Barbie for big girls.

New Addition to Doll Room

Okay… so most people go to the garden shop to search stuff right??!! I have a favorite place I like to go to for inspiration for ideas in home interior design, garden design and decorating. It is in Woodinville, WA and is called Molbak’s. It is primarily a plant nursery but for those of us who frequent it, we know it is really a wonderful place to spend the afternoon browsing, eating lunch with a friend and absorbing creative ideas imagined by the talented Molbak’s staff. Recently, I happened upon a perfect doll room addition as I browsed the eye candy at this magical place. I know most people might look at these lovely plant stands and say ” Yes, that would look good on my patio with some nice petunia’s”. I took one look at them and said ” Oh yeah!! Barbie display stand!” Here are the procured stands on top of two little tables I found at Ikea. I also added two large wooden lazy susans so the stands could be rotated to aid in viewing all the display pieces.

I added a few sprigs of ivy and now they are ready to be filled with Silkstones. Pictures to follow soon.


One response

  1. Anouchka

    You’ve got an amazing collection…I’ve just started mine in 2014…I was just wondering, do you collect bigger girls too (like the 16 and 22 inches dolls)?

    April 14, 2015 at 1:33 pm

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