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Blush Beauty Making Her Entrance

The Barbie Fan Club announced a Silkstone exclusive being offered up to members next Wednesday, October 7th.  We saw sketches of her back in February and Rogier of Dutch Barbie Word shared a photo a couple weeks ago of a production doll that Mattel auctioned off for Charity.  Mattel is finally sharing the promo shots and I think she is a winner.

©2015 Mattel

©2015 Mattel

©2015 Mattel

©2015 Mattel

©2015 Mattel

I love the silver surprise under the coat!!  I was wondering why they were not showing the dress under the coat in the sketch.  I am thrilled with the silver topped sheath underneath the pale pink coat.  I also adore the brunette ponytail with braid.  I believe this one will redress well but am not sure how quickly I will change out this fabulous pink outfit.  Let’s hope Mattel has fixed their irregular eyeliner issue from Boucle Beauty or there will be more unhappy campers on this one.  Also, The Barbie Collection has announced that they are instituting the “Waiting Room” for this sale.  There are instructions about the “waiting room” and what you can do to ensure a smoother purchase here.  The starting gates will open to BFC members only at 9:00AM PST on Wednesday, October 7th.  They are allowing 2 dolls per membership and ,according to Mattel, they are producing 4,400.

After trying to do research on this doll for the article, I am left with absolute bewilderment over this new Barbie Collection website.   This new site is SLOW to respond, it has so many broken links and dead ends that I am honestly scared to click on pretty much anything because I am never sure where it will take me.  I get sent to the login screen with alarming regularity.  I am recognized as a logged in member one moment and when I advance to a new screen, all of the sudden, I am no longer recognized….and am asked to login AGAIN!!  If this website were a person, I would be sending it to therapy and hoping there were some antipsychotic meds available.   Here is my story today…at the time of this post, I went to the Barbie Collection website to grab the link for their waiting room protocol.  You can’t get to the product page but you can get to a “waiting room” page complete with countdown clock.  How did I get to the waiting room page you ask?  Well…not through clicking the active link on the BC Buzz page.  Here is the Buzz page.  I have highlighted the Blush Beauty active link that you would click on. 

©2015 ITFDS

  If you click on that product link, you will find quickly enough that it is a broken link.

©2015 ITFDS

This is the message I got when I tried to click on the link.  Notice the highlighted error message…”make sure the web address http://http is correct.  Well…I have limited programing experience but I can tell you that is not appropriate protocol for a link.  Somebody didn’t check the link for errors before putting it on the website.  This is programming 101 people.  If this were a class in high school or college, you just missed an easy one on the test.  The CORRECT link is here.  Your best bet to find the sales page right now is to Bing or Google it LOL…you won’t find it on the actual site until they fix the link.   I hope Mattel ends up with happy collectors feeling the first blush of love with this new Silkstone.  I hope they don’t experience the heated blush of embarrassment over a poorly functioning website on sale day.


Get Your Valium Ready

Mattel is serving up their first platinum edition doll of 2015 to BFC members next week.  You have to be a BFC member to have a chance at this doll and you have to be a prepared and ready BFC member to have a chance at her.  I highly recommend valium while doing this LOL!  There will be system delays ( cough…crashes…cough), there will be frustrated collectors, there will be disappointed collectors and there will be euphoric “ I made it through the obstacles and got it” collectors.  There will also be, I suspect, a fair number of scalpers in there just trying to score a doll they know they will be able to make a profit on later.  It is the nature of the beast when you have low supply and high demand.  So what is all this fuss about you ask…..let me show you.

Classic Evening Gown Barbie® Doll

Platinum Label®

Designed by Linda Kyaw

Release Date: 5/13/2015

Product Code: CGT31

No more than 1000 units produced worldwide.

Retail:  $85.00





Doll Details

Body Type:

Skin Tone:

Facial Sculpt:

Fashion Sewn On?:


Included with doll:
Shoes, Earrings, Bracelet, Doll Stand

I have to admit…she is pretty.  I would not expect anything less from Linda and her beautiful and classic sense of style.  The jury is still out in my mind if I will enter the shark tank for this one but I wish luck to everyone who wants to try for her.  May the force, fast internet connection and the healthy spirit of the hunt be with you.

2015 BFMC Revealed to BFC

Wow!!!  Today the Barbie Fan Club released a video of the 2015 Barbie Fashion Model Collection.  Real life photos of 5 dolls are shown.  If you are a BFC member, sign in and go to link below to get access to the video.  You have to be a BFC member to see this.  If you are not a member, you will not be asked to join to see content. Note**If you are a BFC member, please do not share the Youtube link with non members as it is disrespectful to the paying members of the club and in violation of your contract to do so.**

Fashionably Floral and Boucle Beauty photos have been released



Photographer Paul Jordan
Stylist Mary Jordan


The remaining dolls in the collection are a ball gown, an AA doll and the pink beauty we saw in a sketch with BFC membership signup.



Now…all I need are some release dates, some Mattel sanctioned photos and some prices and I can start budgeting.  Smile