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The Black and White Ball Gown

I had the hardest time coming up with a title for this post.  Usually, something comes to me right away and that is what I go with.  For these set of photos, nothing was jumping out at me so I asked myself “ What are these pictures about?”.  The answer that came back to me was…the dress.  These photos are primarily about this amazing black and white ball gown made by Eifeldolldress .

Model: Mood Changer Poppy Parker repainted and hair redone by Jon Copeland-Childers of SeloJSpa

Gown: Eifeldolldress

Necklace: made by me

Gloves: Integrity Toys

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio The Black and White Ball Gown

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio The Black and White Ball Gown

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio The Black and White Ball Gown

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio The Black and White Ball Gown

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio The Black and White Ball Gown


A Passion for Pink

This title should be a weekly entry at Inside the Fashion Doll Studio…maybe it will be now that I have said it.  I recently discovered the beautiful work of Antonio Realli and was very pleased to add one of his recent collection pieces to my ever growing 1/6 clothing hoard. 

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio A Passion for Pink

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio A Passion for Pink

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio A Passion for Pink

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio A Passion for Pink

For those diorama artists out there, the flooring I used in these shots is a new contact paper I used found here.  I love that it is super shiny like real marble.  Love the reflection it gives of the gown!  We are finally starting to get some sunshine in the Pacific Northwest.  The forecast for the next week is SUNNY!!  I will be taking advantage and photographing many projects.

Some of you have already noticed that I have started an Instagram account ( see sidebar to the right just under archives).  Feel free to follow me there for sneaks of upcoming items or additional photos of some behind the scenes stuff.  It’s my goal to post something daily there.  A goal….to be reached at some point in the future.  Winking smile


March Purse of The Month

The sisters of La Boutique have been busy coming up with something exciting and new this month.  Here are the scrumptious offerings for the month of March.  If you are interested in ordering, please contact them at  There is a very limited supply of the Mini Ricky bags due to its complexity.  Delivery of these items may take a little longer this month as last months order backlog was larger than usual ( Thanks in part to readers/new buyers from this blog!).  I have to say, these little pieces of heaven are worth the wait people.  I have been collecting these for years and just can’t get enough of them.  Thanks for supporting the community and these fine artisans!

©2016 La Boutique

And the glorious tote to go with it…Tote set is $30.

©2016 La Boutique

If you are looking for fashions, they have that too…

©2016 La Boutique

©2016 La Boutique

and if you really want to splurge this month, check out the Elite outfit!

The Elite Ensemble this month is true City Chic.  It begins with a dramatic long coat in grey and plum worsted wool, with a 2-color skirt to match.  Underneath is a bright orchid bodysuit that goes beautiful with the tote scarf!  Also included is an open-crown hat, grey belt, pewter shoes, earrings, Tote Set and your choice of handbag.  155.00 + shipping”

©2016 La Boutique

©2016 La Boutique

©2016 La Boutique

©2016 La Boutique



Back to Basics

What do I mean by that?  Good question.  With all the negativity going on right now surrounding this new articulated silkstone body from Mattel and the general feeling that they are not listening to their adult collector community, I took a moment to refocus.   I was getting too wrapped up in the negativity of the bad front end user interface of the Barbie Collection website and the lack of  information and general feel of apathy coming from Mattel.  I needed to come back to why I like to collect…”Why am I doing this?”.   I needed to go look at my collection and start falling in love again.  It didn’t take long.  I went into the studio and took some photos and started rediscovering why I love to collect fashion dolls.  It’s not about Mattel and what they do and don’t do.  It’s not about Integrity Toys either.  They do play a part because it is their products that fuel a passion but it’s not why I collect.

The love lies in what is done with these fashion models.  It’s the creativity and support of the community that truly fuels and sustains the love of this hobby.  With so much hurt and negativity going on right now, I think it’s time to pull back and refocus on my collection and what I enjoy most about it.  I am not one to be driven by the acquisition of a thing nor am I what some consider a completest.  Contrary to some people’s believe, I do not own every Silkstone Barbie ever made ( although I would not turn down the opportunity to LOL!).  What I strive to do is have a collection of things that I truly enjoy.  So…that is what I am going to try do do with the blog this year.  Focus on enjoying the collection I have and not get tied up in where Mattel is going with their product line or not going with their website.  It’s time to enjoy the collection I have.  And I hope to share that enjoyment with you all through the photos I produce.

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

This gorgeous lady came to me at this past year’s  Barbie Collector convention in Virginia.  She is a Mannequin Maven.  Mannequin Maven’s are the collaborative team of the very talented Maryann Roy and Hilda Westervelt.  I love it when these two gifted artists get together and create!  They never disappoint.  Hilda and Maryann have collaborated for various charity donations for GAW, Kenvention, NBDCC and Rome Fashion Doll Convention.

The poodle…well…the poodle is a whole other story.  That little guy came to me through a new friend made at Barbie convention and it quickly became my travel companion and sort of travel meme through the entire trip.  For those in the “poodle club” …and you know who you are…it was time to bring the poodle out for a real photo shoot.  We really need to give this little guy a name before next convention.

Winking smile

Decking the Halls with Paintbox Designs

One of my favorite things about being part of the collecting community is discovering amazing OOAK fashions for our diminutive divas.   This past June, Pam Seeman of Paintbox Designs brought her fabulous fashions to the National Barbie Convention for the first time.  I think it is fair to say she and her fashions were a huge hit.  Paintbox Designs has been a fixture at Fashion Royalty convention but this year was the first time we had the pleasure of seeing and purchasing her fashions for Ms. Barbie.  I must have spent a good thirty minutes at her table…along with a whole host of other shoppers and walked away with some beautiful OOAK outfits.  I adore the floaty rose fabric she used for the skirt of Dasha’s dress.  Loni’s dress is one of her signature designs and it never disappoints.  I must have this design in at least three different colors.  You can find Pam and Paintbox Designs at

Models:  FR2 Always Polished Dasha and Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence

Gowns: Paintbox Designs (

Shoes: FR2 “Shoe Win” shoe pack from 2012 FR convention( Dasha), Mattel (Loni)

Set:  Feather trees in 15’” and 18” from Target.  Repainted chair is Petit Luxury Arm Chair for Pullip.

It looks like Dasha is completely bored at the country club holiday party…LOL!

Paintbox Designs postcard 2




Huckleberry Jackson Couture

As a blogger, photographer and participating collector within the fashion doll collecting community, I am constantly amazed at the creativity and talent of my fellow members.  Huckleberry Jackson is one of these insanely talented members.  I have watched his talent grow exponentially for the past couple of years not just as a designer of custom 1/6 fashions but also as a marketer of his product.  Every outfit he designs is wonderfully displayed and photographed on a perfectly styled and uber chic model.  He just announced his latest collection and I received his permission to share some of the photos here.  His collection will be up for sale Sunday, November 4th at 9PM CET ( Central European Time) on his website

I asked the designer for a word or two about his inspiration for this collection and his response was “For this collection I didn’t´t have a theme, and it´s the first time actually. I started the collection with my own dolls in mind and wanted this time to keep a copy of each design to myself, so it´s like I design a main display outfit for each of my favorite dolls. It was really the dolls themself that inspired the outfits.”  There may not be a definitive theme but there is an impressive range.  He has romantic, sophisticated,edgy, flirty and just plain fun.  There certainly appears to be something for everyone in this collection.  For the lucky few who will be the new owners of these diminutive couture creations today, you will own a piece of art in my opinion and a piece of inspiration from one of the truly creative hearts of this collecting community.

I can’t possibly do his creations justice with words so I will just show you his work.

To Huckleberry Jackson… I tip my hat .tip hat smiley

** All images are owned by Huckleberry Jackson, and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Do NOT copy or reproduce in any way shape or form.   Photos are being displayed on Inside The Fashion Doll Studio with permission from Huckleberry Jackson **


Grey lace dress decorated with brown leather and lined in rosé silk. It comes with the matching clutch and beret.




White and blue patterned cotton dress. It comes with a brown leather cape bolero and a matching clutch. A pair of white lace tights are also included. (note: the pattern on the dress is a bit different on each copy




Salmon pink silk chiffon blouse and skirt, comes with a beige and grey blue polka cape jacket and the matching thights. A brown faux leather purse is also included.




Black and white polka cotton dress. It comes with the matching tights, headpiece and hatcase. (Note: the pattern on the outfit might vary on each copy).




White lace mini pantsuit. It comes with a pair of black and white silk pants, a pair of black tights and black leather purse, belt and oversized hat.



And this is not all of it folks!!  For more amazing photos of this fantastic set of 1/6 scale custom fashions visit Huckleberry’s Flickr photostream at or visit Huckleberry Jacksons website at

Randall Craig is Having a Sample Sale Today!!


“Please join us for our sample sale next Saturday, 8-25. It’s going to be hosted through our Dayzees-by-Randall-Craig eBay store:

The schedule will be:

12:00/noon Separates– sweaters, sweater sets, skirts, pants, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and poodles.

1:00 Loose Fashions– complete or mostly complete fashions that have been deboxed.

2:00 Samples, Prototypes, Etc– various pieces of fashions and a few unproduced prototypes from the RC Home line.

3:00 Boxed Fashions– NRFB fashions that go as far back as the first fashion that we produced. There are some HTF ones in here. There are some NRFB poodles too.

Most of the items will be Buy-It-Now. The samples, prototypes, and some of the HTF items will be listed as 1 day auctions.”