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It’s Two for Tea at ITFDS

I really should have released this blog post at around 3 or 4 PMish for tea time right?  I have been saving these photos for a couple weeks to share here because I knew I would be tied up with dance recital photos  this week and too busy  to do anything in the doll studio.  I had WAY too much fun with the conservatory diorama and decided to set up afternoon tea for a couple of Silkies.  I hope you enjoy.

Models:  City Smart ( yes {gasp!} she is deboxed) and Showgirl Silkstone Barbies

Gowns: Luncheon Ensemble Silkstone – City Smart and Bogue’s Vogues ( – Showgirl

Diorama:  Furniture is from MiniCHAIR(   Pastries and little macarons are by Mio Designs (  Both of the lovely hats brought to the tea were gifts from dear doll friends.  Many “Thanks!” .  Cake and tea set are Rement.








I feel the need for some macarons now Smile


Paris or Bust!

The phrase “or bust” means to do something or collapse from the effort; – used in phrases expressing determination to do something; as, Oregon or bust, meaning “We will get to Oregon or die trying.” …source

Paris or bust 2

By this time tomorrow, two dear friends and I will be living this phrase as we journey to Paris for a week of sightseeing ending with attending the Paris Fashion Doll Festival.   This year, the festival doll will be a Silkstone Barbie and current speculation is it will be a variation of the “Luncheon Ensemble” Silkie.  I agree with this guess and interestingly enough… the doll will be given at a luncheon.  I am hoping for a brunette version myself but would not turn down a blond either.  I am also hoping for a color of outfit change…like a blue or spring green..yummy. 

luncheon Barbie Paris Doll Expo guess 1


luncheon Barbie Paris Doll Expo guess 2

I will try to blog from Paris but may have trouble locating reliable free WIFI so if there are no updates…it’s because 1) I am having too much fun in Paris to do the updates or 2) I can’t connect to upload or 3) I am sleeping off the bottle of wine I had with lunch/dinner  {SNORT!}

… don’t laugh….it could definitely happen. 


Luncheon Ensemble Silkstone Meets Yankee Doodle

Finally some photos are showing up on dealers sites so I believe I can share them here.  This 2013 Silkstone was sneaked back in September to the Barbie Fan Club ( BFC )  She is one of the Silkies whose drawings can be seen in the Atelier video by Mattel .  I was lucky enough to see it at this summer’s National Barbie Convention and I posted a link to it in the blog back in August  

** Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.**


Luncheon Ensemble

Anywhoo…what do I think? I love pink. I love redheads. You would figure a slam dunk right? Hold on to that basketball folks. I love the doll. The outfit is leaving me kind of …”meh”. I think it’s the turban. I just can’t get past the big rose on it. Unlike Yankee Doodle can’t just stick a feather/rose on it and call it macaroni/fashion.  I am also not so sure about the print.  I would love to see the hairstyle of this silkie beneath the turban.  LOVE the little curls on her ears.  I am dying to see if she has an updo underneath that “wrongly rose-adorned” turban.  Also, putting a redhead in pink??…. always a risky venture.  Change this doll’s ensemble to a green, blue or teal…then we are talking!  Am I buying this doll?  In a heartbeat.  At this point and without seeing her in real life, this doll will be redressed faster than you can say “Silkstone”.  The turban will be the first to go.  I reserve the right to completely change my mind once I have seen her and have her in hand LOL!  Have I hedged all my bets sufficiently?  I think so. 

music note clipart 3

Becca Berry went to dealer just to buy a Silkie, ripped the turban off her head and called her fashion beauty”