blue and white pattern was originally worn by a short haired redhead. 





I have never warmed to that particular doll in that dress.  I love the dress and I love the doll…just not together.  This dress, since it entered my collection, has graced the form of French Maid Barbie.


For a time last week, this gown was beautifully worn by the newly released red haired Poppy Parker.  Hope you like the photos.

Model:  Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker

Gown and Jewelry:  Provencale™ Barbie® Doll





And just in case you needed even more drama in these photos….



The Sweetness of Alice Blue

I am on a Poppy Parker high at the moment with the arrival of all of the International Fair Poppys.  I am also on a bit of a color kick and apparently it is specifically a blue color kick.  After spending an entire post on the color Tiffany Blue and it’s origin and meaning, I found myself wondering about the origin of “Alice Blue”.  That was the first thought I had when I saw this red haired beauty in her adorable skating outfit.  It brought to mind thoughts of Alice in Wonderland (as I recall, colorized illustrations typically had her in blue) or the shade of blue favored by the Queen Mother (a factoid I am particularly proud of knowing because it allowed me to win a point in trivial pursuit against my husband…something I NEVER get to do).  I digress.  Anywhoo… It got me to wondering where did this term of “Alice Blue” come from.  Here is the answer according to Wikipedia

“Alice blue is a pale tint of azure that was favored by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt and which sparked a fashion sensation in the United States.

The hit song "Alice Blue Gown", inspired by Longworth’s signature gown, premiered in Harry Tierney’s 1919 Broadway musical Irene. The musical was made into a film in 1940 starring Anna Neagle and Ray Milland.

The color is specified by the United States Navy for use in insignia and trim on vessels named for Theodore Roosevelt.[citation needed] "AliceBlue" is also one of the original 1987 X11 color names which became the basis for color description in web authoring. The name "Alice Blue" was trademarked in 2001 by a costume company called "Alice Blue Fancy Dress & Costume" in the U.K. but the livery color chosen by them was not the correct Alice Blue shade, but instead a rich royal blue.

This particular shade of blue is also referred as white-blue (or blue-white) and ice/icy blue, due to its very pale coloration.”  (source Wikipedia)

Here is Miss Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker fresh out of the box in her first photo shoot for Inside The Fashion Doll her Alice Blue outfit.



And since it was too warm to be wearing the fur hat, muff, skates and tights for long…



20130623-IMG_1325-Editwmsizedtonal filter


You may be noticing some different color profiles coming from me in the coming blog posts.  I have entered the sticky wicket world of Photoshop filters…and it’s a bit like Alice going down the rabbit hole.  Who knows where I will end up LOL!

“It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change.” –Alice

Poppy Parker At The 1965 International Fair!

This past Saturday marked another goodie filled webinar from the talented folks at Integrity Toys.  At this event,  David Buttry unveiled a 5 doll Poppy Parker collection that evoked a “Dolls of the World” feel.  While I am not necessarily a dolls of the world collector in Barbieland…in Poppyland, stamp my passport and call me a happy camper.  You will see why. Smile

** Photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc.**

Poppy Parker graphic

First Stop on the International tour is….India

Irresistible in India
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 750 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $89.00 US
Estimated Shipping Date: June 2013

Irresistible in India Poppy Parker 2

Irresistible in India Poppy Parker 3

Irresistible in India Poppy Parker 1Irresistible in India Poppy Parker 4

She has a Latino skin tone ( no clarification on what that is at the time of this blog post….will follow up). She also has the Bergdorf facial screening.  YES!  She is also sporting an intricate 60’s hairstyle.  Irresistable??  Absolutely!!

Next, our plane stops off in…Spain

Spicy in Spain
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 750 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $89.00 US
Estimated Shipping Date: June 2013

Spicy in Spain Poppy Parker 1

Spicy in Spain Poppy Parker 2

Spicy in Spain Poppy Parker 4

Spicy in Spain Poppy Parker 3Spicy in Spain Poppy Parker 5

News alert!  Brand new facial screening on this beauty folks.  She is also sporting the Caucasian skin tone, bright red luscious lips and a fabulous embroidered purse.  Add a fantastic hat and we are off to the bull fights…”Toro!”  Definitely time to spice it up in the doll room.

Third on our list of international destinations is …. Switzerland

Sweet in Switzerland
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 750 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $89.00 US
Estimated Shipping Date: June 2013

Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker 1


Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker 3

Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker 2Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker 4

Holy Sonja Henie Batman!!  She has flippin’ ice skates??!!  I think this was the first words that flew out of my mouth when I saw her photo…” Look at the ice skates!!”.  I ADORE THEM!   She has the Japan skin tone and shares, according to Mr. Buttry, the facial screening of Photo Fab.  The fact that she is a redhead and all the exquisite details on this one ( flippin’ pom poms on the hat I tell you…pom poms!!) Sweet in Switzerland will be sweeter in the doll room come June. 

Our journey continues with some down time in the tropics….Polynesia

Pretty in Polynesia
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 750 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $89.00 US
Estimated Shipping Date: June 2013 

Pretty in Polynesia Poppy Parker 1


Pretty in Polynesia Poppy Parker 3


Pretty in Polynesia Poppy Parker 4

Pretty in Polynesia Poppy Parker 2Pretty in Polynesia Poppy Parker 5

Somebody bring me a Mai Tai!!  I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with this one.  My family and I vacation in Hawaii every other year and Miss Poppy looks like she would be right at home on the beaches of Kauai…right down to the flower in her ear which is appropriately placed over her right ear to signify she is single.  The sarong is removable to show a fun one piece underneath.  Lots of pieces to mix and match on this one.  The beaded necklace is, according to the webinar, one of the most intricate they have done.  Poppy is sporting original Poppy Parker facial screening here with applied lashes.  She has sweet and sultry brown eyes that have not been done before according to Mr. Buttry.  She has the same skin tone as Hot Dots…so a bit of a tan…as one would expect in the tropics.

Traveling west across the international date line, we end our international Poppy journey in…Japan.

Joyful in Japan
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 750 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $89.00 US
Estimated Shipping Date: June 2013

Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker 1

Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker 3

Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker 5

Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker 4Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker 6

Wowzers!  The facial screening on this lovely lady is new for this year just like Miss Spain.  She has..of course..the Japan skin tone and a stunning pair of violet eyes.  Joyful in Japan..not as joyful as I will be when June gets here and all these Poppy’s arrive.  It will be Christmas in June for sure inside the fashion doll studio.

As a whole, I have to say I am very happy with this Poppy offering from Mr. Buttry and Integrity.  I am most happy with the low price point on these beauties and the higher edition size that will hopefully allow most if not all who want these a chance at them.  Given that, if you are interested in any of these, you should contact a dealer ASAP.  The supply of these dolls will not last long.

**I was just informed by my fabulous dealer Barb that she has some Joyful in Japan left so feel free to contact her through**