Barbie for big girls.

Evening of the Rubik’s cube

Today was spent organizing my house as the kiddos were off to their first "official" full day of school.  That was very productive.  This evening however, was spent doing something that in my mind should have taken a mere 30 minutes but of course took over an hour and a half.  And the worst part is I had to call in "technical support" – my husband LOL!  Not that I hate asking him for help just that he does programming all day and the last thing he should have to deal with when he gets home is….programming stuff.  Okay so the goal of the evening was to create and post a custom signature button on my account at the BFC board so that when I start my own thread there will be a button at the bottom of the page that will take people (if they want) to my blog.  Easy right??  WRONG!! 
The first step was to create a photo with text that was no bigger than 100 pixels high and 400 pixels wide.  I could not figure out how to resize the image then get the text large enough so it could be seen in photoshop elements.  I figured out (with technical support) that you have to resize the photo first then put the text in and it all works out.  I thought getting the image just right was the hard part and then you would just post like normal in my BFC account under "signature".  Not so!  I followed all the instructions.  I looked at other people’s signature lines to see what they did.  I again, followed all the instructions.  I got horribly frustrated because nothing was working.  I called in technical support.  That is usually the end of it as my "technical support" usually takes five seconds and fixes whatever black screen of death mess I have gotten into.  This time, he was programming it into the BFC signature box and NOTHING was working.  This is when the evening mood in the house takes a turn.  Now this program becomes the rubik’s cube of the world and must be solved or there will be no peace in the world.  I get to see what my ‘technical support" hubby must be like during the day.  He is typing in sanskrit and moving between screens so fast I can’t keep track.  Nothing is working ….the rubik’s cube is not getting solved and there will be no peace in the world/house tonight.  Then I say, maybe we need to log out and log back in for something to work….or maybe something has to process before changes are accepted??? I was basically grabbing at straws.  My "technical support" gives many good and valid reasons in programming speak why that should not make any difference.  He continues to try and solve the rubik’s cube.  I am getting ready to bag it entirely and begin to think I will never start my own thread on the BFC.  Frustration reigns with depression not far behind.  My darling technical support finally puts the frustrated emoticon in the signature box and he goes to test….nothing.  We try the last resort of logging out of my account and logging back in….SUCCESS!!  A few harsh words from technical support as to why it was totally ridiculous that we would need to log out then log back in.  I consider for a few moments if I want to keep the adorable "frustrated" emoticon as my signature.  It seems appropriate after this evenings drama…but no…technical support can smell victory and is working happily now to put the code he had in at the very beginning of this process.  We log out….say a prayer….and log back in.  "Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found you….." Okay so if you are a Young Frankenstein fan you get the reference.  All this so that I can have this
 at the bottom of my BFC posts.
Rubik’s cube solved…..peace is restored in the world.

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