Barbie for big girls.

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I spent a great deal of time today loading pictures and answering posts on my BFC thread titled " Think_pink1265’s collection and playroom ".  I am always amazed at how generous people are with their compliments and time on that board.  I keep watching the numbers go up and up on my youtube videos and I am more pleased than I can say that people are enjoying the slideshow videos.  There are some amazing slideshows of collections on youtube and it makes me want to investigate slideshow software.  If anyone wants to see a cool slideshow check out .
In the future I hope to add new photos on Fridays with a feature called " Photoshoot Friday’s "  I also want to show the process I go through to shoot, photoshop and post a photo.  There are so many questions about how to take better fashion doll photos and I would like to share what little I have learned. 

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