Barbie for big girls.

Dahlia visits the museum

I was able to fit a photo shoot in this weekend as I slalomed through costume fittings, rehearsals, ballet classes and social engagements for my daughter. I am just her chauffeur LOL! I have had this idea for a while of setting up a museum scene and I finally had the prefect Bogue’s Vogue that could be showcased in this setting. Here is a shot of the full set

The resulting photos turned out very good, I think. They all had the feel I was going for.

I was just about to put the camera away when the sun streamed into the area that I have my photo studio so I moved Dahlia to a smaller table just inside the pool of light and took a few shots. This was just freehand without a tripod….always risky…but I managed to get some pretty clear shots. Here is the one I think is the best of the bunch. Very film noir.


One response

  1. Kimberly are amazing. You have incredible talent in not only photography, but in the seemingly effortless way you compose the subject matter you are shooting. The composition of the shot…down to the tiniest of details is so well thought out and placed I cant even wrap my mind around it. I find myself looking at your photos many times over, yet finding something unnoticed and new after every viewing. Thank you for sharing your special gift!!!~~~~Kimberly~~~~

    October 28, 2009 at 12:28 pm

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