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WClub 2015 is Open!

Wclub 2015 Logo


Integrity Toys just opened up registration for its very popular WClub.  If you are not a big reader, IT has done something new this year and given collectors a video to walk them through the perks of the club.

Or visit the WClub at for more information.

This is a limited time offer.  Registration will be open now through 9:00 PM ET (New York Time) on February 16th, 2015.

Base membership is $50.00.  No change from last year which is great!  There are three upgrade dolls available this year.

FR Logo

Baroness Agnes Von Weiss® Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2015 W Club Upgrade Doll
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2015
Edition size: TBA (Determined by the total amount of orders received)
Upgrade price $25.00 at registration plus $105.00 +s/h at ship date

Doll Tech Specs:
Body Type: FR 2013 (with body connect feature)
Head Sculpt: Agnes Von Weiss
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Platinum
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

source for all photos is

Aristocratic Agnes 1

Aristocratic Agnes 2Aristocratic Agnes 4Aristocratic Agnes 5

WClub 2015 Poppy logo

Groovy Galore
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
2015 W Club Upgrade Doll
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2015
Edition size: TBA (Determined by the total amount of orders received)
Upgrade price $25.00 at registration plus $95.00 +s/h at ship date

Doll Tech Specs:
Body Type: Poppy Parker™
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker™
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Hair Color: Golden Blond
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

Groovy Galore Poppy Parker 1

Groovy Galore Poppy Parker 2

Groovy Galore Poppy Parker 4

Groovy Galore Poppy Parker 5

CI logo

Vice Effect
Ollie Lawson Dressed Doll
Color Infusion™ Collection
2015 W Club Upgrade Doll
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2015
Edition size: TBA (Determined by the total amount of orders received)
Upgrade price $25.00 at registration plus $95.00 +s/h at ship date

Doll Tech Specs:
Body Type: FR:Homme
Head Sculpt: Ollie Lawson
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Frosted Blond
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

Vice Effect Ollie Lawson 1

Vice Effect Ollie Lawson 2

Vice Effect Ollie Lawson 4

Vice Effect Ollie Lawson 5

Other perks of the club are:

  • 5 exclusive Club only dolls, including 2 Fashion Royalty dolls (which may include NU. Face), 1 exclusive Poppy Parker doll, 1 JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ doll* and 1 surprise doll (which may be from the above brands), plus additional surprise items!
  • Free Digital subscription to Dolls Magazine and Haute Doll Magazine
  • Coupons and savings at a variety of different doll collector shops
  • Plus exciting club exclusive offerings throughout the year including but not limited to “right to buy” lotteries.

This club is a complete no brainer for me.  I have been a member for the past 6 years and have never been disappointed with my membership.  The exclusive club dolls and lottery options they offer throughout the year, is worth the price of a basic membership in my opinion.  If you are at all interested, don’t forget that registration ends at 9:00 PM ET (New York Time) on February 16th, 2015.

I am going to register now Smile

Mademoiselle Jolie is 9 to 5

When this lady arrived I was so excited to photograph her in her fluffy ball gown.  Once that was completed, I decided to do a 180 and cast her in the role of tough business woman.  Another inspiration in this shoot for me were the little glass globes.  I found these at a little hole in the wall store I love to go to.  I had to use them in something and the headquarters for W Cosmetics felt like the perfect place to use them.  I hope you guys like this set because it may come back.

Model:  Ombres Poétique Mademoiselle Jolie

Suit: Le Smoking Adéle Makèda

Shoes and Lingerie top:Ombres Poétique

Watch:Le Smoking Adéle Makèda

Jewelry:Ombres Poétique

Sunglasses:IT sales room convention 2013 purchase

Purse:  Lead Singles Lilith and Eden

Gloves: Hands from Edge Vanessa

Set:  Desk is clear acrylic riser.  Chandelier is a laser cut paper holiday ornament.  Chair is clear 1/6 armless ghost chair.

IMG_9320-Editgraphic_edited-1 IMG_9332-Editgraphic_edited-1 IMG_9333-Editgraphic_edited-2 IMG_9342-Edit IMG_9340-Edit IMG_9334-Edit IMG_9359-Edit IMG_9350-Edit Love these little globe paperweights!

Fashionably Floral in February

Mattel’s first BFMC offering will be available at BFC starting February 2nd.  What a perfect way to welcome Valentine’s Day. 

Fashionably Floral™ Barbie® Doll

Gold Label®

Designed by: Robert Best

Release Date: 2/2/2015

Product Code: CGK91

No more than 10000 units produced worldwide

Retail: $50.00

Fashionably Floral 1official


It looks like Mr. Best and Lars(set designer for Mattel) are channeling their inner Dior with this set.  How Fabulous!!  I ask again…can we please, please, please get these little chairs in production for purchase?!!

Fashionably Floral 3official


Ahhhh….so very Dior.  I want to see the sketches on the table.  Any clues to what is coming out this year?? 

Fashionably Floral 2official


{SWOON}  You had me at the hat people…at the hat.  I have to admit though, the little side chignon is making me do the happy dance too.   Here is another thing making me do the happy dance, the new box design.

Fashionalby Floral box design_edited-1


Rogier over at one of my favorite doll blogs, Dutch Barbie World, reported this morning with these pictures from European Amazon sites.  If you want information on the Silkstone world first…sign up for his blog posts.  I have to say…I like the IRL photos even better.  And that pale pink liner?!!! {Swoon…again}  Now how am I supposed to debox that?!  Rogier laughed and said “Easy, get two”  Wise words Mr. Corbeau.

The new logo is very reminiscent of the vintage Dior logo.

Vintage dior box



Owning a Silkstone has never been more affordable with this $50.00 price tag.  What are you waiting for collectors?  I will be running to get this one…may even get two Winking smile


Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi

Since I am getting back into the swing of things blog wise again, I thought it was well past time to do a Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi.    In the past couple of years, I have been approached  a few times to submit photos to publishers to help them pitch a book for production.  I was approached last year to submit some photos for a book being considered to highlight James Bogue’s work.   While the book idea may have not come to fruition this time around, James’ inspiring work is most definitely worthy of it.  Here were some of my submissions.

20140304Poppy in green BV (09 of 24)-Editwmsized





James sells his fashions on his Etsy site at Bogues Vogues originals.

Ombres Poétique

There was a new arrival this week at ITFDS.





This gown is so much frothy yumminess that I can barely contain myself as I type this.  All that tulle!!!  Love the lace too.  The necklace on this beautiful lady is a new design for IT and it appears to be strung on some kind of stretchy filament rather than string.  We will see if it holds up better than the plain string. The hair bump was overdone a few years back at IT but it is subtle on this one and works very well.  The hair color is a beautiful platinum blonde.

2015 Golden Globe Red Carpet

Ah yes…it is indeed that time again….award show season.  That means a whole new set of fashion picks and pans from Inside The Fashion Doll Studio. 

While the awards may have been golden, the red carpet fashions were every color but gold.  White and silver were particularly favored.

My favorite white of the evening was Kate Hudson in Versace Atelier.  Simple with a little bling and classic lines.  Gorgeous!



and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez



My favorite silver was Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead

Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead eonline


Although Julianne Moore needs an honorable mention here with her lovely custom ombré hemmed Givenchy Haute Couture gown.



My favorite blue was Julia Goldani Telles in Carmen Marc Valvo

Julia Goldani Telles in Carmen Marc Valvo eonline


Heidi Klum stunned in my favorite red number of the evening.  Versace

Heidi Klum in Atelier Versace eonline


Christine Baranski pulled off another fabulous deeper burgundy red and my favorite Zac Posen of the evening.



Jessica Chastain channeled her 1940’s glamour queen yet again to pull off the best darker hued gown  with a chocolate metallic plunging v-neck by Atelier Versace.



And Amy Adams rounds out my favorite picks in this dusty blue Grecian confection by yet again…Versace.  Looks like someone unfortunately dragged the hem through a puddle.  Note to assistant for next year…keep the train up!




There was a broad range of colors in the “not so great” department as well.

First up…an outfit that would have been more comfortable at Comic-Con than at the Golden Globes.  All she needs is some Princess Leia ear buns and a turbo blaster and you would have an extra in the next Star Wars installment.

Jemima Kirke in Rosie Assoulin



My least favorite red look of the night: Lena Dunham in Zac Posen…again.  This one doesn’t work any better than all the other Zac Posen red carpet looks she has worn.  Let him go Lena…let him go.531169445RJ00182_72nd_Annua


I know Keira Knightley is pregnant and I am guessing she has been having a craving for butterflies and birds.  This empire waist number from Chanel should have stayed in the Pride and Prejudice costume closet that it came from.  The butterfly corsage was just …well…my good friend Hilda has a saying… “That aint right” {said with a deep southern drawl}.

Keira Knightley in custom Chanel eonline


Does Giambattista Vali have a bath mat fetish when it comes to red carpet looks?  This year the purple bath mat got cut up for the award season.  Last year it was a red one.  Lupita Nyong’o can rock just about anything…except a cut up bath mat on her chest.



Congratulations to Ruth Wilson for her Golden Globe win last night.  Unfortunately her stylist did not get the win with this sleeveless mock turtleneck green Prada gown.  What’s with the seam right across the cr… know what I’m talking about.  Is it a hidden pocket?  Ummm….NOT a good place for a pocket.  Her expression seems to say, “Yeah, my stylist made me wear this…get me a whisky.” 



More fun coming up with the Oscars next month Smile

Vogue Paris–Panoplies

I am a fashion doll blogger.  A large component of what I write about and photograph is about the fashion.  I enjoy following the fashion industry and watching the fashion shows and reports.  I enjoy giving my picks and pans after award ceremonies.  This being the case, it thrills me when  my love of following the fashion word and trends melds with my love of collecting fashion dolls in a totally different and inspirational way.  In the December 2014 issue of Vogue Paris, editor and stylist Celia Azoulay and Laurent Philippon along with photographer Giampaolo Sgura collaborated to bring collectable fashion dolls to Vogue…and it’s fabulous.  I had to share it here. 

Panoplies , I believe, simply translated means “outfits”  and this editorial gave us that….and a whole lota accessories.  Accessories that I would kill to have in my closet ( doll or otherwise).























What an amazingly clever editorial!!  Ok Mattel, I would buy these.  The luggage alone in the Louis Vuitton box….{swoon}. 

If you want to see more ways in which the fashion world is currently intersecting with fashion doll collecting, check out Rogier’s post about these fabulous Dolce and Gabbana dolls


Barbie Fan Club Membership Renewal Starts Today

2015 BFC membership

If you were a member last year, you can renew your membership starting today 1/7/2015.  If you want to sign up as a first time member, you will need to wait until 1/14/2015.  The BFC has sold out for the last couple years but it has taken a while to do it so don’t know if you need to rush for this one.  It looks like there will not be an “official” club doll this year.  There are, however, a number of club exclusives that make it worth my interest.

Here are some of the fun perks of the club this year.



Adorable redheaded St Paddy’s day doll!!  I will be adding this one to the collection. 



This may be another platinum offering like the previous black and white collection offerings but don’t quote me on it.  If this will be a platinum offering, I predict this one will go fast like the others.  I may actually enter the shark tank for this one Winking smile



Aaaaahhhhh!  Do my eyes deceive me??!!  A pink Silkstone offering for 2015?!!!  Ummm…no brainer…I’m in.  Please oh please don’t make this a platinum offering.  If it is, I would not only enter the shark tank…I would bring a honkin’ harpoon with me.  Just sayin’ it up front people.



This would be the adorable preview we saw at convention this year I believe.  I will be adding this one to the collection too.  I mean come on…the picnic basket alone is worth it.




Added to these exclusive goodies you also get:

-Up to $80 in Online Shop rewards – $20 per calendar quarter*

-Quarterly “Designer Videos,” sneak peeks at upcoming releases, downloadable goodies, and access to the exclusive Barbie Bulletin Board

-First access to audio interviews, collector spotlights, Fun Facts, and looks “behind the glam” with the passionate people on the Barbie® Collector team

If you are a current member and want to renew, you can click on any of the official Mattel photos above and it should take you to the membership renewal purchase page.  I don’t know when they will open the links today but I am betting it will be sometime between 9AM and noon PST.


Edge Vanessa

The 2014 WClub had many spectacular offerings for its members this past year.  Here is the latest to arrive at ITFDS.

FR2 2014 logo

Edge Vanessa Perrin Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty Collection
2013 Design Competition Award Doll by Lisa Ramsammy
Edition Size: 985
Suggested Retail Price:
$150 public/$135 W Club Members (+ Shipping and tax if applicable)
Estimated Delivery Date: Approximately Late Fall/Early Winter 2014

Doll Tech-Specs:

Head Sculpt: Vanessa 3.0
Body: FR 2013
Skin Tone: FR White
Quickswitch Feature: No
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Hair Color: Luscious Blond





This particular offering from The WClub is a special one.  The doll and gown were the winners of the design competition at the 2013 Integrity Toys Convention. 


Thank you, Thank you Lisa Ramsammy for this amazing design!  She is stunning.  You can find more of Lisa’s amazing work at her website The Doll Place.

Fashion Inspiration

Hello 2015!!  I don’t know about you guys but I am really looking forward to a better year this year.  I was trolling( cough…obsessing …cough) through Pinterest this morning as I sipped my coffee and I saw something that caught my interest.  At the Integrity Toys convention this past October, they introduced a new friend of Victoire’s.  Here name is Simonetta.

2014 Convention Collection La Ville Lumiere (The City of Lights) Simonetta 1

source:  Integrity Toys Inc.

2014 Convention Collection La Ville Lumiere (The City of Lights) Simonetta 2

source:  Integrity Toys Inc

2014 Convention Collection La Ville Lumiere (The City of Lights) Simonetta 3

source:  Integrity Toys Inc

Here title is “La Ville Lumiere” or City of Light.  She was a definite purchase for me at convention and I am looking forward to photographing her.  So classic…so chic.  Today, I saw this photo from the Met’s archive.

Dior Dinner Dress 1949 source TheMet

source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

It is Dior 1949.  Perfection

Fashion Inspiration 2014 IT convention Simonetta_edited-1


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