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March Purse of The Month

The sisters of La Boutique have been busy coming up with something exciting and new this month.  Here are the scrumptious offerings for the month of March.  If you are interested in ordering, please contact them at  There is a very limited supply of the Mini Ricky bags due to its complexity.  Delivery of these items may take a little longer this month as last months order backlog was larger than usual ( Thanks in part to readers/new buyers from this blog!).  I have to say, these little pieces of heaven are worth the wait people.  I have been collecting these for years and just can’t get enough of them.  Thanks for supporting the community and these fine artisans!

©2016 La Boutique

And the glorious tote to go with it…Tote set is $30.

©2016 La Boutique

If you are looking for fashions, they have that too…

©2016 La Boutique

©2016 La Boutique

and if you really want to splurge this month, check out the Elite outfit!

The Elite Ensemble this month is true City Chic.  It begins with a dramatic long coat in grey and plum worsted wool, with a 2-color skirt to match.  Underneath is a bright orchid bodysuit that goes beautiful with the tote scarf!  Also included is an open-crown hat, grey belt, pewter shoes, earrings, Tote Set and your choice of handbag.  155.00 + shipping”

©2016 La Boutique

©2016 La Boutique

©2016 La Boutique

©2016 La Boutique



One response

  1. I love their stuff. I havent bought one yet. But I think I am going to buy one for myself in April for my birthday.

    March 10, 2016 at 7:08 pm

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