Barbie for big girls.

Randall Craig is Having a Sample Sale Today!!


“Please join us for our sample sale next Saturday, 8-25. It’s going to be hosted through our Dayzees-by-Randall-Craig eBay store:

The schedule will be:

12:00/noon Separates– sweaters, sweater sets, skirts, pants, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and poodles.

1:00 Loose Fashions– complete or mostly complete fashions that have been deboxed.

2:00 Samples, Prototypes, Etc– various pieces of fashions and a few unproduced prototypes from the RC Home line.

3:00 Boxed Fashions– NRFB fashions that go as far back as the first fashion that we produced. There are some HTF ones in here. There are some NRFB poodles too.

Most of the items will be Buy-It-Now. The samples, prototypes, and some of the HTF items will be listed as 1 day auctions.”


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