Barbie for big girls.

Photoshoot Friday – Shopping for Props

Instead of spending this beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest inside with my photo studio, I decided to go shopping for some photo shoot props.  My friend Jane and I set off to one of our favorite places to shop for unique things….Snohomish, WA.  If you have never been there, it is an adorable little town right on the banks of the Snohomish River.  It is known for its historic small town Americana feel and its unique boutiques and antique shops.   I have some favorite places I go in Snohomish where I usually find smaller scale items that work perfectly for my dioramas and photos.  I have two rules when shopping for props.  1) Right scale and 2) relatively inexpensive .  If I find something extraordinary….of course I might increase my budget a bit.  Today….I had to increase my budget a bit on one item because it was just too fun to pass up.  Here are photos of what I found.
The first photo shows a lovely jewelry box which is about 7 inches tall.  Pefect for a tall credenza in a diorama.  The little embossed urn will be in future photos – lovely background piece.  The little trees will work in many dioramas and photos.  Lastly, on  top, is the fantastic statue complete with fig leaf LOL!!  Must use this as a photo prop if it is the last thing I do. The bottom photo shows all the of the wall art I found.  Today was definitely a wall art day.  Sometimes you will find many things and other days  – nothing!  The nice thing about all of these pieces is that they are very thin and light so they are in scale when they are hung on a wall and they can be supported on a wall easily (ie with a pin or double sided tape).  I look forward to using these items soon and sharing the resulting photos.   Sorry, no photoshoot photos to share but something photoshoot related.

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