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Hudson’s Bay Barbie!

Sorry to start this blog post out with some snark but here it goes.  When you are a company the size of Mattel…and you say you are going to have something for sale on a certain date at a certain time….you would think they would honor that.  Nope.  But then again, this was the same company that advertised a doll for $50 then raised the price 50 percent an hour into the sale to $75.  Snark over…for now.  Winking smile

All this being said, Mattel released a highly anticipated doll today ( about an hour and a half later than they said they would but released it they did)…whaaaaat…how did that extra snark get in there?

Seriously  though..Carlyle has a new girl to show off at Mattel and she is a beauty!  Well done Carlyle!!!  Also important to note…for once Canadian collectors can buy directly and get this one shipped to their homes.  She is also available at Hudson’s Bay online.

Hudson’s Bay® Barbie®

Silver Label®

Designer: Carlyle Nuera

Release Date: 10/5/2016

Retail:  $49.99

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

She’s purrrrty.  And…There is a poodle!!!  The latte cup and cell phone are a bonus too eh? Winking smile



Soda Shop Barbie

Bill Greening has given the BFC his next installment in the Willows, WI line that is continuing to pay homage to Midwest Americana nostalgia.  This one is only available to BFC members, and a nice perk of membership this year in my opinion.  How can you not find this one adorable?!!  That face!!  Awwwww….makes me want to pull up an upholstered chrome stool and slurp down a milkshake.  Nostalgia isn’t cheap though folks…she comes with a hefty price tag of $75.  You do get some adorable little extras though.   And, it’s pink and there is a poodle involved…enough said, I’m buyin’.   Excellent work Mr. Greening!!  One question though, where are the saddle shoes?!  Guess they really wouldn’t have gone with the look.

Winking smile

Soda Shop Barbie® Doll ( BFC Exclusive)

Gold Label®

Designer: Bill Greening

Release Date: 2/10/2016

Retail: $75.00

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

And…what about that set!!!  Me likes.


Get Your Valium Ready

Mattel is serving up their first platinum edition doll of 2015 to BFC members next week.  You have to be a BFC member to have a chance at this doll and you have to be a prepared and ready BFC member to have a chance at her.  I highly recommend valium while doing this LOL!  There will be system delays ( cough…crashes…cough), there will be frustrated collectors, there will be disappointed collectors and there will be euphoric “ I made it through the obstacles and got it” collectors.  There will also be, I suspect, a fair number of scalpers in there just trying to score a doll they know they will be able to make a profit on later.  It is the nature of the beast when you have low supply and high demand.  So what is all this fuss about you ask…..let me show you.

Classic Evening Gown Barbie® Doll

Platinum Label®

Designed by Linda Kyaw

Release Date: 5/13/2015

Product Code: CGT31

No more than 1000 units produced worldwide.

Retail:  $85.00





Doll Details

Body Type:

Skin Tone:

Facial Sculpt:

Fashion Sewn On?:


Included with doll:
Shoes, Earrings, Bracelet, Doll Stand

I have to admit…she is pretty.  I would not expect anything less from Linda and her beautiful and classic sense of style.  The jury is still out in my mind if I will enter the shark tank for this one but I wish luck to everyone who wants to try for her.  May the force, fast internet connection and the healthy spirit of the hunt be with you.

Happy Birthday Barbie!!

To celebrate, is having a sale.