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Getting Ready for the Oscars

When I was doing  multiple posts on award show fashions, I was thinking wouldn’t it be fun to do a photo of Barbie getting ready for the Oscars.  I needed an appropriate background and Mattel provided that with their amazing new Barbie Look Wardrobe.  It also needed a bigger than life dress because it is…after all…the Oscars. Who better than Jason Wu and his talented team at Integrity Toys could do that?!  Finally, I needed the prefect model for the dress and I wanted someone who is not seen that often.  Since I am a deboxer, I have the luxury of redressing a rare or low production number doll.  For this photo shoot, I decided to use Pinch of Platinum.  She is a platinum edition doll which means there are no more than 999 of her in the world.  I also felt , given the pain and aggravation of her entry into my collection , she deserved her moment to shine.  No valium necessary with this one .wink

Model, earings, shoes:  Pinch of Platinum Barbie

Bracelet:  Showgirl Silkstone Barbie

Gown:  Dark Romance Giselle NuFace Fashion Royalty

Set:  Barbie Look Wardrobe, Horsman pink chair and scroll side table, Jonathan Adler side table,  Randall Craig zebra rug and too many little items to name individually.  If you have questions on any item, just ask .

Stylist:  ITFDS





How about this fabulous closet and it’s potential!  When it comes to diorama pieces folks…it doesn’t get any better than this.  My only complaint is the price.  It is pricey ( $70!!).  I purchased this one on sale and received $20 off.  That definitely made it more palatable.  It comes with three interchangeable backgrounds ( I love the black and white one!) and you could make your own too I suppose if you had big enough paper.  Oh, and drawers open and it comes with a bunch of hangers.  Someone mentioned on the doll boards that it would be great if Mattel could offer an extra set of hangers on their website.  Excellent notion!




And… because Rebecca loves her macro lens…a few more shots of the doll and her accessories.  Love those shoes!  If you click them together three times and say “There is no place like Mattel” do you think you could be transported there?



Music from the shoot…..


Pinch of Platinum?….How about a bucket of valium!

Pinch of Platinum Barbie

Pinch of Platinum Barbie 2

Photos are property of Mattel

I managed to get one in my cart and purchase her although…I don’t know how I feel about it.  To be honest, after 30 minutes of the  “Oooops, maintenance”screen each time I tried to add this BFC exclusive doll to my cart, I was ready to pack it in.  I don’t even spend that much time trying to get good concert tickets.  I almost walked away and felt good about it because I said  “ If it is this difficult just to purchase a doll….soooooo not worth it.”  I thought I would try one last time after  walking away from my computer for ten minutes.  I was literally out the door and just decided to try one last time.  Wouldn’t you know it…it worked.  But, as I said, I am not sure if I am happy about it now.

I understand that a heavy traffic incident can put a burden on servers.  I get the tech part of this, believe me.  I just don’t understand why this wasn’t anticipated and certain measures were not taken to ensure a smoother process.  Maybe it is the former business analyst in me but it just floors me that they did not seem to be prepared for this.  For a company of Mattel’s caliber to have a major sale event and not have the server capacity or at least a workaround in case of server failure absolutely stuns me….stuns me. I know I am not alone in my feelings.  The rantings going on at many of the doll boards are a testament to that.  I just wonder what Mattel really plans to do about it.  This is not the first or even second server crash issue during a big sales event over at Mattel and yet….not much appears to be changing.

This may be my last platinum doll purchase through Mattel.  I have a strong urge to vote with my feet on this one and simply not put up with the hassle any more.