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The Royal Couple

Okay…raise your hand if you got up super early in the morning to watch the royal wedding last year.  I know I did…or rather I set the television to record it.  I think it is fair to say most everyone loves a good wedding.  When you add in “Royal”, it adds a whole other dimension to the mix.  There was the wild speculation about the gown.  There were the royals.  And…there were the hats.  It was only a matter of time before they were made into the perfect Barbie and Ken right?  I had no idea this was coming but should have given the popularity of the royal wedding.   It is my understanding that this is a new face mold for Ken and It looks like a good resemblance to the real Prince William.  The Duchess Kate doll is lovely but looks to be more of a “ Barbie as…” representation.  The set  is said to retail for $100 and is set to be released around their one year anniversary in April.  Awwwww!  How romantic.


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