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Poppy Photo Shoot 2011/2012 Resort Wear Final Look Hot Pink!

Well…you knew it had to end ( I can hear some of you applauding in the background)  For her final look on this photo shoot, Poppy is wearing a new addition from this years Barbie Basic swimsuit line and the color is HOT.  No, I did not pump up the saturation levels on these photos.  The color of this swimsuit is really that vivid…and happens to be one of my favorites…hot pink.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Swimsuit ,bracelet, shoes and gold bag:  Barbie Basics Collection 003 model 04

Earrings:  BFMC Debut Barbie

Sunglasses:  Fashion Royalty

Hat:  Barbie Basics Collection 003 Look No. 01

Set:  Refer to Poppy Photo Shoot Day 1 blog post


20120113-IMG_7914-Editwmsized 20120113-IMG_7921-Editwmsized 20120113-IMG_7918-Editwmsized


20120113-IMG_7931-Editwmsized  20120113-IMG_7935-Editwmsized


Poppy Photo Shoot 2011/2012 Resort Wear 4

Are you sick of Poppy yet?  Well I’m not so here is more Poppy spam.  Today Poppy is showing us a more muted and refined South Beach look.  Robert Best designed a number of dolls from 2006-2007 called “On Location” Barbies.  The swimsuit in these shots is from “On Location South Beach” Barbie.  All the dolls in that series were fabulous and I still have them.  They came with a swimsuit, sophisticated evening outfit and a more casual day wear look.  What more could you have asked for in a set?  Sadly, he only did four and that was it.  The set was worth it for the clothing alone but the dolls themselves are gorgeous as well.  Here is the link to their photos at the Barbie Collector website:

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Swimsuit:  On Location South Beach Barbie

Shoes: Barbie

Earings: BFMC Debut Silkstone Barbie

Bracelet: Barbie Basics Collection 03 – Look 01

set:  Please refer to Poppy photo shoot day 1


20120112-IMG_7884-Editwmsized  20120112-IMG_7893-Editwmsized



I am really appreciating these sunny shots today.  We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground with more on the way tonight.  This is unusual for the Pacific Northwest in the United States.  We don’t typically get this much snow so close to the ocean.  I’m glad that Poppy is enjoying her time in the sun.  Winking smile

Poppy Photo Shoot 2011/2012 Resort Wear 3

Today Poppy is gracing the patio with some Palm Beach style.  Beautiful Tan, vivid color and a touch of bling…or maybe more than a touch.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Swimsuit and cover up:  Mattel BFMC Palm Beach Swimsuit Barbie

Earrings:  Mattel BFMC Debut Barbie

Sunglasses:  Mattel Barbie Basics Look 01- Collection 003 (

Shoes:  Barbie ( have no idea what set these orange slides came from   )

Set:  refer to Poppy Photo Shoot 1 blog post





Poppy Photo Shoot–2011/2012 Resort Wear 2

Yipeee!!  Color profile fiasco problem from yesterday has been fixed..and can I just say I HATE it when a program I use almost every day decides to up and change a color profile on me…out of the blue.  Naughty, naughty Adobe Lightroom.  I sent it to it’s room without dinner.  Great…watch it get all cranky on me and really rebel.  Alright, I really do digress…on to the photos.

Today Poppy is showing us her second look for lounging by the pool.  A definite Italian flare here.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Swimsuit:  On Location Barcelona Barbie

Shoes and hat:  Look 01 Barbie Basics collection 03 (

Sunglasses: Fashion Royalty

Earrings: Sweet Confection Poppy Parker